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Food sources “Vitamin C” high value that you deserve

Vitamin C is an extremely important nutrient for the body. Because it has benefits in both health And skin care Therefore, we should always consume food to get enough vitamin C for the body. There are many foods that are high in vitamin C. Today we collect Food sources with vitamin C come together so that you can choose to eat as you like. Good health at the same time, start with!

When talking about sources of vitamin C, anyone has to think of oranges first. Which in addition to high vitamin C It also contains vitamin A, potassium, iron and phosphorus that help fight free radicals. However, it might be kind of orange, vitamin C is not the same, but the average is 100 grams orange contains vitamin C 18-50 mg who want to add vitamin C to the body, do not forget to eat oranges repeatedly

strawberry. oval
Is another fruit that is both delicious And very useful, many people may not know. 100 grams of strawberries are rich in vitamin C up to 58 milligrams, and 1.5 times more antioxidants than oranges. Even more people who use their eyesight from work, strawberries can help maintain eyesight. Because it is high in vitamin A. It reduces the risk of macular degeneration, seeing a small child like this, but a lot of benefits.

who knew that this dark green vegetable is rich in vitamin C. Not allergic to other foods in which broccoli is cooked, half a cup. There will be 51 grams of vitamin C ever. Plus, broccoli is also very good in nourishing the skin. Because in broccoli there is a substance that has specific properties. That reduces the effects of UV rays that hit the skin And can also help prevent inflammation and redness as well.

When it comes to fruits that are rich in vitamin C I want everyone to try to turn to eat some kiwi. Because apart from the sweet and sour taste Combined with the aroma, 100 grams of kiwi, also contains vitamin C up to 80-90 milligrams ever, which research has also found that in one kiwi fruit. It contains 74% more vitamin C than one orange and also contains vitamin E. And fiber is higher than many fruits Make kiwi a healthy fruit that many people can not live without.

speaks of papaya, many people will think of the fruit that was eaten as a laxative. Easy to drive, fluent But apart from this identity Papayas are also high in vitamin C. The 100 grams of ripe papaya pulp contains up to 70 milligrams of vitamin C and antioxidants. And many kinds of enzymes necessary for the body

sweet pepper
Sweet Chili That we bring to cook food often is not just a factor in the favorite dishes only. But did you know that bell peppers are very high in vitamin C, in the amount of 100 grams, sweet pepper contains 80-150 milligrams of vitamin C, which is also high in vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. And from the analysis Also found that the sweet pepper is yellow. Contains the highest vitamin C Followed by a red sweet pepper. And green sweet pepper Delicious, eat, and very useful like this. People who do not eat spicy can eat it.

Guava is a super fruit that is the power of vitamin C like Farang. Of course, the more people who are on a diet Guava is considered a great answer because 100 grams of guava is rich in vitamins 80-160 milligrams plus the advantage is a fruit that is year-round, inexpensive, extremely easy to find and low in calories as well. Do not be afraid of obesity.

Have you seen each other? There are many foods that are rich in vitamin C, which is actually mostly fruits and vegetables. But many people may not know that vitamin C. It is the most rapidly degraded vitamin. Among the various vitamins, if we need a lot of natural vitamin C, then it is best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables because there is a lot of vitamin C. But some general stores The fruit may be stored for a long time in hot weather, exposure to light and humidity, causing vitamin C to degrade quickly. When we eat it, it is not worth it. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you should choose the freshest and cleanest from the safe trading source as well

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