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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 17 Recap

Although Xiao Mu’s miserable sales attracted many fans, Yao Menggui’s response was to watch the video clips personally, and the people around him did not dare to offend this great god easily, so it was not clear how effective the later broadcast was. Considering that Yao Menggui has repeatedly opposed himself, Xiao Mu decided to accept Chang Ming’s proposal and take Xiao Yuanshan to the show.

The father and daughter talked enthusiastically in the live show, almost all of the content was related to Xiao Mu’s childhood, showing both the guilt of being a father and the miserable childhood experience of the female celebrity sister, thus forming a strong sense of contrast. After recording the show, Xiao Yuanshan met Chen Mo in the corridor. In order to create a chance for him and his daughter to be alone, he just wanted to find an excuse to slip away, but Chen Mo left first.

With the broadcast of the live broadcast, Chang Ming was pleased to find that Xiao Mu’s popularity has soared, but unfortunately he didn’t get to know friends in the circle to help promote it, otherwise it would inevitably be a big hit. Xiao Mu opened the news and saw that Chu Xuexia had already premiered, and he was very uncomfortable, but compared to Xiao Mu’s loss, Yao Menggui was a little unhappy.

In private, Xiao Mu took the initiative to confess to Song Ci, saying that he had liked Song Ci since he was in school, and later appeared in the same movie, even more secretly. Facing Song Ci, who was almost stunned, Xiao Mu boldly took his hand, and even leaned in to kiss the opponent’s cheek, hoping to get a chance.

However, Song Ci did not believe this confession, because he had already doubted Xiao Mu’s identity. After all, as early as the crew, no one outsider knew about each other. Moreover, Xiaobai just said that Yao Menggui was a little strange, so Song Ci made a plan and took the initiative to take her to the cinema to see the first snow under the first snow. During the period, he said that he wanted to reminisce about each other’s sweet time and his heart for Li Rongjing.

Seeing the jealous look of the person next to him, Song Ciqiang concealed his smile, and when the movie ended, he brought Yao Meng back to the rooftop to confess. Just as Yao Menggui was so angry that he gritted his teeth, Song Ci suddenly called out her name, saying that he had liked Yao Menggui as early as his college years, but unfortunately he almost used Xiao Mu as a person in the crew, which caused him to almost fall in love.

Now that the real Yao Menggui has returned, Song Ci no longer has to worry too much. Because of Song Ci’s affectionate words, Yao Menggui stood on tiptoes and kissed Song Ci, and the two kissed Song Ci affectionately. After a night of joy, Song Ci and Yao Menggui asked each other three questions. The main problem was the conflict between love and career, and they had to sacrifice love to keep their careers.

In the next period of time, Xiao Mu often ran to notices and participated in the wine bureau, getting drunk every day. Xiao Yuanshan asked Chen Mo to help send Xiao Mu home, but the drunk Xiao Mu still recognized Chen Mo and hugged him directly from behind, telling his inner grievances.

Knowing the true condition of Xiao Mu, Chen Mo felt distressed, turned around and hugged Xiao Mu, regretted meeting her as a paparazzi, and thought that meeting her was the luckiest thing in his life. The next morning, the Internet revealed that Xiao Yuanshan was involved in human trafficking, which aroused public opinion.

Chang Ming believes that Yao Menggui is behind the scenes, so he persuades Xiao Mu to fight back. However, Xiao Yuanshan, who has no knowledge of it, is targeted at the vegetable market. When he knows the truth, he does not want to hurt Xiao Mu, so he simply leaves a note and returns to his hometown alone. After hearing the news, Chen Mo proposed to help Xiao Mu deal with this crisis in public relations, so he took Xiao Mu to the former orphanage.

Looking around at the familiar sights around him, Xiao Mu recalled the beautiful moments between himself and his sister Yao Menggui. At first Dean Gao refused to help, just because he was afraid of being condemned again, but when he saw Xiao Mu as an adult, he finally agreed to record a video to clarify, and gave her favorite candy when parting.

At the same time, Yao Menggui came to the set for trial shooting and bought coffee for Director Zhao and Junzhuo Zhang. But Zhang Junzhuo saw that Yao Menggui had no scars on his wrist, and he had doubts in his heart, so he deliberately tried it out.

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