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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 35 Recap

Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao rushed to the hospital and saw Li Junjie taking oxygen. Li Junjie held the hands of the two of them, pretending to be dying, hoping that Shi Yunhao could protect vx3, and apologized to Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan discovered that Li Junjie was pretending, and his oxygen mask line was broken, and asked Shi Yunhao to get some painkillers. After Shi Yunhao went out, Zhou Zixuan said that he did not believe Shi Yunhao and said that he had been following herself, but she always remembered that Chen Gang said that the three of them should help and trust each other. Li Junjie hugged Zhou Zixuan and made her believe in Shi Yunhao.

The cleaner cleaned up and found that the bodyguard at the entrance of Muchuan’s ward had been killed. Shi Yunhao quickly notified Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan summoned and ran over and accused Mu Chuan of refusing to say vx3, which made Li Junjie injured in order to protect him. Mou Chuan still refused to tell the whereabouts of vx3.

Zhou Zixuan didn’t understand, and asked Shi Yunhao what to do. She was afraid that she and him would go to the same level as Mu Chuan.

Chen Jingwen heard that Li Junjie was ill and wanted to see him in the hospital. When Yunhao asked Chen Jingwen to focus on training, Li Junjie was already taken care of by Zhou Zixuan. Shi Yunhao quietly called Maya over and asked her if she was trustworthy. Maya heard that it was possible to find out who was the real killer of Ma Xiaojun. She was willing to try to help Shi Yunhao crack the chip. Shi Yunhao asked her to keep it secret from everyone in Mo Shi, and Maya said she would try her best.

Mou Chuan asked Li Junjie whether he regretted it because he nearly died in order to save himself. Li Junjie didn’t want any gratitude, but only hoped that Mou Chuan would choose to cooperate with him. Mou Chuan said that they will not catch the people behind the scenes, because those people do not leave any clues.

Mou Chuan saw Li Junjie desperately trying to save himself, and he was willing to tell him a secret. At that time, the experimental base exploded, and both Shi Yunhao’s mother and Zhou Zixuan’s parents were involved in a car accident. At the scene of the car accident, there were five male corpses and three female corpses. According to theory, there should be nine people, but Li Guoxin’s body was not found. Li Junjie was very excited. He grabbed Mou Chuan’s clothes and asked him if Li Guoxin was alive. Mou Chuan said he didn’t know, and told him that the more he knew the truth, the more dangerous he would be. Let him take care.

Maya failed to unlock the chip, Lin Jing walked over and asked her if she needed help. Maya felt very strange, but did not say anything about the chip. Ruan Taiyuan was talking about Su Dongpo’s words and analyzing Ma Qiming’s situation with Calais. Calais believes that the close relationship between Shi Yunhao and Li Junjie depends on his choice. Ruan Taiyuan said that she would not fight an unprepared battle, which is also the difference between her and Calais.

A Gu went to the hospital to analyze the situation and was discovered by Li Junjie. Li Junjie was injured, unable to run and fell down. Zhou Zixuan rushed over and didn’t see A Gu’s appearance clearly, but found such a suspicious person.

When Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao returned to Mo Shi, Shi Yunhao said that the three of them should trust each other, which was overheard by Lin Jing. Amanda heard that Mou Chuan refused to say anything and wanted to go to the meeting in person. Li Junjie also applied to visit Mou Chuan. Only he knew the current situation better. Li Junjie asked Mu Chuan what he was hiding, to figure out the current situation, and asked him if Ruan Taiyuan had been there. Li Junjie asked Mou Chuan to confess to himself because Ruan Taiyuan would never give up. Mou Chuan still refused to tell the truth, saying that he wanted to rest and let Li Junjie go back.

Chen Jingwen came to Maya to take over, because Maya had to take a few days off. Zhou Zixuan asked Chen Jingwen to watch the video together to understand the circumstances of Mark’s murder in Rao. Li Junjie chatted with Shi Yunhao, not understanding why the itinerary to Rao was known, and it was suspected that someone had leaked the secret. Shi Yunhao was not angry at all, and didn’t care that Li Junjie doubted him.

Through the video, Zhou Zixuan saw a woman, Chen Jingwen confirmed that she was Hassan, and Zhou Zixuan found that Hassan was injured. In the hospital, Dr. Chen entered the toilet and was controlled by Agu and Calais. He threatened him with Dr. Chen’s daughter and asked him to do himself a favor. Dr. Chen agreed.

Shi Yunhao asked Maya to give the chip to herself, worrying that Mo Shi had an inner ghost. Once she knew that the chip was in her hands, it would hurt her. Maya said she would never give up, this was not Shi Yunhao alone.

Mu Chuan fell asleep, and Dr. Chen was about to inject him with anesthetics, but Li Junjie stopped him. Li Junjie asked about the plan and learned that Calais asked Dr. Chen to do this, and he planned to take Mou Chuan midway.

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