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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 6 Recap

Just when Ling Fang spoke and vowed to be the president, Ling Yue suddenly appeared on the scene and caught everyone off guard. Ling Fang still ridiculed Ling Yue, but his father asked him why he didn’t approve. Ling Yue not only gave out the reason but also gave out the reason. The evidence, his father was very angry when he heard that, he cursed Ling Fang and opposed him as president. The shareholders also voted against him. In the end, Ling Fang failed to become the president as he wished. But his father didn’t give Ling Yue the position of president, but he was temporarily vacant.

After that, Ling Yue took out the evidence of the driving recorder to prove that someone moved his car, but Ling Fang denied that it was him. His father also promised to give Ling Yue an explanation and warned Ling Fang. Ling Fang was always furious and threatened Ling Yue with Anxin, and said that unless he never went to Gu Anxin again, he would definitely find her. Because of this, Ling Yue decided not to go back to find An Xin for the time being.

But at the moment An Xin was very uncomfortable. Youyou happened to call An Xin to ask about her recent relationship with Ling Yue. An Xin felt even more sad when she heard that she told You You that Ling Yue had left. Ling Yue has now returned to his home. He looked at the pictures on the phone and An Xin and wanted to feel relieved.

An Xin worked overtime at the company again, but a colleague reminded her that the company has a new system that does not allow employees to work overtime, and there is also a shuttle bus that happens to arrive at An Xin’s house, but An Xin does not know that the company has been acquired by Ling Yue a long time ago. This is all Ling Yue. Made for peace of mind. On the way home from Anxin, images of herself and Ling Yue often appeared in her mind.

Gu Xin’er happened to pass by Ling Yue’s car on the way home, so Gu Xin’er suddenly felt bad and stopped drinking, and asked them to put herself down halfway. It happened that Ling Peixin suddenly appeared, and Xin’er was still wondering why. Coincidentally, it turned out that he came here specially after seeing the circle of friends. Ling Peixin saw that Xin’er was in a bad mood, so he took her to a place where he came to comfort her whenever he had a problem.

An Xin was at work. Her brother Yuan Chao suddenly came back. The two went to eat ice cream together. His brother was very concerned about An Xin and promised that she would not be harmed. But Ling Yue got the news and saw that An Xin and his brother were jealous. He didn’t know that this was An Xin’s brother. He was jealous and anxious, and he accidentally knocked on his foot.

At this time An Xin happened to encounter a Manzhan recruitment. Someone encouraged An Xin and said that Chang’an sister must go. In fact, the person who encouraged Anxin Yuanyuan was Ling Yue himself, and Manzhan was also arranged by Ling Yue.

When An Xin was waiting for the bus at the bus stop, she suddenly thought of Ling Yue shielding herself from the rain, but this was actually her own two-point fantasy. As soon as the car passed by, she poured water all over. A little girl came to An Xin to deliver papers and an umbrella. She, in fact, this is also arranged by the male lead, who has been silently protecting and reassuring behind her back.

An Xin came to Manzhan for an interview. Everyone was very enthusiastic about her. An Xin was a little confused and lied that she had forgotten to bring the work, but the interviewer didn’t mind. An Xin was able to come to work tomorrow. An Xin felt too soon. Also refused.

After brother Anxin went home, Mr. Gu lost his temper because his brother went to visit Anxin as soon as he came back. However, his brother believed that Anxin’s kindness would not harm others. However, Mr. Gu said that Anxin’s morality is not good. Mrs. Gu helped to speak. Said that when the Yuan Dynasty’s birthday, my sister came back to gather in peace, Mr. Gu asked his wife to do it.

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