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Strange lovers game

Strange lovers game
Other names: 陌生的恋人游戏
Version: v1.8
Platform: Android, Online Game
Type: Simulation business
Release: 2021-07-08
Size: 28.16M
Language: Chinese


The strange lover is an immersive simulated love the game, players will become amnesia after an unexpected avalanche violinist, the game story too complicated and confusing, the player with the mysterious business family fiance’s wedding is approaching, but your memory has become increasingly chaotic, How to restore memory to find the true truth behind the scenes, every step of the choice will affect the next direction, come download it.

Game Features

In the game, players will be provided with a lot of gameplay, and players will be able to get a lot of rewards in the game.

There are more characters waiting for you to interact, and players will be able to get more clues through communication.

Players will be transformed into heroines in the game, looking for obscured memories and retrieving their memories before the avalanche.

Game highlights

  1. The daily task is to strictly abide by the timetable to train various project skills.
  2. Two-line plot + full L2D, playing the world-renowned talented female violinist.
  3. Modern urban painting style and brilliant colors light up your journey to the entertainment circle in the future.

Game evaluation

The game will provide players with different chapters, and players will be able to get a lot of plots.

There are many different text options waiting for you to choose, and the player’s decision will influence the final outcome of the game.

The game will also provide players with a lot of props, players can use anytime, anywhere to get more tips.

After reading the introduction of a stranger, download it quickly and join your friends. If you like, please pay attention to the G7 download site . The editor brings you a different excitement every day!

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