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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 48 Recap

The emperor was very heartbroken because of what King Han had done. He ordered King Han to think about it behind closed doors, and stopped the work of the Literature Museum. The work of King Han was assigned to King Zhou, and the ministers of the Literature Museum were also expelled from the King Han Mansion. The crown prince learned of Sun Lingshu’s death and committed suicide in the jail. Fortunately, he was found and rescued in time, but he could not speak when he hurt his throat. When Princess Xinnan learned that King Han was under house arrest, she wanted to teach Fu Rou fiercely.

Fu Rou told Princess Xinnan a little bit. Princess Xinnan was said to be speechless. Fu Rou said that only uphold justice and legal principles. Impartiality is the principle of governing the harem. King Han was drinking wine in the palace alone at this time. Even if Sun Lingshu was dead, Princess Han could not return. Sheng Chumu was drinking with King Han on the roof, and King Han persuaded Sheng Chumu not to stop. Quarreled with Fu Rou, saying that Fu Rou was saving his life by not letting Sheng Chumu kill Sun Lingshu.

Fu Rou really liked Sheng Chumu and told him to cherish the living people. King Han said that he could not protect Sheng Chu in the future. Admired, Sheng Chumu wants to protect himself in the future. Sheng Chumu was gone, and King Han was still sad in the yard. He regretted that he had left Princess Han. If he was in the house that day, he could protect Princess Han and Princess Han would not die.

In the case of Prince Liang, Yan Zifang took the lead in reporting, Sheng Chumu guarded the capital, Ma Haihu Hot Spring Palace reported the letter, the emperor rewarded them one by one, and publicly praised Zhou Wang for his righteousness and integrity without being involved, Zhou Wangyi After gaining power, the people in the palace began to fawn on the concubine Yan.

Concubine Zhen looked very upset. She said bad things about Concubine Yan in front of Fu Rou. Fu Rou didn’t answer. But Concubine Zhen said that no matter what Fu Rou thought, she was the thorn in Yan Concubine’s eyes. Who made her a priority. While talking, Concubine Zhen suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Fu Rou looked at Concubine Zhen’s situation and guessed whether she was pregnant. Concubine Zhen called the imperial physician to see and confirmed that she was pregnant.

I was going to visit Zhen Fei, but Yan Fei suddenly fainted and was unconscious. The emperor hurried to the Zhen Fei Palace to check. The imperial physician couldn’t tell why Yan Fei suddenly fainted. After some inquiries, I found out that it was the sencha. There was a problem with the prescription. The recipe for the sencha was offered by Situ Zhen. Yu Neiji and Zhou Wang felt that Situ Zhen intended to murder Concubine Yan. Fu Rou spoke for Situ Zhen, but because Situ really didn’t think about righteousness, she offered Fang Mei.

The emperor still wanted to reprimand Situ Zhen, but he felt that Zhou Wang was thinking too much about Situ really deliberately killing Concubine Yan. King Zhou stopped struggling, but asked the emperor to let Fu Rou stay to take care of Concubine Yan. The emperor agreed to the request of King Zhou, thinking that Fu Rou was careful.

The imperial physician prescribed prescriptions to treat Concubine Yan, but Concubine Yan was still unconscious. King Zhou asked to recruit famous doctors from the people to treat Concubine Yan. If the concubine can be cured, not only would he be rewarded with a lot of money, but he could also enter the Imperial Medical Office as an official in disguise Dressed up in the palace to treat Yan Fei, after giving Yan Fei pulse, Fu Shui said that he could revive Yan Fei, but he did not know how to get the injection.

He was not willing to take risks and was about to blast Fushui out. Here, Fu Shui said that the needle depends on the patient’s specific reaction, so I couldn’t make it clear. The emperor thought about it and decided to let the needle under the water. After three needles under the water, Yan Fei woke up, but Fu Rou noticed the water. He seems to know each other with Yu Nai.

Yan Zifang tied Lu Yingying’s five flowers and fed her personally, but Lu Yingying had to go on a hunger strike. Yan Zifang persuaded Lu Yingying to give herself a chance to start again, but Lu Yingying said that their encounter was because of Yan Zifang’s hatred. Meaning, since it is an evil cause, there will be no good results. The next day, Yan Zifang came to deliver food to Lu Yingying as usual, but found that Lu Yingying had escaped.

Fu Rou went out of the palace on vacation, and met Sheng Chumu at the gate of the palace. Although Sheng Chumu missed Fu Rou, she was unwilling to stop Fu Rou. Fu Rou asked if Sheng Chumu believed in cause and effect, and said that she could not let Sheng Chumu go. Chu Mu, when the two of them were about to make progress, King Zhou was leaving the palace at this time, so he deliberately said that Fu Rou had been with him these days.

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