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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 15 Recap

Gu Renqi’s establishment of the labor department made Shuangjiao very happy. Shuangjiao also returned to work here, but he asked Gu Renqi not to disclose the relationship between the two. Gu Renqi agreed.

Lu Xian has always been responsible for taking care of Shuangjiao’s father as a hero. This made Shuangjiao very moved when he saw it. Shuangjiao also talked with Lu Xian about Gu Renqi’s situation. Now Gu Renqi can have dinner with his colleagues. You can go to a large supermarket, and hope that the future Gu Renqi can recover. He is full of confidence in this.

Wang Qianqian had no news of Li Dongxian, and couldn’t help looking for him. When she met Shuangjiao downstairs in the company, she inquired about Li Dongxian’s situation. Wang Qianqian ran to the detention center and waited for Li Dongxian to come out. Li Dongxian walked out of the detention center and saw him. Wang Qianqian desperately rushed over to hug Wang Qianqian, and expressed his love to Wang Qianqian, and vowed that Wang Qianqian would not be hurt a little bit in the future.

Gu Renqi learned from Shuangjiao’s circle of friends that all the food she likes can be bought accurately when both of them go to the supermarket, which makes Shuangjiao moved. Gu Renqi did not forget to buy some tonics for the hero, but in order to keep the secret, Gu Renqi could only kiss Shuangjiao downstairs and kissed him goodbye. It happened that Junjie saw this scene, and Junjie already knew it. To understand the relationship between the two, Shuang Jiao helped Shuangjiao take things up, and also asked about Zhu Yan’s situation by the way.

It was Shuangjiao who received a task of taking care of children, because she had never cared for a child, but Gu Renqi reminded Shuangjiao that she is a daughter. Although she has no children but has been a child of others, she should know the heart of the child. demand. When Shuangjiao went there, I was disgusted by the mother of the child, but I saw that Shuangjiao was able to coax the child smoothly. The mother of the child accepted Shuangjiao. It was Shuangjiao who persuaded the mother to give the child some space and let the child not want it. There is a feeling of suffocation.

It was Junjie who finally couldn’t help but went to Zhu Yan and explained his previous behavior. He also refused to let go of Zhu Yan and expressed his love. At the same time, he hoped that Zhu Yan would accept him and would not deceive Zhu Yan in the future. Yes, Zhu Yan agreed to be Junjie, but also put forward the premise of not affecting their respective work.

Lu Xian bought the ice cream she loves for Shuangjiao, only to find that Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi were pushing the swing happily. It was Shuangjiao’s face filled with happy smiles. Lu Xian’s ice cream dripped onto the ground without knowing it. Quietly depressed and left. Gu Renqi pushed and stood on the swing is Shuangjiao, who turned around and hugged Gu Renqi and gave a kiss.

Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao went to the amusement park to play the game of catching dolls. Although theoretically speaking, they could not catch each of them in actual operation. Seeing the couple next door catch them one by one. Gu Renqi felt sorry was a double pride. He wanted to have a happy date, but he couldn’t do anything well. It was Shuangjiao who said that the two would have more opportunities to go out to play in the future, and she was very happy today.

Li Dongxian always thinks that Wang Qianqian is a celebrity who is also beautiful and can’t use self-defense skills to be dangerous. So he practiced boxing with Wang Qianqian. When the fans saw him rushing over, he would take a group photo. In order to protect Wang Qianqian, Li Dongxian hugged him and ran.

Zhu Yan is a Shuangjiao attending a gathering of classmates. They talked about the current development. She learned that Gu Renqi, the boss of Colin Supreme, is very handsome. All the idiot classmates hope to have such a person to fall in love. It is also because The boss of Colin Supreme likes the work there, and envy is the fate of double pride. It was Junjie who ran over when the classmates were gathering. Seeing that Zhu Yan was about to be forced to drink, it was Junjie who rushed over instead.

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