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Lord of Valkyrie

Lord of Valkyrie (Anime)
Other Name: 武神主宰

Genres: Anime
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Watch “The Lord of Valkyrie” online, the complete set has a total of 160 episodes, with 1 episode every Tuesday and Sunday at 12 o’clock. The protagonist Qin Chen is the top genius in the martial arts, but he was conspired by the gangster and fell into the forbidden area of ​​the mainland, Death Canyon. Qin Chen, who was bound to die, accidentally triggered the power of the mysterious ancient sword…

Three hundred years later, in a remote place in Tianwu Continent, a teenager with the same name accidentally inherited Qin Chen’s will. As the beloved grandson of King Dingwu, the god of the Great Qi State Army, he was fascinated by his father’s background.

In order to rewrite the myth of Wangri and protect everything he loves, Qin Chen resolutely took up the task of safeguarding the five kingdoms of the world and set foot on the road of martial arts again.

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