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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 31 Recap

Xu Chengran came to Gu Chuan’s house. Gu Chuan gave all the materials of the studio to Xu Chengran. He wanted to leave for a while. Gu Chuan wants to use this time to help the one he loves. Xu Chengran insisted on a reason. Gu Chuan mentioned that he wanted to help Jiang Xiaoning rebuild his ancestral house. After that, he didn’t say much, just patted Xu Chengran on the shoulder and left. Xu Chengran woke up from Gu Chuan’s home, only to find that Gu Chuan had left long ago, the doorbell rang, Jiang Xiaoning wanted to pick up Gu Chuan, who knows Xu Chengran said that Gu Chuan returned to his alma mater to host the exhibition, maybe half a year Will be back. Although he heard Xu Chengran’s words, Jiang Xiaoning could not help but still have speculation in his heart, circling in the car continuously.

Gu Chuan came to Jiang Xiaoning’s ancestral house and made marks in every corner of the ancestral house, trying to complete the reconstruction plan. On the other side, Jiang Xiaoning was still not used to the scene where Xu Chengran was sitting in the office. Looking at Jiang Xiaoning’s disappointed face, Xu Chengran couldn’t help feeling a little distressed, and couldn’t help calling Gu Chuan and begging Gu Chuan to come back earlier.

Zhao Yan overheard Xu Chengran’s phone call in the toilet, kicked open the door, and treated Xu Chengran with family law, forcing Xu Chengran to tell the truth. Under coercion and lure, Xu Chengran revealed that the person calling was the person who made the call. Gu Chuan, but as for the content of the conversation, Xu Chengran was killed without revealing it, and had to be driven out of the house by Zhao Yan.

Gu Chuan received a call from Chen Wenwen. Chen Wenwen asked Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning’s reason for breaking up. Chen Wenwen knew Gu Chuan’s temper, so she couldn’t help but persuade Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning to face the problem together, so that Gu Chuan should not always hold back the secret, but Gu Chuan insisted on making the decision.

Meng Jia asked about the relationship between Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan. Although Jiang Xiaoning denied it, the entire company couldn’t help but feel jealous. Xu Chengran drove to Jiang Xiaoning’s ancestral house, and the workers had already started to work. Gu Chuan also works in the house. Xu Chengran couldn’t help sighing. Gu Chuan still warned Xu Chengran not to reveal any truth. The next second, Gu Chuan’s heart suddenly felt severe pain, Xu Chengran helped Gu Chuan back to the room, Gu Chuan endured the pain, please Xu It is true that he signed his will to Jiang Xiaoning and told Xu Chengran not to let Jiang Xiaoning know the contents…

Tang Xu came downstairs to Jiang Xiaoning’s house. Tang Xu asked about the relationship between Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan. Seeing Tang Xu’s somewhat lonely expression, Jiang Xiaoning insisted that Tang Xu was his eternal brother. Jiang Xiaoning never forgot the protection of Tang Xu. Jiang Xiaoning invited Tang Xu to eat upstairs. Auntie looked at Tang Xu’s face. Although her temper was still hot, she was still soft-hearted and didn’t want to take the adult’s old account to the next generation. Listening to his aunt’s words, Tang Xu’s eyes couldn’t help turning red, and the burden in his heart melted into the hot dumpling soup.

Tang Zhengcheng took a bouquet to see Jiang Xiaoning’s father Jiang Guangda. Tang Zhengcheng looked serious and offered a glass of wine to Jiang Guangda. Jiang Xiaoning arrived just in time and saw Tang Zhengcheng’s figure. The two were speechless. Jiang Xiaoning put down the sacrifice in front of the grave and thanked Tang Zhengcheng for his visit. Tang Zhengcheng said that Jiang Guangda was the kindest person he had ever seen. Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but ask whether his kind father had really embezzled public funds. As expected, Tang Zhengcheng was still silent.

Xu Chengran deceived Jiang Xiaoning into signing the will on the grounds of signing a formal job. Xu Chengran deceived Jiang Xiaoning. Gu Chuan was on vacation and would not return after he found a girlfriend. After hearing this, Jiang Xiaoning was distracted and signed the name on the will. Xu Chengran felt a little guilty, but if he didn’t say that, how could he trick Jiang Xiaoning into signing.

Xu Chengran called Gu Chuan to report the situation. Gu Chuan thanked Xu Chengran for his help over the past few days and his care over the past few decades. Xu Chengran was full of disgust, but was so sad that he couldn’t bear it after hanging up the phone. Stay calling Zhao Yan, want to say something. Xu Chengran and Zhao Yan met at home, but Xu Chengran was just drinking beer.

Zhao Yan was a little depressed, Xu Chengran finally put down the bottle and talked about the past between herself and Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan and Xu Chengran are alumni. Gu Chuan was a genius during his college years. Out of curiosity, Xu Chengran stalked Gu Chuan and became friends. Xu Chengran disliked Gu Chuan with a straight face. Who knows Gu Chuan had been in a car accident and changed the mechanical heart. Hearing this, Zhao Yan couldn’t help complaining that Xu Chengran was full of nonsense.

It was not until Zhao Yan saw Xu Chengran’s serious expression that Zhao Yan realized that all of this was true. The expiration date of Gu Chuan’s heart is approaching, and Zhao Yan learned the truth about the breakup of Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning. Today, Gu Chuan is building an ancestral house for Jiang Xiaoning. Watching his good friend die day by day, Xu Chengran’s heart is extremely painful. , Lowered his head and buried it in Zhao Yan’s arms. Gu Chuan was still repairing the ancestral house, constantly counting the furniture that had been repaired, and another severe pain in his heart, Gu Chuan fell down with a grimace…

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