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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 1 Recap

In Feng Cang Nation, the emperor ordered the holding of a medical fairy sacred hand meeting, in order to seek a god to cure the disease of Shang Shu Ye Haoran. Ye Xiu single-mindedly wanted to find a miraculous doctor for his brother Haoran. In Drunken Dream City, Ye Xiu heard the legend of ghost doctors in the teahouse. The storyteller said that ghost medicine is comparable to Hua Tuo, and her representative symbol is her purple fan. There are divergent opinions on the face of ghost doctors.

The genius doctor conference is about to be held, and it is said that ghost doctors will definitely come to win the title of No. The ghost doctor came to Drunk Dream City, and Ye Pianzhou came to fight him. After a few rounds, he had not beaten the ghost doctor’s men. Ye Xiudu accidentally saw the true face of the ghost doctor. A beautiful woman was sitting on the sedan chair. In, the look is calm.

This pedestrian’s whereabouts is low-key, it must be the so-called ghost doctor. The ghost doctor came to Drunk Dream City to treat and arrange a blind date all the way. Jin Liuli watched her friend ghost doctor, Yu Qingluo, preparing for makeup. Yu Qingluo made an appointment with Zhang’s house tonight in order to find a father for her son Nan Nan. Young Master Zhang, who knew his son Nan Nan had heard clearly outside the door.

Ye Xiudu met a group of men in black at the city gate. During the battle, Ye Xiudu’s hand was injured. Nan Nan insisted on running out of the house and looking for Young Master Zhang where the two met. As expected, Nan Nan found Young Master Zhang wearing the agreed mask. Nan Nan released the poisonous scorpion with him and decided to give Young Master Zhang a lesson. Ye Xiudu came to the lively market to avoid the people in black, and randomly took out a mask at the stall.

When Yu Qingluo saw Ye Xiudu wearing a mask, she mistakenly identified him as Master Zhang, Ye Xiu looked at the black Yiren chased him in desperation, so he tried his tricks, holding Yuqingluo pretending to be a lover, Yuqingluo watched Ye Xiudu being chased and killed, so she kindly brought Ye Xiuduo to the secret room of Dingbo, the assassins. Searching outside the door, Ding Bo’s voice suddenly came from outside the door.

The vigilant Ye Xiudu was trying to stop Yu Qingluo from opening the door. In a hurry, he blocked Yu Qingluo with his mouth. Yu Qingluo instantly felt violated. When the danger passed, the two walked out of the secret room and Ye Xiudu took off his masks. Only then did Yu Qingluo realize that it was not Young Master Zhang in front of him, and was so angry that he cursed at Ye Xiudu’s back.

The assassin chased and killed to no avail, and the mysterious man once again sent soul refinement to chase and kill Ye Xiudu. Yu Qingluo returned to the market. Surprisingly, she found Young Master Zhang who was bitten all over her face. Yu Qingluo handed over the antidote and decided to go home and punish her son Yu Qingnan severely. Nan Nan begged her mother to let her go, Ke Yu Qing Luo insists on finding a father for herself, Nan Nan decides to run away from home.

But Yu Qingluo didn’t want to find Nan Nan’s biological father, and now he only has the only clue of the jade pendant in his own hands. Jin Liuli recognized that this jade pendant came from the best craftsman in the world. Now the Fulong Inn in Yuqingluo is open all over the country, but Fengcangguo has no branches. Jin Liuli decides to take this opportunity to help Yuqingluo find the whereabouts. At that time, Jin Liuli rescued Yu Qingluo from the river. Since then, Yu Qingluo has lost all memories. If she finds out the truth, Jin Liuli is worried that Yu Qingluo will have bad memories.

Nan Nan has been away for more than an hour. Nan Nan has attracted Yu Qingluo’s attention in order to do a major event. Hearing that the Medical Immortal Conference is about to begin, Nan Nan stole the twelve taels of silver from his entourage and took a boat to the King of Medicine. island. Nan Nan, who had been hungry for a long time, smelled the scent of the food, and even followed Ye Xiudu’s side.

Nan Nan who stole the food was discovered by Ye Xiudu. In desperation, Nan Nan hurriedly sold and deceived the two. sympathy. Nan Nan talked about her ghost doctor’s genetic disciple. He saw that Ye Xiu Duo had been poisoned on his hand, so he took out the antidote from his pocket and handed it out. After Ye Xiu Duo drank it, the wound healed. Decided to take Nan Nan to the Medical Fairy Conference.

In order to find Nan Nan’s whereabouts, Yu Qingluo personally came to Yaowang Island, and she saw Nan Nan and Ye Xiudu’s figure. Ye Xiudu looked at Nan Nan’s sleeping figure and couldn’t help thinking of some past events. Yu Qingluo pretended to be a maid and wanted to sneak into Ye Xiudu’s room. Who knew Ye Xiudu was taking a bath. Yu Qingluo took the opportunity to take Nan Nan away. Ye Xiudu heard the movement and thought it was Nan Nan who woke up. South and South brought medicinal sores. Yu Qingluo accidentally saw Ye Pianzhou’s flute, suspecting that Ye Pianzhou was in the house, and accidentally ran into Ye Xiudu’s arms.

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