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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 2 Recap

Seeing Chuli’s face outside the door, Chuli was puzzled. Chuli said that she was from the Won Yue Society and came to talk about the new bookmark appointment. However, Shiu Chuan said that she had found the wrong person. Chuli thought that she had found the wrong person, and after a blow, he learned that this was the home of Zhouchuan. Zhouchuan ruthlessly called the property and asked her to leave. When Chuli collapsed, she met Gu Baizhi.

Gu Baizhi let the property go from Chu Li, and advised her to stay decent outside alone, because Zhou Chuan didn’t want to see her. Gu Baizhi, on behalf of Xindun, came to talk to Zhouchuan about the new bookmark appointment, and offered a five million buyout of the full copyright, but Zhouchuan said that he wanted to give the bookmark to a humane editor. Gu Baizhi said that she moved to this community and they will meet frequently in the future. Chuli stood by the door perseveringly, but still did not see Shirakawa.

Jiang Yucheng came to Zhouchuan and met Gu Baizhi. Gu Baizhi took the initiative to say hello to him. Jiang Yucheng pretended not to hear him and left. The chaos in Jiuchuan’s house is okay, and Jiang Yucheng can’t see it anymore. Chu Li came to Yu Yao and said that Zhou Chuan was not satisfied with their contract. Yu Yao said that the number of guarantees could not be changed at will, so she asked Director Liang for something. Chuli cautiously went to see Director Liang and took out the data report of Zhou Chuan, but was thrown into the trash can by Director Liang, insisting that the minimum guarantee cannot be changed.

Director Li Yu wanted to buy the zoo where Jiang Yucheng had disappeared, and Mr. Luo gave the matter to Gu Baizhi. Du Niao Niao had asked his uncle to contact Jiang Yucheng, and Lao Miao hoped that she would sign him before Chu Li. Chuli bought coffee for Lao Miao to ask for his experience. Lao Miao said that Shiuchuan has only one book of grades, and there are many people who make his debut, the pinnacle, and it is enough to give him this guaranteed number.

Zhou Chuan on Weibo is a gentle and positive person. Chuli began to wonder if he was the same person he met during the day. Chuli and Hulijun complained about this matter, and they did not forget to find the information about Zhouchuan on Weibo. Her father sent a video chat and was concerned about Chuli’s situation. Chuli said that she lived well and worked well, but the light broke shortly afterwards. Her father transferred money to her and told her to take good care of herself and not to suffer too much. . Shiuchuan went to walk the dog early in the morning, and Chuli stayed outside the door early in the morning.

When Shirakawa saw her put on a mask, Chuli still recognized Shirakawa through Ergou. After being caught accidentally, Shirakawa finally felt relieved and gave her some time. Chuli was a little speechless when he saw Shirakawa’s messy home, and immediately after Shirakawa took off his mask, Chuli was even more surprised. Chuli hastily apologized for the past and tried every means to persuade him to sign the contract, but he did not impress Hikawa.

Chuli is unwilling to say that Yuanyue was once the place where Zhou Guxuan created sales miracles. Doesn’t he want to surpass him and create new miracles here? Although the conditions given by Wonwolshe are very general, Chuli believes that Shirkawa is more interested in Wonwolshe, and if she is unsuccessful, she will not be able to stay in Wonwolshe. Chuli cautiously left her business card, and left in a loss.

Gu Baizhi went to Jiang Yucheng’s bookstore and said that someone wanted to buy the lost zoo copyright and make a movie. This was a good opportunity, but Jiang Yucheng refused. He didn’t want to sell the copyright. Gu Baizhi thinks that Jiang Yucheng is hiding from her, but she doesn’t know that Jiang Yucheng doesn’t want to get involved with her, even if this opportunity is rare. Jiu Chuan came to the bookstore and was told that Jiang Yucheng had left ahead of time. The Monkey King sent another message to tell about what happened today. After seeing such a familiar experience for a long time, Jiu Chuan took out Chu Li’s business card and searched for it according to the phone number. , Monkey King is the first gift!

Chuli happened to come to buy a book, and Shirakawa hurriedly hid, but the two happened to run into each other. At the beginning of the week, I asked Hiukawa to think about the signing of the contract. Hiukawa left in a panic. Jiang Yucheng was in tears while watching a movie at home, and Shirakawa ran over to complain to his netizens. In Jiang Yucheng’s mouth, the netizen who holds his mobile phone and laughs silly as if he is in love every day. Zhou Chuan bypassed all kinds of coincidences and said that the netizen was now his editor, and his bad temper drove her away.

Jiang Yucheng persuaded Shirakawa to sign a contract, and Shirakawa wanted to become the author of the pyramid and surpass his father, so he should sign a contract. Jiang Yucheng saw what Hiukawa was thinking at a glance. He actually wanted to sign a contract. Jiang Yucheng said that Gu Baizhi was here today, so he was in a bad mood.

Zhou Chuan hesitated for a long time, and sent a message to Chu Li, asking her to come with the contract at eleven tomorrow. As soon as the alarm clock rang the next morning, Hikawa began to take a bath and dress up, waiting for Chuli to come home, and finally waited until Chuli came with the contract, but Hikawa could not find the seal of the studio.

Lao Miao scolded Ah Xiang, and Chu Li quickly stepped forward to relieve the siege when he saw this, saying that he had signed a contract with his home in Hiukawa, but Zhang Hiukawa couldn’t find it. Lao Miao was about to scold Chu Li, and Yu Yao came to rescue her. Axiang thanked Chuli. Chuli said that her illustrations were very interesting. The two became friends. Axiang asked Chuli to meet with Shirakawa next time and ask for an autographed photo.

Chuli couldn’t help sending a message to ask if Hiukawa had found the chapter, and decided to go to Hiukawa’s house at noon. Lao Miao asked Chu Li to organize his library, and Chu Li was still obsessed with Jiang Yucheng’s return to the arena. Du Niaoyu heard that Chuli is a fan of Jiang Yucheng, and asked her to help make a PPT, but Chuli believed that it was her job to understand Jiang Yucheng and politely refused. Chuli sent a message asking if he could go to his house at noon, and he was a little jealous. Chuli didn’t have anything to look for him except for the seal.

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