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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 55 End Recap

When Sheng Chumu took the people to the hall, Yan Zifang had already rescued the ministers. As early as when Fu Shui recommended Yan Zifang as the deputy commander of the Imperial Army, Sheng Chumu recruited Yan Zifang, and he asked Yan Zifang to help him on the condition of Lu Yingying’s whereabouts. For himself, falling off the cliff at the mountain villa was also a play performed by him and Yan Zifang for Fu Rou. Fu Rou was very angry when he learned that he was deceived.

The two sides fought. Sheng Chumu took the opportunity to ask Yan Zifang where Fu Rou was. Yan Zifang said Fu Rou was served by Yu’s wife. I caught it, but I didn’t know where it was. When Fushui saw that the situation was not good, he ran away. Yan Zifang asked Sheng Chumu to chase after Fushui, but he left the situation in control. After Yan Zifang wiped out the rebels, he left the palace.

The emperor learned that Lu Yunji had not complied with the decree, and escaped immediately. He had already arrived at Dacang Mountain. The King Zhou ordered the transfer of the guards around the imperial city. He was worried that Lu Yunji was about to escape from Dacang Mountain, but the emperor had a chance to win. As he was holding it, he said that Lu Yunji could not pass Dacang Mountain.

As soon as Lu Yunji and Lu Qi passed the Dacang Mountain, Sheng Xiaojing took the imperial decree and led his troops to stop Lu Yunji’s army. Lu Yunji killed Du Ning. The emperor had already taken precautions against Lu Yunji and gave Sheng Xiaojing an imperial decree as a killer. Seeing that he couldn’t escape, Lu Yunji could only endure the humiliation and surrender to Sheng Xiaojing in order to keep Lu Qi alive.

Sheng Chumu chased Fushui and fought him. Fushui lost to Sheng Chumu. He was seriously injured by Sheng Chumu. Fushui’s men hurriedly protected Fushui. Fushui took the opportunity to attack Sheng Chumu, but found that his weapon could not penetrate. , It turned out that Fu Rou gave Sheng Chumu the golden silk Tianjia that he gave her one after another to defend herself. When Sheng Chumu was proud, Fu Shui said that Sheng Chumu could not protect Fu Rou at all. Sheng Chumu felt something was wrong and punched him. He hit Fu Rou and asked him where Fu Rou was. Fu Rou indicated a place. Sheng Chumu couldn’t care about Fu Rou and quickly looked for Fu Rou.

He found the place where Fu Rou was imprisoned, but Fu Rou had already drunk the poisoned wine prepared by Yu’s inner servant and poured it on the ground. Sheng Chumu was very broken and knelt in front of Fu Rou and wept bitterly. Sheng Chumu held Fu Rou and cried for a while. Fu Rou woke up suddenly, Sheng Chumu was overjoyed, and the two hugged each other tightly. It turned out that Yang Bai secretly changed the medicine and saved Fu Rou’s life.

After the rebellion was put down, the emperor summoned Lu Yunji and Lu Qi in the court hall. The emperor was very disappointed with Lu Yunji. After all, Lu Yunji was a veteran who had followed him for many years, but he did such a rebellious thing. Lu Yunji convicted himself. Unforgivable, but he asked the emperor to forgive his sons and daughters.

Lu Qi and Lu Yunji fought to confess their guilt, only to keep each other alive. Sheng Xiaojing also interceded for Lu Yunji, hoping that the emperor would exempt the Lu family from the punishment of genocide. The emperor did so. Lu Qi was ordered to stay and exiled to Lingnan, but Lu Yunji’s crime was unforgivable. Although the emperor was heartbroken, he still ordered Lu Yunji to be beheaded.

After the palace settled down, King Qin also returned to the palace. King Qin first went to greet the emperor and also helped Xiao Lu ask for rewards from the emperor. The emperor said that the Tang Dynasty has today, relying on the distinction between rewards and punishments, and ordered the palaces to be rewarded in this rebellion. The loyal people promoted Sheng Chumu and gave Sheng Chuling a marriage. King Han was also released by the emperor.

However, many ministers were unwilling to let go of the prince. Fu Rou reminded the emperor of the female rules that he wrote successively. Don’t hurt the prince’s life, the emperor finally left the prince’s life, exiled him to Jinzhou, and canonized King Qin as the new prince.

Yan Zifang saw Lu Yingying at Lu Yunji’s execution ground. He took Lu Yingying away and caught him on his ship. When he was the leader of the Forbidden Army, he took the emperor’s treasure map and prepared to set sail to hunt for treasure, although Lu Yingying still refused to accept it. Forgive yourself, but he can’t control so much, no matter the result is good or bad, he is willing to bear it.

When Fu Rou was walking with the emperor, she asked the emperor to perfect himself and Sheng Chumu. The emperor also said that Sheng Chumu was begging for his marriage all day long. Rou went out of the palace, and also allowed her to have a happy event on the same day as Princess Xin Nan, so that the Lu State Palace had a double happiness, and Fu Rou hurriedly thanked her. Sheng Chumu and Sheng Chuling had a happy event on the same day, and the Lu Kingdom’s government was lively, and the two pairs of lovers finally achieved a positive result after hardships.

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