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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 53 Recap

Seeing that the emperor was awake, Concubine Yan grabbed the emperor’s hand and said that he had complied with his will and asked the King of Zhou to take over the government temporarily. Everything was under control. Just as the emperor wanted to say something, he fainted again. In the past, everyone asked Dr. He if he could use the golden needle technique again. Dr. He said that the dragon body was weak and he could no longer use the needle forcibly. They had no choice but to give up.

Fu Rou wanted to go out of the palace to find someone, but now the palace cannot leave the palace without Yan Concubine’s handwritten instructions. Fu Rou had to go to General Dugu for help. As soon as he boasted about going to Haikou, General Dugu vomited blood and fell to the ground. General Dugu fell ill. Concubine Yan gave General Zhong the position of command of the Forbidden Army.

General Zhong said that he would be loyal to Concubine Yan, and Fu Shui recommended Yan Zifang to General Zhong as his deputy. Yan Zifang said that General Dugu was very prestigious in the Forbidden Army, and the two wanted to take over the Forbidden Army. In addition to transferring orders, they also needed to find someone to establish their prestige. Shushui proposed to take the Shengchu order to establish their prestige. Sheng Chuling was accompanying Princess Xinnan at this time.

Yan Zifang led people to directly arrest Sheng Chuling. Princess Xinnan ran to the Yan Fei Palace to question, but Yan Fei said that Princess Xin Nan had an affair with the guards, and ordered someone to take down the pearl and interrogate what the pearl was. She refused to say that she was directly killed by Yan Fei’s stick. Princess Xinnan said that the emperor had married herself and Sheng Chuling, so Yan Fei naturally would not listen.

When Fu Rou learned that the news arrived, Pearl had already died. Fu Rou angrily accused Yan Fei of using lynching for unruly. Yan Fei said indifferently that she was impatient and ordered the burial of Pearl. Fu Rou was worried that Yan Fei would order Sheng Chu to act. , Asked the guard station to be present when Sheng Chuling was interrogated, Yan Fei reluctantly agreed, but on the grounds that Shangyi Bureau had not disciplined the princess, Wu Shangyi was taken care of, and Princess Xinnan was ordered to be placed under house arrest.

At this time, Yan Zifang came to report to Yan Fei that Sheng Chuling had injured the guard and escaped. Fu Rou was very disappointed with Yan Zifang, but Yan Zifang said that since he had parted ways with Fu Rou, they would all go their own way. , I will know later.

Now that the palace is tightly sealed, Fu Rou tried his best to pass the news out, and finally used Princess Xin Nan’s method to write the unique secret words of herself and Sheng Chumu on the kite, and let the kite out of the palace to send the news to Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu went to Yan Zifang after learning that Sheng Chuling had an accident. Yan Zifang asked Sheng Chumu to meet at Fushui Mountain Villa when he was late. As long as Sheng Chumu obediently obedient, Sheng Chuling would be fine.

In the middle of the night, Fu Rou found Li Baolin and asked her how her friendship was with Qiao Bing. Li Baolin went to Qiao Bing the next day. Qiao Bing’s daughter was Princess Yueyang. Li Baolin persuaded that if Yan Fei set a precedent, in the future The other princesses were not having a good life. Qiao Yan felt reasonable, so she went to ask Yan Fei to forgive Princess Xin Nan with other sisters. Yan Fei said that she wanted to make Princess Xin Nan introspect, and she would not embarrass Princess Xin Nan.

At this time, the servant brought Princess Xin Nan and said that a sharp blade was found from Princess Xin Nan’s room. Fu Rou secretly gave the knife to Princess Xin Nan, but everyone thought it was Concubine Yan who framed Princess Xin Nan. After Concubine Zhiyan sent Princess Xinnan to the guard for interrogation, Qiao Bi was even more worried that her daughter would be tortured by Concubine Yan in the future, and was dissatisfied with Concubine Yan.

After Princess Xinnan was taken to the guardhouse, the guardhouse suddenly caught fire. General Zhong found only a charred body in the princess wing, and reported to Yan Fei that Princess Xinnan had been burned to death and shirk the responsibility. On Yan Zifang’s head, Yan Zifang said that General Zhong drank alcohol every day, and it was those alcohol that fueled the fire. Yan Fei worried that some people would remember Princess Xinnan’s death on her head in the future. Yan Zifang said that he had ordered the blockade of news, and said to the outside world Princess Xinnan set herself on fire in fear of crime.

Sheng Chumu went to Fushui Villa, Yan Zifang asked Sheng Chumu to surrender the whereabouts of King Qin, and said a secret word about contact with the palace, Sheng Chumu asked Yan Zifang to let go, Sheng Chuling just walked a few steps, Yan Zifang wanted to Sheng Chumu When he handed it over, Sheng Chumu had to throw the written document to Yan Zifang, but Sheng Chumu was well prepared. As soon as Yan Zifang opened it, the document was destroyed by a soldier in the distance with an arrow. Sheng Chumu was covered with water in order to save Sheng Chuling. The arrow hit and fell down the cliff. The covered subordinates only found Sheng Chumu’s sachet. Covered with water didn’t dare to care, let his subordinates continue to look for it.

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