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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 28 Recap

In order to help Qingqing, Xueqian specifically sought out Yuchi Longyan and begged him to help him draw the strings. Yuchi Longyan knew the pain of pulling the strings, he couldn’t find Xue Qian’s hand, but Xue Qian Xun had to do this, so he could only help. Qingqing came to give Xueqian tea. Seeing Yuchi Longyan’s hand to Xueqian, she immediately called Yuchi Longyan to stop.

Qingqing felt sorry for Xue Qianxun to pull the strings for her, and got up with Xueqian to find you and me. This made Yuchi Longyan really look down and could only disappear immediately. Qingqing forced Xueqian to drink three leaf teas to heal her injuries, and then confessed to Xueqian, and said with a smile that she was very diligent. When Xue Qianxun heard what Qing Qing said, she immediately asked who Qing Qing liked, Qing Qing then told Xue Qianxun that she liked everything Xue Qianxun looked like.

Xue Qianxun was very happy to hear Qing Qing’s love words to him and hugged Qing Qing directly, indicating that he also liked every look of Qing Qing. After Xue Qianxun finished speaking, he wanted to kiss Qingqing, but because of the injury on his body, he had more than enough energy and lacked strength. When Qingqing couldn’t kiss her in Xueqianxun, she ran away from Xueqianxun and asked Xueqianxun to wait and talk.

The second prince of the Dongluo Kingdom succeeded to the throne, and the Dongluo Kingdom immediately tore up the contract and wanted to violate the border again. Feng Chenyue could only ask for another order to expedite and drive the Dongluo army out of the border. When Feng Chen asked for orders to expedition, the close evidence of the past between Mr. Guo and Han Xiyun was revealed, and Mr. Guo was removed from office and assigned to the frontier. Feng Chenyue took Yuchi Longyan on the battlefield again. The two were very happy, but Yuchi Longyan had always refused to admit his identity, making Feng Chenyue very sad.

Feng Chenyue saw Lieutenant General Zhao’s daughter Xiaobao in the barracks. She liked it very much and wanted to teach Xiaobao to practice swordsmanship. Zhao Fujian was unwilling to let his daughter practice swords, and at the same time reminded Feng Chenyue that it was time to find someone who knew the cold and the hot to marry and have children. Because of Yuchi Longyan’s side, Feng Chenyue didn’t express his attitude to Vice-General Zhao, but just changed the subject and sent Vice-General Zhao away.

Lu Zheng applied to be a prison army again, and at the same time confessed to Feng Chenyue, but he was rejected by Feng Chenyue. Feng Chenyue explained that she already had someone she liked, and she felt so strong that she could not accept Lu Zheng. In the evening, Feng Chenyue ran to the edge of the cliff alone and shouted at the Dragon King, blaming the Dragon King for refusing to appear in front of her, while Yuchi Longyan hid behind her, quietly looking at Feng Chenyue.

After Feng Chenyue yelled, she suddenly understood that she didn’t want to ask Yuchi Longyan why she didn’t want to admit her identity, so she just wanted Yuchi Longyan to be by her side all the time. After Feng Chenyue returned from another big victory with Yuchi Longyan, she asked how long Yuchi Longyan would protect her, and finally got Yuchi Longyan’s promise that she would protect her for life, and she was relieved.

With the company of Yuchi Longyan, Feng Chenyue finally finished her military life. Only then did Yuchi Longyan come to see Feng Chenyue. The Dragon King Yuchi finally admitted his identity, and Feng Chenyue held Yuchi Longyan very happily and went to Luofeng Pavilion with him. After arriving at Luofeng Pavilion, Feng Chenyue saw Qingqing and Xueqianxun, only to realize that they were not mortals, so she asked Yuchi Longyan why she didn’t recognize her.

Yuchi Longyan explained that Feng Chenyue would know the reason in the future, and then let Feng Chenyue go on the road to prepare to drink eight tears. Feng Chenyue didn’t want to drink eight tears to forget Yuchi Longyan, and Yuchi Longyan told Feng Chenyue that he would go to the world to find Feng Chenyue and marry her. Feng Chenyue didn’t want to wait until she went to the world to marry Yuchi Longyan, so she took Yuchi Longyan and ran away.

Yuchi Longyan took Feng Chenyue to her Longyin Pond, and Feng Chenyue asked Yuchi Longyan to tell her the story of Liu Ying and Ayu. After Feng Chenyue knew everything, she knew that Yuchi Longyan had been by her side, and she was very happy. Yuchi Longyan kissed Feng Chenyue in Longyinchi, and then asked Xingxuanyun as a testimony to propose to Feng Chenyue.

Qingqing felt that Yuchi Longyan must have married Feng Chenyue in Longyinchi, and she clamored to help Feng Chenyue prepare her dowry. Xue Qianxun explained that the immortal world doesn’t need a dowry to get married, but Qingqing feels that both the Dahong wedding dress and the token of love are necessary.

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