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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 7 Recap

An Xin agreed to Aunt Hong’s invitation to attend Mr. Gu’s birthday. Early the next morning, her brother Gu Ansheng came to pick up An Xin to pick clothes for the banquet. An Xin came to the banquet, and Mr. Gu also treated each other coldly. And here, Ling Yue also learned that An Xin was at the banquet and President Ling Fang had also gone, so he decisively decided to go, and suddenly appeared when President Ling Fang had a conversation with An Xin and interrupted them.

President Ling Fang took the opportunity to ridicule, and Ling Yue’s invitation to An Xin to dance was also rejected. An Xin was with President Ling Fang, and Ling Yue and Xin Er were together. At the banquet, An Xin was suddenly spilled wine, but Mr. Gu cursed An Xin, and An Xin refused to call the police.

She also said that her friend couldn’t call the police. This person was called Yu Guo, and An Xin went to the toilet to talk to her. Ling Yue and his brother An Sheng saw that Yu Guo took a knife on the surveillance, they realized the danger, and the two hurried to look for it. Yu Guo stabbed her with a knife like An Xin. An Xin dodged her, but she wiped off the stuff in the compartment.

An Xin pushed her away to protect Yu Guo, and she smashed her on the head and passed out. , Happened to be found by Ling Fang, but Ling Yue also came in and stunned the eldest brother back. Ling Yue took An Xin away but was stopped by his brother. While the two were arguing, Mr. Gu blamed An Sheng for ignoring the people at the banquet for An Xin, but An Sheng thought that An Xin had fainted and could not ignore it. But President Gu still let Ling Yue take An Xin away.

Yu Guo received a message asking her to go back to the country first and said that she would come to her. It turned out that someone deliberately instructed Yu Guo to embarrass An Xin. At this moment, An Xin just woke up in the hospital.

She opened her eyes and saw Ling Yue and didn’t want to respond to him, but Ling Yue wanted to explain to her, and An Xin had to leave if she didn’t listen. He was picked up by Ling Yue and held her on the bed. Hand, An Xin told him to let him go, so An Xin gave him a minute to explain. Ling Yue apologized this minute, and An Xin also expressed his doubts.

If he had to go to the hotel to talk about something, Ling Yue explained that he and Ai Li were only subordinates. Ling Yue’s father called now and said that Ling Yue should go back no matter where he was. In desperation, Ling Yue could only go back and promised that he would not leave. Anxin agreed. Ling Yue still stamped with him. When he left, Ling Yue had to go back. Take away An Xin’s shoes.

After returning home, as expected, the eldest brother went home and filed a complaint. His father asked Ling Yue if he knew An Xin, and Ling Yue said An Xin was the person he liked. Gu Zongyi said righteously not to make peace of mind, regardless of whether it was because of the five percent stake. Ling Yue also took out the inspection report and said that he knew An Xin was not his daughter.

When his father saw that, he said that since everyone was there, he should make the matter clear all at once. An Xin is not her own daughter. The reason why she gave her 5% of the shares is because of her mother Jin Hao. It was his mother who helped him when he started his own business, so he promised to give Anxin 5% of the shares. Anxin is not his illegitimate daughter. After everyone understood, they all left.

When he left, the eldest brother did not forget to tease Ling Yue’s legs. But the eldest brother had already used his mind to make peace of mind, but the third brother reminded the eldest brother that he was not Ling Yue’s opponent.

Ling Yue didn’t have time to catch up with Brother Poly and hurried to the hospital, but at this time An Xin’s brother An Sheng had already gone. After entering the door, An Xin was not in bed, but he was jumping through the window. An Xin almost fell off with slippery hands, and was caught by her brother. People are gone, it’s all right now. It’s hard for Dr. Xiao, Dr. Xiao had to leave a note. Upon seeing this, Ling Yue hurried to Anxin’s house. When he arrived at An Xin’s house, he and his brother were not to be outdone. After An Xin came out, they still didn’t want to see him. After a dispute between several people, Ling Yue decided to leave.

An Xin asked her brother to go home early. Today is her father’s birthday after all, so her brother left. An Xin was hungry after a while. When there was no instant noodles, there was a flash delivery at home, which was made by Ling Yue himself. Rice, An Xin hesitates and doesn’t know whether to eat or not. Ai Li asked Ling Yue whether Miss An Xin would not eat when she was angry. Obviously Ling Yue knew An Xin very well. She said that An Xin would be angry and would not have trouble with eating. Sure enough, An Xin would eat this pot of rice. Up…

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