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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 2 Recap

Ling Yue was about to go to the bathroom to take a bath, suddenly screamed, An Xin got up on the sofa and ran to the bathroom, but after entering, she found that Ling Yue did not fall, but jumped onto the bathtub. An Xin asked what was wrong with him, and Ling Yue pointed to the floor. It turned out to be a cockroach. He laughed at ease. I didn’t expect a big man to be afraid of cockroaches. Ling Yue explained that a cockroach has a lot of bacteria.

Moreover, as long as there are cockroaches, there are eighty-four in other corners. , But An Xin was not afraid, trampled the cockroach to death with one foot and then caught it in the trash can with paper, and scared Ling that the more he slept on the sofa at night, the cockroach would crawl on him, and he was already suffering from delusional paranoia. He tossed on the sofa all night without falling asleep, always fantasizing about cockroaches crawling on him.

Tomorrow morning, I woke up peacefully and found that Ling Yue hadn’t slept all night. He even laughed at him for believing that he had scared him. Seeing that Ling Yue looked like this, he went to buy him insecticide. Ling Yue went with him and went to the supermarket. An Xin wanted to buy a cheap bottle, and Ling Yue insisted on buying an expensive one. An Xin argued, but Ling Yue bought the expensive bottle. When he returned to An Xin, he sprayed the room all over.

An Xin laughed at Ling Yue, the coward, and Ling Yue said he wanted it. I used Anxin’s phone to check things. When Anxin turned on the phone, he saw a bunch of cockroaches on the screen. It turned out that Lingyue set up the program. Now it’s Lingyue’s turn to laugh at Anxin’s coward. It was automatically lifted after hours, and An Xin told him that he had one day’s work today and warned Ling Yue to stay home and not cause trouble.

At this moment, Ling Yue’s company was panicking, and everyone was talking about it, thinking that Mr. Ling was dead, and no one in the company was in charge of the company, so he was anxious to find a way for him. At this moment, Ling Yue was watching TV at home and saw the news broadcast looking for Mr. Ling’s information.

I found that the person in the photo was choking while drinking water. An Xin happened to run into a kitten on the way home and fed him something. By coincidence, An Xin came across a cat hunting notice posted on a telephone pole, and An Xin moved her mind. When he got home, he took a photo of Ling Yue. Ling Yue asked her what she was doing. He said that he would find a family member for him. Ling Yue asked her to delete it as soon as he heard it.

They said that this was not necessary. The two of them accidentally lied in the process of grabbing the phone When they reached Ling Yue’s arms, the air filled the air with a different breath. Since the two were different from the previous shyness, An Xin then doubted that Ling Yue was right, and asked if he was a wanted criminal. Ling Yue smiled and said that if he was wanted. I am the first one to not let the peace of living at home.

Suddenly there was a power outage at home. Ling Yue asked her if she had not paid the electricity bill. An Xin explained that she had just paid the electricity bill, and then suddenly remembered that this afternoon she saw the corridor saying that there was a power outage at night. The two of them sat down on the sofa to tell a story. Ling Yue noticed that An Xin was wearing an ugly necklace. He asked An Xin if this necklace had any meaning.

An Xin replied that it was given to her by her brother when she was a child. The bracelet that filters nightmares, her brother is her closest person, so she cherishes it very much. Ling Yue said that this was a lie to the children. Then Ling Yue put the cup on the mobile phone flashlight to form a halo. Ling Yue told An Xin a story. This is a story of an adopted son competing for the throne. Feeling sentimental, Ling Yue asked An Xin. She joked that because she was an adopted son, she laughed and said that she was joking. Ling Yue also believed this. Later, it was late, so they all went to rest.

And tomorrow morning, President Ling’s father will gather several shareholders to form a clique while Ling Yue’s life or death is uncertain, but President Ling’s father said he would give them an explanation. After the shareholders left, he recalled that when he was a child, Ling Yue was always bullied by his eldest son. Is there any strangeness in this matter?

After experiencing last night, President Ling’s attitude towards An Xin has changed, and the relationship between the two has gradually eased. An Xin went to deliver the courier after going to work. I didn’t expect to meet an old acquaintance in a company. Nancy mocked An Xin as an adopted daughter abandoned by the Gu family. Xin’er met An Xin to relieve her and returned An Xin Wei’s business card, but An Xin couldn’t bear this kind of person. Sprinkling a glass of wine on Nancy’s face, Xiner told Nancy that she would not invest in her boyfriend’s company.

At this time, Ling Yue accidentally twisted the faucet at home. He simply wrapped a cloth and fell asleep on the sofa. Then the water spread all over the room. Ling Yue dreamed that he fell into the water when he was a child, and when he woke up he saw a room. Shui was panicked and trembled all over, An Xin was very angry when she returned home, but when she saw that Ling Yue was wrong and realized that he was afraid of water, she gave him the earphones. Ling Yue’s heart immediately calmed down. The feelings of seeing An Xin were different. After imitating the picture of the warm man on TV, the relationship between the two immediately changed.

But An Xin didn’t think so. He thought he was weird these days. During the review, he asked the doctor if there was any problem with his brain. Then the two of them bought vegetables together and went home in the rain. After returning home, they said that the shower was broken. So, let Ling Yue take a bath in the bathtub, but Ling Yue said that his hands and feet were inconvenient, and asked An Xin to wash him. What kind of sparks would the two of them create…

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