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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 27 Recap

Qingqing learned that someone had been injured and rushed to see the situation. Only then did she know that Xiao Jue had been poisoned. Qingqing learned that Yuchi Longyan was helping Xiao Jue to detoxify, she immediately took a peek, and found that Yuchi Longyan was particularly rude in his hands, and Xiao Jue was particularly painful. She couldn’t help sighing that Yuchi Longyan could only deal with Feng Chenyue. Will be gentle.

After Xiaojue’s poison was detoxified, she confessed everything to Feng Chenyue, indicating that she mistakenly regarded Han Xiyun as her benefactor and had done a lot of wrong things for Han Xiyun over the years. Before Feng Chenyue went to bed, he asked Yuchi Longyan to go to the watchtower to watch the fireworks, but Yuchi Longyan said that it was late at night and Feng Chenyue needed a rest, and Feng Chenyue was not allowed to go. Feng Chenyue could only hope to see it in his dreams. To the fireworks.

Yuchi Longyan took Feng Chenyue to the watchtower to watch the fireworks. Feng Chenyue was very happy, hoping that all of this was true. Yuchi Longyan told Feng Chenyue that this was a dream, and she would forget it when she woke up, but Feng Chenyue felt it was a dream, so she could do whatever she wanted. Feng Chenyue directly kissed Yuchi Longyan, which made Yuchi Longyan really unable to control himself, and he could only enjoy this moment of warmth.

Feng Chenyue woke up with a beautiful dream, she was very happy, but she just couldn’t remember the content of the dream. Han Xiyun took the Anming Pill and became toxic. He looked for a doctor in pain and found out that he had taken the Anming Pill. Han Xiyun was in a lot of pain. He didn’t want to find out why he mistakenly took the Anming Pill, so he could only yell that he wanted to wait for a thorough investigation of the matter.

Feng Chenyue told Xiao Jue about the Huxiao Valley, and gave Xiao Jue the map she found, and asked Xiao Jue to go to Huxiao Valley to find the truth by herself. Xiao Jue arrived at Tiger Howl Valley and found the character left by his father Jue Ge, so he followed that character into the cave and found his father’s bones. When Xiao Jue found his father’s bones, he also saw his father’s blood book. Only then did he know that his father was helping Han Xiyun hunt for treasure, and he was killed by Han Xiyun.

Because Jue Ge’s heart was long, he did not die after Zhongjian, but he accidentally learned that the person who killed them was not the Feng Jiajun, but the Han Xiyun sent people to pretend. When Han Xiyun burned the corpses and counted the number of people, he found that Juge had disappeared, and he could not find Jue Ge, so he could only go back and control Xiao Jue. Jue Ge was worried that Xiao Jue was in danger, so he could only die in the cave by himself, while leaving a blood book to Xiao Jue.

When Qingqing went to find Xueqian for tea, Xueqianxun kept staring at her, seeing her heart beating faster, she could only run away immediately. After Qingqing went back, thinking about Xue Qianxun’s condition, she suddenly found that the three leaf grasses given by Mingge Xingjun were almost gone, so she pulled out her feathers again. Qingqing pulled out Lingyu, before he went to find Mingge Xingjun, Xueqianxun suddenly appeared, and Xueqianxun found it all at once.

Xue Qianxun felt very distressed when he saw Qingqing’s injury. He wanted to deal with the person who hurt Qingqing, and Qingqing could only admit that she pulled Lingyu herself. Xueqian didn’t know why Qingqing pulled the feathers out, so Qingqing had to make it clear. Qingqing had no choice but to confess with Xueqian. Xue Qianxun found that Qingqing had plucked the feathers for herself, so she felt very sorry for Qingqing, and she was also very angry with herself. He could only help Qingqing to heal his wounds. Xue Qianxun hugged Qingqing distressedly, not allowing Qingqing to hurt herself in this way, which made Qingqing very touched.

When Han Xiyun was suffering from Anming Wan, Xiao Jue suddenly appeared, claiming that he could relieve his pain, and he was very happy. Han Xiyun hugged Xiao Yan and asked her to save herself, but Xiao Yan stabbed him directly, just like when Han Xiyun killed her father. Xiao Jue killed Han Xiyun, and killed the lackeys beside him, and died on the spot with relief, and the most reluctant thing before her death was Feng Chenyue. Feng Chenyue learned that Han Xiyun was assassinated by the dark guard and the assassin was broken into pieces, so she immediately rushed to see the situation.

Feng Chenyue arrived at the scene, did not see Xiao Jue, but saw the words engraved by Xiao Jue, she could only comfort herself, Xiao Jue would be fine. Yuchi Longyan told Feng Chenyue that Xiao Jue would never be controlled by anyone again. Only then did Feng Chenyue feel a trace of comfort and gratified Xiao Jue was finally free.

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