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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 36 End Recap

At the last moment, Xu Chengran couldn’t help but show his sincerity to Xu Guoxiang. He always wanted to stand on his own to gain Xu Guoxiang’s approval. Xu Guoxiang promised to surrender himself, saying that he has been living in self-blame, and now is the time to eliminate his guilt. Xu Chengran heard his father’s apology and left. Looking at Xu Chengran’s back, Xu Guoxiang called Assistant Liu…

Jiang Xiaoning was walking on the way home and was calling Gu Chuan to report his whereabouts. Unexpectedly, two men in black jumped out of a black van and grabbed Jiang Xiaoning in. Assistant Liu asked Jiang Xiaoning where the evidence was. In a few words, Assistant Liu knew that Jiang Xiaoning definitely had no evidence. Sure enough, Gu Chuan called. Assistant Liu questioned Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan admitted that the evidence was in his hands, but Jiang Xiaoning must be kept safe. Tang Xu learned what happened from Tang Zhengcheng, so he quickly came to the Xu family and questioned Xu Guoxiang.

Xu Guoxiang took a bite back, believing that Tang Xu could not escape the tiger’s mouth. Xu Guoxiang was in front of him with his luggage and looked like he was about to escape. Who knew that before he walked out the door, Xu Chengran came here. Xu Chengran knew that his father was still full of lies, so he called the police car. Not only did Tang Zhengzhong’s expression change, but even Tang Xu’s expression also became serious. The police took Xu Chengran and Tang Xu away, leaving only Xu Chengran with a complicated expression.

Gu Chuan came to the yacht prepared by Assistant Liu with the evidence, and handed over the data disk. Who knows that Assistant Liu did not intend to let them go. Assistant Liu took out a knife and stabbed Gu Chuan in the abdomen. Gu Chuan’s heart rate was instantaneous. When the power went up, the electricity stunned three people, and only Jiang Xiaoning, who was painful, hugged Gu Chuan tightly. Gu Chuan’s parents and Jiang Xiaoning waited nervously at the entrance of the hospital.

The doctor came out to report that Gu Chuan was out of danger, but could not predict when he would wake up. Jiang Xiaoning walked into the ward and looked at the way Gu Chuan was asleep. Jiang Xiaoning recalled that Gu Chuan never abandoned him back then, and now Jiang Xiaoning will naturally not let go of Gu Chuan’s hand.

When Zhao Yan returned home, she found the note and divorce agreement Xu Chengran left on the table. Her father’s mistake prevented Xu Chengran from facing Zhao Yan and Gu Chuan and others. The reindeer collapsed and her father went to jail. Xu Chengran was overnight. With so many debts on his back, Xu Chengran couldn’t bear to let Zhao Yan suffer along with him. Zhao Yan looked at Xu Chengran’s words and shed tears.

But according to Zhao Yan’s knowledge of Xu Chengran, Zhao Yan found Xu Chengran at the place where the two of them had their spring outing. Xu Chengran wanted to escape again. Zhao Yan stopped Xu Chengran. Zhao Yan didn’t need any glory and wealth. What I was thinking about was Xu Chengran in front of me. Zhao Yan took out the wedding ring in her pocket and proposed to Xu Chengran again. Xu Chengran looked at Zhao Yan’s sincere expression and felt Zhao Yan’s true feelings, so she nodded and agreed to Zhao Yan. Marriage proposal.

The studio is still going on, and the aunt and grandma also moved back to the ancestral home. Jiang Xiaoning did his best to take care of Gu Chuan in the ward. Reporting today’s news, Chen Ao died and Xu Guoxiang’s bribery was caught behind the scenes. Assistant Liu and Xu Guoxiang are about to face serious punishment. Jiang Xiaoning got the degree certificate. Thinking back to the days and nights when the two were preparing for the exam, Jiang Xiaoning missed Gu Chuan very much. The latest developments of neurologists on human brain research are broadcast in the news. Jiang Xiaoning is very excited and hopes that technological advancement can help Gu Chuan wake up.

Three years later, Jiang Xiaoning returned to Gu Chuan’s house. Gu Chuan has awakened. Now Gu Chuan has obtained better technology developed by the new scientific research team. Three years of waiting were not in vain. Now Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan can finally Work together to face a better future.

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