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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 11 Recap

When Chuli went to work in the printing factory, Axiang was very happy to see her fall and was a little puzzled. Chuli was very happy to see the physical book and took a lot of photos. The first time I saw the book I made, Chuli was very excited. Chuli quickly picked up his mobile phone and chatted with Shirakawa. Axiang was a little surprised when he saw it. He didn’t expect them to be so familiar in private.

Chuli took a look at Guan Bo’s reaction, and then received a call from Lao Miao asking her to come back. Director Liang and Lao Miao felt that Chuli’s behavior of sending a friendly call to Shiuchuan on Weibo was inappropriate. Yuu has now said that Chuli and Shiuchuan are close, and they have taken pictures of them together. Director Liang said that there should be no accident at this time.

Many female readers are irrational to such good-looking authors as Zhou Chuan and Jiang Yucheng, so they instruct Chu Li not to reply no matter what others say. Chu Li aggrievedly agreed, but she felt that such a disturbance was a promotion for the new book. Chuli and Hikawa discuss what surprises they want to give the readers. Chuli thinks the protagonist’s journal is very good, and Hikawa also feels very good. Chuli was very angry when she found Cocoon insinuating that she had no tutor. Hiukawa took her cellphone to persuade her to calm down, and took her for a good walk.

When Zhou Chuan and Chu Li came to the convenience store, Chu Li found that Chu Li had just posted a Weibo to clarify Chu Li. Although this wave of book fans is about to pinch again, they are not afraid of pinching, but they are only afraid of being confused. On the contrary, it can sell better. Chuli looked at what Shirakawa said if I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t know what it meant. In the afternoon, it will be officially announced by the network official. Yu Yao told Chuli to make good preparations. Editor-in-chief Xia was also very busy this time and caught the wind. Chu Li quickly sent a cup of cold medicine to Editor Xia, and Editor Xia was very satisfied with Chu Li’s performance this time, just like Yu Yao back then.

Yuanyue Publishing House officially announced the release of the new Luohe Book of Gods. The response was good, and the old Miao was sour. Director Liang almost drove his hands crazy, asking them to do their best to deal with this pre-sale. The sales of Luohe Book of Gods are very good, and the bonus of Chuli has also fallen, but it is a bit sad to think that she can move out of the Shuchuan family. She feels that she may not be able to live alone in the future. Axiang thought that Chuli was in love with the landlord, and quickly asked her to pick a man. After all, a person who lay there would only let her cook is not worthy of her.

Gu Baizhi asked Yun Fei to go back to revise the manuscript, and suddenly received a news that he hurriedly went to the hospital, and Teacher Liu fainted. When Jiang Yucheng received the news, he hurried to the hospital. Gu Baizhi threw into his arms for comfort. Yun Fei was disappointed and left. When Chuli returned home, Zhou Chuan waited eagerly for a meal. Seniors all reposted his Weibo, which shocked him. Chuli asked Zhouchuan to come over to help wash the rice, but Shiuchuan went eagerly. Chuli taught him to buy rice and add water, saying that if one day he left, he might starve to death.

If the Luohe Book of God sells for 350,000, Chuli will receive a large year-end award. Then she will have the money to move away. However, Shirakawa said that it is impossible to get 350,000, but Chuli is very expensive. With confidence, I think it’s not impossible that 350,000 yuan is possible. Zhou Chuan thought that Chuli was not happy to live here, and her eyes were shining when she moved out, but he bought a lot of new furniture in order to let her move in. Zhou Chuan went back to the room outrageously, and Chu Li was speechless again.

Chuli sent a message to Fox-kun saying that she had an inexplicable quarrel with the landlord. In fact, she just felt that it was not good to continue living. Shirakawa replied that he might not want you to move out for some reason. Chuli actually didn’t want to move out, but why didn’t she want to move out? She was really reluctant to move out. Teacher Liu was out of danger, and the doctor told them not to stimulate his emotions. Yun Fei left first, and Jiang Yucheng also left.

For Gu Baizhi’s thanks, he said he was doing it for Teacher Liu. Teacher Liu woke up to see them very happy, and took Jiang Yucheng to tell him to take good care of Gu Baizhi. Her parents were gone when she was in high school, so she had to have a strong personality. Chuli called Jiang Yucheng to read the manuscript. Jiang Yucheng was a little absent-minded. He had a past that he wanted to forget. Chuli doesn’t understand why he has the present thoughts. If he forgets the past, then he denies the present self. Chuli persuaded Jiang Yucheng to treat him with a calm heart.

After finishing the manuscript, Chuli took Hikawa to watch the pre-sale sales. Hikawa was too nervous and wanted Chuli to chat with herself. Chuli asked Shiuchuan what he said that day, and Shiuchuan was a little embarrassed to say it literally. The pre-sale started, and the one-minute sales volume was 11,201. Chuli and Hiukawa hugged together in excitement. Chuli was thinking about whether he could be the person he said on Weibo if possible, the doorbell. Rang. When Zhou Chuan saw it, it was Jiang Yucheng who hurried Chu Li to hide in the room, because it was too late to let Chu Li hide in the closet of the room on the first floor.

After Jiang Yucheng came in, he put on slippers and went to the bathroom. Hiukawa hurriedly brought the notebook to Chuli. Chuli was still wondering if Hiukawa heard what he said just now. Obviously, Hiukawa didn’t hear clearly. The pre-sale is over 50,000, and Shirakawa praised Chuli for doing a good job. Chuli said that she would have a suitable opportunity to talk to him about what she wanted to say. This time she was too impatient. Hiukawa came out from the closet holding a box. This was Natsume Soseki he had prepared, but it was fortunate that Churei hadn’t found it.

Chuli fell asleep waiting in the closet, and quietly opened the door to find that Shirakawa and Jiang Yucheng were very depressed drinking in the living room. Jiang Yucheng didn’t plan to go home anymore. He was going to pick a piece of clothing in the room of Zhouchuan. After Jiang Yucheng entered, he realized that Chuli was still in his room. Fortunately, Chuli was already drowsy on the bed, and Jiang Yucheng rolled under the bed when he came in.

Zhou Chuan nervously drove Jiang Yucheng away, and ordered Chu Li to hide. Early the next morning, Chuli and Shuli woke up in the same bed, with Shuli’s hands still resting on Chuli. Chuli was taken aback, and even took Shirakawa out of bed, complaining that Shirakawa hadn’t slept honestly and she didn’t sleep well, and stared at Shirakawa and asked if he remembered what he promised her last night. Zhou Chuan was puzzled, and Chuli complained about their poor drinking while opening the door, only to see Jiang Yucheng standing outside the door.

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