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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 1 Recap

As a fresh graduate of this year, Chuli came to Shanghai for the first time, and it was also her dream place, Yuanyueshe. At the same time, the newly promoted great god writer Shiu Chuan also came to Won Yue Society and was called “Wen Run Ru Yu Gong Zi Chuan” by fans. The deputy editor-in-chief Lao Miao hopes that Zhou Chuan will release the new book to Yuanyue Society. After all, Mr. Zhou’s original results were very good. Chuli came to the interview location of Yuanyueshe.

She was not on the interview list, and she was not professional, but Yuanyueshe was a dream in her heart, so she sincerely hoped that the other party would give herself a chance, because she was a good editor. dream. However, Chuli’s major is not suitable and does not meet the interview requirements. Chuli can only send some of the materials she has compiled to the editor-in-chief Yu Yao, and hope she will take a closer look.

Lao Miao showed his best sincerity and negotiated with Hiukawa for publication. Chuli watched it curiously at Yuanyuesha, and finally met Hiukawa who had left in anger. Chuli looked at his back and wondered, what is this? Which teacher? The conditions given by Lao Miao made Shirakawa feel that he was not respected, and angrily posted a Weibo. Jiuchuan left Yuanyueshe and went to the bookstore. The last important reference material has arrived, because the boss is not in Jiuchuan, so he went to find it by himself.

Then Chuli came to this bookstore to look for Natsume Soseki. Because the things were taller, he stepped on a stool. When he almost fell, Shirakawa came to help her and went up to get the book. Hiukawa took Natsume Soseki to the checkout. Chuli mistakenly thought that he had helped him take it. He didn’t expect that Hiukawa said whoever got it first would be whoever got it. Facing Shirakawa who turned his face faster than a book, Chuli was speechless.

The two are actually netizens who have been on the Internet for many years. As soon as Shirkawa left, he sent a message to “Monkey-kun” Chuli. Chuli complained that he had failed in the interview and was snatched by a dramatist of Natsume Soseki. Just when Chuli was about to get on the bus, he received a call from Yu Yao. Yu Yao returned Chuli’s information to her and persuaded her to pack up and go home, but Chuli was very disappointed.

Gu Baizhi transferred back to Shanghai, Lao Miao and Yu Yao saw her face change, and they were old rivals. Gu Baizhi pried the author Kou Wei away, and Chu Li raised an objection to the copyright expiration date and reminded Yu Yao that the book still had more than a year to expire. Dissatisfied that Gu Baizhi was about to leave, he came back and asked Chuli’s name. Yu Yao took the lead to say that she was from the Yuanyue Society.

Gu Baizhi was a little disappointed, and gave Chuli a business card to leave. Yu Yaorang Chuli came to Yuanyue News next week to report that Chuli was very happy as an intern for three months, even though he had to compete with another intern. Chuli’s mother was a little dissatisfied when she learned that she had succeeded in the interview, but she was a financial student, but she insisted on doing some writing. However, Chuli is determined not to leave easily before fulfilling his dream!

Chuli rented a house and dressed up her little home with care. Hiukawa talks with the bookstore owner Jiang Yucheng. There will be a book club in Hiukawa tomorrow, but Hiukawa doesn’t want to go. After returning home, Shirakawa received a message from Monkey King saying that she was already a member of the Won Yue Society, and she was one step closer to the dream of sending a book to the idol Jiang Yucheng.

Chuli discovered that Jiang Yuchengfa’s activity was that he rushed over to the bookstore on the corner of the street, and Chuli, who said he didn’t want to come to the book club, also came. Chuli mistakenly thought he was a book fan of Chuli. Jiang Yucheng saw that Shirakawa was hiding here and listened to the conversation with a book fan. Chuli quietly came over to ask him if he was a fan of Shirakawa. Shirakawa did not deny it. Chuli blew a rainbow fart to Hiukawa in order to get the Natsume Soseki yesterday, but accidentally spilled coffee on Hiukawa.

After the end, Jiuchuan was absent-minded, thinking that Chuli said that his book was a bit long-winded, but he was a fan of Jiang Yucheng. Jiang Yucheng also saw Chuli today and said that he liked him for seven years, but Jiang Yucheng did not identify himself. , Seeing that Chuli was helping himself with the book, he said that no one had bought his book for an outdated author. Jiang Yucheng is a little lost, but Chuli has been supporting her idol.

At the beginning of a new day, Chu Li came to Yuanyue News Agency full of vigor to report, and she was responsible for the work of organizing the manuscript of Moonlight. Li Xianyu chased Yu Yao and begged her to approve the leave, and another intern, Du Niao, bought coffee for everyone. Today is the opening day of the agency. Chuli was arranged by Lao Miao to receive visitors. Du Niao was a little curious, but Lao Miao told her not to worry about it. People who really wrote good things would not come.

Chuli was full of vigor to receive visitors, and as a result met many strange flowers. Lao Miao is going to take Du Niaoling to meet several writers. The reason why he looks at Du Niaoling like this is because her uncle is also a great writer. Chu Li wanted to cry without tears, and complained to Mr. Fox about the gap between dream and reality. Chu Li met an old grandfather who was mopping the floor and kindly reminded him that he could clean after get off work, but he did not expect that he was editor-in-chief Xia.

Editor-in-chief Xia thinks that Zhou Chuan is very good. Chuli carefully recommended Jiang Yucheng. Lao Miao dismissed it. Since he and Gu Baizhi stopped cooperating, one or two works have failed. Editor-in-chief Xia felt that Jiang Yucheng was originally discovered by Yuanyue Society, and he should also be given a chance. Lao Miao called Du Niao Niao and Chu Li, saying that whoever succeeded in signing the contract first would become a regular one. With the mentality of not giving Jiang Yucheng the advantage to Chu Li, Chu Li was arranged to contact Shirakawa.

After get off work, Chuli came to buy Shuchuan’s book, and when he saw it, Shurichuan stepped forward and said something. When Chu Li saw that he was holding the book of Zhou Guxuan in his hand, he thought he was a fan of father and son. On the contrary, Zhou Chuan became unhappy and deliberately moved the book of Zhou Guxuan a lot. Chuli went to Zhouchuan’s house according to the address, but she was a little puzzled when seeing Shiuchuan.

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