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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 5 Recap

Ye Xiudu took Nan Nan to escape, and the two chatted. Nan Nan said that the one he admired most was Jun Yuyang and wanted to learn martial arts to become a master of martial arts. Ye Xiu Du listened very happy. Unexpectedly, as soon as the carriage drove into the capital, a group of soldiers greeted Ye Xiu independence. Nan Nan heard that the apprentice in front of him was Jun Yuyang, and couldn’t help being ecstatic. Princess Xiangxiang came to welcome Ye Xiu independence and heard Xiangxiang. The princess introduced herself as Ye Xiudu’s future wife, and Ye Xiudu’s expression became a little dissatisfied.

The mysterious person who ran away was Shuramon’s Shuangke. Shuangke apologized to the Shuramon master. The person who disrupted this time was not Yuyang, but the legendary ghost doctor. The Shuramon master decided to wait for Yuqing to fall in. When Jing treated Ye Haoran, he killed two people.

Yu Qingluo and Ion Fan came to the Night King’s Mansion, Ion Fan was blocked by the door and had to return to Yushitai. Yu Qingluo came to Yewang’s Mansion and saw Ye Xiudu. He knew Ye Pianzhou was pretending to be Ye Xiudu. Yu Qingluo didn’t plan to stay with Ye Xiudu again, but Ye Xiudu had no intention of staying with Ye Xiudu again. To persuade the safety of life in the south and south of Xiu Independence, Shuramon’s spies have appeared beside Ion Fan. It is naturally the safest to stay in Yewangfu. Yu Qingluo felt that it made sense, so he agreed to stay and treat Ye Haoran.

Ion Fan returned to his teacher’s mansion, and the teacher was busy curing Ye Haoran, but the alchemy failed again and again, and Ion Fan would inform him of the ghost doctor. Hearing that the ghost doctor had cured Xiangling, the teacher couldn’t help but inquire about the whereabouts of the ghost doctor, and when he learned that the ghost doctor was temporarily living in the night king’s palace, the teacher smiled.

Ye Xiudu put the sleeping Nan Nan on the bed, and watching Ye Xiudu coax Nan Nan to sleep, Yu Qingluo’s heart began to move. The next day, the ghost doctor team set off to the palace. Nan Nan insisted on following, but Yuqing refused. Who would know that Ye Xiu went to the palace with his party. When a few people arrived at the palace, they saw Ion Fan’s teacher Situ sitting beside Ye Haoran’s bed. Yu Qingluo began to see Ye Haoran. Although Ye Haoran’s symptoms were not the same as Xiangling’s symptoms, Yu Qingluo was still confident. heal.

Shuramon’s assassination failed. Yu Zuorin worried that the ghost would heal Ye Haoran. The two Yejia brothers would definitely hinder him from participating in the Four Kingdoms Tournament. His wife Ran Ran persuaded Yu Zuorin to wait for the news of Shuramon. If Shuramon helped, Ye Haoran would not Wake up again. Yu Qingluo took the medicine pill he had prepared for Ye Haoran. Situ took Yu Qingluo aside and asked what disease Ye Haoran had. Yu Qingluo believed that Ye Haoran was not sick but was poisoned. Situ looked shocked, and decided to retaliate quickly.

Ye Xiu Duo was accompanied by Ye Haoran’s bed, and the maid beside him was waiting for Ye Xiu Duo to drink tea. Ye Xiu Duo saw that the palace maid who was about to leave had scars on her hand, and only then did she recognize Shu Luomon’s men. ,

Was about to step forward to take it, who knew she had already escaped without a trace, Yu Qingluo came back, Ye Xiu alone prevented Yu Qingluo from entering the room, thinking that Ye Haoran must have been harmed, so she immediately took Yuqing and fled. Yu Zuorin led troops to stop Ye Xiudu, and wanted to catch the ghost doctor who used the wrong medicine. Ye Xiudu had to stand aside, which is equivalent to Zuorin coming to the dungeon and realizing that he had caught the wrong person.

Ye Xiudu had already left with the real ghost doctor. Yu Qingluo wondered who could poison him in front of him. Ye Xiu only recalled that the mysterious person kept adding fragrance to Ye Haoran’s room. Only then did Yu Qingluo know the mysterious person’s method of poisoning. Yu Zuolin felt that she sent Shuang Ke into the palace to search for the whereabouts of the ghost doctor. If Ye Haoran woke up and gave the account book to the king, his plan for the Four Kingdoms competition would definitely be revealed.

Ye Xiudu and Yu Qingluo turned around and came to Ye Haoran’s room. Yu Qingluo recognized that the medicinal material made by the mysterious person’s incense and his own snow lotus pill were incompatible with each other. The servants came to report that Ye Haoran’s body was in the side hall. The two rushed to the side hall again. Yu Qingluo recognized that Ye Haoran was suffering from corpse syndrome at this time. Seeing that Yu Qingluo was going to give Haoran artificial respiration, Ye Xiudu was very jealous, and Yu Qingluo had to talk to her to teach Ye. Cultivation alone does it.

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