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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 6 Recap

Zhou Chuan asked Chu Li what he thought of Jiang Yucheng’s affairs. He could hand in the manuscript in only 20 minutes. Chu Li advised Chu Li not to think too much of people. There is no free lunch in the world, so don’t cry. nose. Shirakawa chose some covers and left, playing Chuli’s brain so that she didn’t try too hard. Because Axiang didn’t know how to draw the cover, Chuli suddenly received news that Jiang Yucheng had posted the prologue of the new book on Weibo, and that the prologue to Chuli was almost exactly the same, apparently borrowing the new book from Yuanyueshe.

Advertise. Lao Miao thought that Chuli was deliberate, but Chuli was completely unaware of it. Yu Yao said that the current situation must sign Jiang Yucheng’s new book, and Chuli offered to go. When Mr. Yang heard about this incident, they scolded them and said that Jiang Yucheng’s new book must be signed to Yuanyueshe. Chuli was very self-blaming. Gu Baizhi was also contacting Jiang Yucheng, but couldn’t contact him at all.

Jiang Yucheng didn’t answer Chuli’s phone call, Hiukawa soaked in the hot spring and asked her how she was feeling. Chuli found that Jiang Yucheng had posted a location on Weibo, and decided to rush over immediately. He verbally condemned Jiang Yucheng. Jiang Yucheng said that he could no longer fail like this. Hiukawa fought injustice for Chuli, but the seven-year old reader was stabbed in the back by Jiang Yucheng, but Jiang Yucheng thought that if It would be the biggest insult to the readers that he stayed so obscure.

Jiang Yucheng asked if Shiuchuan had other thoughts on Chuli, but Shiuchuan ignored it. Chuli called to ask if Shirakawa was with Jiang Yucheng. Shirakawa worried that something happened to her. Zhou Chuan was worried that Chu Li would kill him directly, and he couldn’t help himself. Chuli had already arrived at the hotel and was performing an act of catching rape with the front desk. He saw Shirakawa and hurriedly hugged his thigh and called her husband. Zhou Chuan was very helpless, saying that Jiang Yucheng was sleeping now, so he took her to dinner first.

Chuli wanted to make sure that she was the first editor to come to Jiang Yucheng. In fact, she also wanted to ask Jiang Yucheng why she did this, but then she wanted to understand that she could only persuade him. Zhou Chuan was so coaxed by Chu Li that he decided to call Jiang Yucheng out for her. Chuli was shocked when he discovered that the bookstore owner was Jiang Yucheng, and quickly shook his hand. Zhou Chuan was jealous and pressed them in position. Jiang Yucheng apologized to Chuli.

The amusement park that Chuli hopes to disappear is in Yuanyueshe, so he can agree to any conditions. Jiang Yucheng proposed that the royalties should be twice that of Shirakawa, and the old Miao did not agree with his style before. When the two were chatting, Gu Baizhi arrived. Jiang Yucheng turned around when she saw her. He would not sign Xindun. Gu Baizhi took out the contract calmly, with good terms and a seven-figure profit in the first period. Chuli tried his best to fight for it, but was dragged away by Hikawa.

Chuli can’t afford to stay in such an expensive hotel and decides to go to the station right away, and handed over an item to Shirakawa for his help to Jiang Yucheng. Zhou Chuan wanted to open a room for Chu Li, but the last one had already been booked, so he let Chu Li live in his room, and he went to Jiang Yucheng to live. As soon as Chuli entered the room, he received the hot spring swimsuit from the waiter, saying that it was sent specially by Hikawa.

Chuli was in the beautiful hot spring downstairs, picked up her mobile phone and talked to Fox Jun about seeing an idol. She felt that her contract renewal would definitely be useless. Chuli turned his head fiercely and found that Shirakawa was behind him. Zhou Chuan was jealous of Chu Li’s attitude towards Jiang Yucheng, and Chu Li quickly stated that they are all little darlings to him. Zhou Chuan swims over to stare at Chu Li. Chu Li can’t help but blushes, and quickly gets up and leaves.

When he sees Chu Li Jiao’s good figure, he blushes, so he immersed himself in the water and hurriedly said goodbye. Gu Baizhi apologized for Li Yu’s affairs and Jiang Yucheng, this matter was her fault, but Jiang Yucheng firmly stated that he would not sign. Shirakawa also came, Jiang Yucheng hurriedly took him back to the room. Zhou Chuan reluctantly gave Jiang Yucheng what he had asked him to give him. This was the first novel he gave to Yuanyueshe twelve years ago.

The next morning, Jiuchuan came to ask Chuli to have breakfast, but Chuli left early in the morning. Chu Li hurried back to Yuanyue Club and gave Yu Yao the contract he had finally signed back. Lao Miao was very surprised. Jiang Yucheng signed a contract with Chuli early this morning. Although it was only serialized, it was pretty good. During this time, the first ceremony was very busy, but very happy. Chuli eagerly sent a message to Fox Jun saying that she had really signed Jiang Yucheng and said that she would work hard for him.

Looking at Jiang Yucheng who was sleeping next to him, Jiuchuan deliberately frightened him and said that he had been on vacation for a week, and Jiuchuan could not bear the loneliness and came back early. Chuli and Axiang agreed that the painting style of Cocoon is the most suitable for Jiang Yucheng’s books, but this person is hard to come into contact with.

Chuli put on her makeup and went to see Jiang Yucheng, looking a little nervous. Jiang Yucheng thanked Chuli very much. Only she believed that Jiang Yucheng would come back, and he really did. Chu Li and Jiang Yucheng discussed the issue of the manuscript, which reminded Jiang Yucheng of the way he was with Gu Baizhi many years ago.

Chu Li coincided with his original thoughts. Jiang Yucheng couldn’t help laughing. Chuli was very happy on the first day of working with idols. Shirakawa immediately sent a message to ask about painting hands. Chuli did not reply. Zhou Chuan immediately opened QQ, but Chuli returned to Mr. Fox in seconds. After Chuli and Fox-kun sent a message, they asked Hiukawa how about asking Yuu to be the painter. Hiukawa directly replied with a scroll, saying that anyone but Yuu is fine.

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