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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 3 Recap

An Xin helped Ling Yue take a bath. Ling Yue grabbed An Xin and fell into the bathtub. The two people’s affection rose instantly, and even the roots of their ears were red. Then they went to dinner together. Ling Yue teased An Xin and said that not only the service was not in place. , Also watched him all, and An Xin refused to be outdone and retorted that he said that there was something good about his dry body, and then went back to his room to press and turn on the computer.

I found that my comics had very few clicks, and almost no one watched it, and the commentary was too old-fashioned. An Xin was very unconvinced, thinking that the plot was very small and fresh, and then An Xin’s mind came up with the picture of Ling Yue in the bathtub just now , Then secretly painted them. After finishing the painting, she didn’t expect to be exceptionally beautiful. Within a few minutes, Ling Yue came in and said to borrow An Xin’s computer. An Xin agreed, but she forgot that her painting was still on the computer.

Ling Yue saw all of Shang Zheng. Ling Yue smiled when he saw it. He typed a lot of unintelligible characters on the computer. An Xin didn’t bother too much. Ling Yue said in An Xin’s ear when he was away that he didn’t expect him to be The dry figure made An Xin so impressed… An awkward expression on An Xin’s face, and angrily asked if he was a pig, the distance between the two was getting closer again.

An Xin paid her salary the next day, so she mercilessly placed an order for Ling Yue for a wheelchair. At this time, Manager Du came in to distribute gifts to everyone. He also walked to An Xin and said that she had left her a gift, and told her that she must come to the party at night. An Xin was very reluctant, but due to the manager’s reasons, she had to go. , When eating, the new employees must toast Anxin wine. Anxin just wanted to drink it, but Manager Du stopped the wine for Anxin. Anxin felt it was unnecessary. Everyone went home after the meal, but Manager Du insisted on sending Anxin.

When I went back, I entangled with An Xin to send her flowers and expressed her love to An Xin. An Xin refused to lie that she had a boyfriend abroad, and this scene happened to be seen by Ling Yue upstairs. An Xin took the flowers home, but Ling Yue seemed to be jealous in every way. He also warned An Xin to go home early next time. Although it was not to delay her sleep time, she was actually afraid that there were other thoughts in her heart.

Tomorrow morning, he took the wheelchair back to Ling Yue for a try, but Ling Yue found out that it was a manual one and questioned that it was not imported from Germany. The two were fighting. In the bar, Gu Xin’er was chatting with the beauties. Suddenly someone deliberately came to strike up a conversation with Xin’er. Suddenly a fist rushed out from behind and beat the person out. It turned out to be Xiaosheng, the third son of the Ling family. Still ridiculed to the point that this is not the hairy boy who was arguing about marrying Xin’er when he was a child, Xiao Sheng smiled shyly.

An Xin seemed to be in a bad mood for dinner. Ling Yue told a joke to make An Xin pour cold water on An Xin. Ling Yue took out the movie ticket and pretended that it was an invitation to An Xin in the lottery. An Xin said there was no time, but Ling Yue directly said that tomorrow night will be there at eight o’clock. As a result, tomorrow night, An Xin could have gone to see it, but was temporarily pulled over by a colleague to work overtime and missed the movie.

An Xin finished overtime at ten o’clock. To make up for Ling Yue Anxin, he bought tickets for the latest movie. The entire theater is only The two of them were watching. Ling Yue was eager to talk after they went home. Tomorrow morning, when Ling Yue woke up, he found that Ling Yue was gone. He was relieved and couldn’t concentrate when he was at work, so he left work and went to look for Ling. More.

At this moment, Ling Yue was at Dr. Xiao’s home. It was he who used his computer to send arithmetic questions to Dr. Xiao to meet. It turned out that Ling Yue had a false amnesia. When he saw An Xin’s screensaver in the hospital, Ling Yue guessed that she might be the father’s illegitimate child. All of this was intentional. He sent An Xin’s toothbrush to Doctor Xiao for a DNA test. Fortunately, the results did not match. An Xin was not the father’s illegitimate daughter, and Ling Yue had already contacted his secretary for a plan. Everything, just wait for the fish to get the bait.

After Ling Yue came out, he was also very moved to see An Xin looking for him. Recalling what happened with An Xin these days, in the playground, Ling Yue responded loudly to An Xin and heard it. It happened that someone behind Ling Yue took it easy and sat in peace. On Ling Yue’s lap, Ling Yue said that he had gone for a walk. An Xin loudly accused him of walking for a day without saying hello. Ling Yue could only explain the inconvenience of not having a mobile phone. An Xin thought that it was indeed, and the two of them returned together. Home.

At night, An Xin came out and took a drink to cover Ling Yue’s quilt. Ling Yue suddenly woke up and teased An Xin to see what she wanted to do at night. An Xin said what I could do with a drink, and gave Ling Yue a bottle that she deliberately shook it. I wanted to see him making a fool of myself, but I didn’t expect Ling Yue to see it through. He drank what An Xin had drunk. The two talked and laughed. Ling Yue also pinched An Xin’s face. After returning to the house, An Xin painted the sweet scene again.

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