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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 10 Recap

Zhou Chuan waited for a long time and didn’t come back from Chuli, and everyone was starving to death. In the bookstore, Jiang Yucheng came across a girl who was reading a book he liked. This was also the reason why he and Gu Baizhi met. Jiang Yucheng was a writer and Gu Baizhi was an editor, so they met. Gu Baizhi was drinking in the bar. Teacher Liu once gave her two pairs of watches and said that she hoped that she and Jiang Yucheng would be well, so that she would go with peace of mind.

Gu Baizhi dialed Jiang Yucheng’s phone and didn’t speak. Jiang Yucheng called again and was picked up by the bartender, but Yunfei was already taking care of her when he hurriedly arrived. Zhou Chuan called and accused Jiang Yucheng of keeping Chuli until late, and she came back just as she was about to call Chuli. Chuli only talked about some issues with Jiang Yucheng, and the two quarreled.

Chuli went back to the room to charge up and found the news from Shirakawa Sui Sui Nian, which was a bit funny. The Luohe Book of God was about to be printed. Chuli knew that Zhouchuan must be nervous, and Zhouchuan said she should be nervous. If Chuli didn’t sell well, Chuli wouldn’t have the chance to be his editor. Chuli went to work overtime on the weekend, and Shirakawa felt deep in his heart.

Gu Baizhi woke up to find that Yun Fei was at her home, and there was also a chat history with Jiang Yucheng in the communication record. Gu Baizhi was a little upset, she didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said. Gu Baizhi drove the car to the bookstore. Jiang Yucheng said that he picked it up last night and Gu Baizhi did not speak.

Gu Baizhi said that Teacher Liu’s condition was not particularly good, and hoped that Jiang Yucheng would take a look with him. Lao Miao kept urging Chu Li for the goal of 350,000, and continued to pour cold water, saying that 350,000 is an astronomical figure that she can’t do, otherwise the deputy editor will let Chu Li be. Chuli is writing a solicitation letter for Shirakawa to take a look. Chuli has found many cases and said that this matter is as good as falling in love. Chuli asked Shiuchuan how to tease him, but Shiuchuan had some misunderstandings for a moment.

Chuli finally wrote a letter of solicitation for Hikawa to take a look. “The momentum is so close that the old brand Kamiya Jiang Yucheng will no longer be a child of someone else’s family.” This is what Chuli thought through all his heart, because the only people who will not bear the hate when being trampled by Hikawa are Jiang Yucheng and Higuxuan. Hiukawa resisted not beating her, and brought her slippers and rebuked her for running around barefoot.

Jiang Yucheng remembered that when he first met Teacher Liu, Gu Baizhi said that she was like his mother. Jiang Yucheng was nervous and called her mother. On the first day, the number of orders for the Book of Gods of Luohe exceeded the number of guarantees, and Chuli was so happy that he hurriedly went to Zhouchuan to announce the good news and showed off like a primary school student. Zhou Chuan took Chu Li for a walk and took pictures of her playing with leaves.

He couldn’t help but praise the beauty. This road is called Xinghe Road. Chuli was taken aback when he saw it, and the two continued to move forward, each with their own thoughts. According to the legend, the opposite sex who walked on Xinghe Road can stay together, but Shirakawa said she was naive, but her heart was overwhelmed. He pulled Chuli, who was almost hit by a bicycle, into his arms. The cocoon was taking pictures and saw the faces of the two. A change.

Chuli had to work overtime again on the weekend, so Shirakawa felt a little disappointed. Axiang and Chuli are busy with the sample book of the Luohe God Book, and Zhouchuan sends her news from time to time. Shirakawa slept very unsteadily all night, and didn’t come back until the early hours of the morning. Zhou Chuan absently called Yu Yao and asked if Chuli was still alive. Yu Yao said that she was still alive, but she was really exhausted. The online pre-sale went smoothly. Yu Yao asked Chuli to go back to rest and take a look at his mobile phone. Only then did Chuli see the news from Zhouchuan.

On the way home, Chuli encountered a salesman who wanted her to lose money. When she was embarrassed, Shirakawa fell from the sky and hit the opponent directly. In the evening, Shirakawa and Chuli left the police station under the education of the police uncle. When Shirakawa saw Chuli fell and was injured, he squatted in front and asked her to come up. Chuli awkwardly stepped on Hiukawa’s back, and when she talked about the gifts, she asked if there were any personal items available for Hiukawa.

Chuli fell asleep on Hiukawa’s back. Hiukawa carried her home and found that Axiang had asked her to go to the printing factory tomorrow afternoon to follow her. Hiukawa replied that she would not go to the editorial office in the morning. Zhou Chuan urged Chu Li to get up and wipe his knees to eliminate the poison, but Chu Li let him go out in a daze to take off his pants. Zhou Chuan called Jiang Yucheng and said that his puberty had arrived, and Jiang Yucheng was at a loss.

Shirakawa told Chuli about the leave of absence for her, and watched her stumble into the basement and had to carry her down. During the disinfection, Chuli screamed with pain, and could only cry and thank Shirakawa. Early the next morning, Chuli woke up and found that Shirakawa had prepared eight-treasure porridge. He tasted the salty porridge. Shirakawa’s face was stiff. This was what he did. The Luohe Book of God will be pre-sold next week. Chuli hurriedly told Zhouchuan the good news and went to the printing factory. Zhouchuan had already called her a car and promised to reimburse her.

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