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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 32 Recap

When Qingyan found the cat demon Huadian, Huadian was injured by a wolf demon, and Qingyan stepped forward to save Huadian. When Qingyan wanted to bring Huadian back to Kunlun Mountain, the wolf demon, who was beaten away by Qingyan earlier, came back again. He coveted the extremely Yin Yuanshen of Qingyan. Fortunately, Long Yan rescued in time, and the two together repelled the wolf. Demon.

In order to save Qingyan, Long Yan accidentally caught the wolf poison. She helped Long Yan to rest in the room. Huadian on the side was surprised that the two were still together two hundred years later. Long Yan also recognized that Huadian was Liuying’s place. The cat that he rescued, he frightened Huadian in the name of the dragon king, and let Huadian go out with the light smoke to collect medicine, so as to protect the light smoke.

When the two went out to gather medicine, they met a few kittens who had lost their mothers. Huadian knew that she had to go back to Kunlun Mountain with light smoke, but she wanted to help these kittens find a place to stay before going back. Qingyan was kind-hearted, and she agreed to spend some time, only going back to the cabin first.

Xue Qian and Qingqing came to help Long Yan heal. The wolf demon couldn’t hurt Long Yan at all. The golden eagle dagger could really hurt Long Yan. This dagger can hurt Longyan and even Qingqing. Xue Qianxun asked Qingqing to follow him back to Luofeng Pavilion. Qingqing acted like a baby and refused to return. At this moment, Xue Qianxun remembered the footage from a thousand years ago. He looked solemn and left first. . Xueqianxun came to find Minggexingjun.

He wanted to know about things thousands of years ago. Minggexingjun only said that he did not know, but after Xueqianxun left, he took out the booklet he had hidden. It records the thousand years of Xueqian Xun and Qing Xuan Niao Qing Qing.

Qingqing was at the door of the wooden house. Qingyan was very happy to see Qingqing, and brought Qingqing to see Long Yan. Now that Long Yan was injured by the wolf poison, Qingyan boiled herbs for Long Yan, Qingqing tried a bite and frowned, but Long Yan drank the whole bowl without saying a word. After that, Huadian hurried back to the wooden house. She told Qingyan that a group of demons came to eat Qingyan at the door and asked Qingyan to escape quickly. Long Yan’s heart was about Light Smoke. After he knew the news, he used the dragon flame to burn the demon to ashes before the Light Smoke passed, so as to keep the Light Smoke safe.

Qingyan couldn’t find the demon in the forest. She returned to the wooden house and found that Long Yan was already lying on the bed. Long Yan’s forehead was hot. She had to scrape him. Long Yan’s first experience with Gua Sha, he only felt that his back pain was unbearable. . Seeing that the temperature of Long Yan’s forehead was slow to fall, Qing Yan found another way. She added a few quilts to Long Yan, trying to make Long Yan sweat. Long Yan only felt that she was too hot, but she was only too hot. Able to fiddle with light smoke.

Qingqing and Huadian drank in the woods, and the two of them had a sense of drunkenness to relieve their sorrows. When Qingqing came back, they met Xue Qianxun. Xue Qianxun brought the drunk Qingqing back to the room and asked Qingqing to give him the sachet in the past. Carrying this sachet with him, he can know Qingqing’s traces at any time, so as to protect Qingqing. Qing Qing was unconscious at this time. She looked at Xue Qian Xun and acted like a baby. Not only did she hug Xue Qian Xun to sleep with her, but also wanted to kiss Xue Qian Xun. Helpless Qing Qing couldn’t resist her sleepiness, and fell asleep before her kiss. .

Long Yan woke up in the middle of the night and saw the light smoke guarding him. Qian Yan had fallen asleep. She fell on Long Yan’s body and hugged him tightly. Long Yan’s heart was relieved. Several lifetimes passed. , Qingyan hasn’t changed at all, still the Liu Ying who only recognizes him.

The next day, when Qingqing woke up, she was shocked to find that she and Xue Qianxun were sharing the same bed, and her cheeks flushed, avoiding Xue Qianxun. After spending a few days with Huadian, Qingyan believed that Huadian was not bad in nature, so she let her go and let her be kind in the future. Take a bit of thanks to Light Smoke, but she couldn’t help thinking about the words of the savior before, and was ready to do what the person said and cast a spell on Light Smoke.

Long Yan came to call Qingyan to get up, but found that Qingyan couldn’t sleep. At exactly this time, Xue Qianxun and Qingqing came to the wooden house and found that Qingyan had been cast by nightmare Dafa.

Nightmare Dafa is an ancient secret technique. One year in the dream, one day in the world, and seven days later, her primordial spirit will be slowly absorbed by the person who set up Dafa. After Xueqian finds the light smoke diagnosis, she tells Long Yan to look for it within seven days. Go to the caster and kill him. Nowadays, Long Yan can enter the dream state with spiritual sense, and the caster presents a real scene in the dream, but there will inevitably be flaws. He can find out who the caster is from the flaws, but Long Yan can’t wake up in the dream.

Now, he can only tell others about the spellcasting, and let others kill the caster. But if Long Yan didn’t find the caster within seven days, he would stay in the light smoke dream, and the primordial spirit would fall into a nightmare. Knowing the danger of this method, Long Yan did not hesitate to light up the smoke, and asked Xue Qian to find him to cast a spell into his dream.

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