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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 12 Recap

On the surface it looks like a small thing, but in fact it is very complicated for people with cleanliness. It was Shuangjiao who felt that they were all trivial matters, and the plan was feasible. Although Gu Renqi felt that Lu Xian was deliberately embarrassing him, he could only say that they were trivial matters and he could do it.

What Lu Xian gave Gu Renqi to eat was the large intestine. Even if he went to the bathroom to take a bath, he could not exceed 15 points. In order to send Lu Xian away quickly, Gu Renqi broke through himself within a week, so he forced himself to eat the pig intestine. I don’t like to eat, but I still swallow it forcibly. Especially when Lu Xian insisted on sharing with Shuangjiao, because this dish is Shuangjiao’s favorite dish, Gu Renqi rushed to eat with Lu Xian in order to prove that he has the same hobby as Shuangjiao.

It was Shuangjiao who was worried that Gu Renqi’s stomach would feel unwell after eating. Gu Renqi sent the porridge. Gu Renqi didn’t want to eat it at all. It was Shuangjiao who turned his head and sent it to Lu Xian. Gu Renqi hurriedly came over to eat while eating. While complimenting, he heard that Shuangjiao made a big pot of porridge, and Gu Renqi immediately let Shuangjiao keep it, and he wanted to eat it all.

Zhu Yan came to the coffee shop to drink coffee. It was Junjie who prepared snacks for Zhu Yan, but Zhu Yan did not take them away. Instead, she reminded Junjie not to always please other girls and avoid his girlfriend being jealous. It was Zhu Yan. To leave, Junjie hurriedly chased after him.

It was Shuangjiao who was washing the dishes with his hands and was seen by Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi was distressed because Shuangjiao’s hands were hurt by the detergent and hurriedly held them. He also said that he would do a desensitization experiment. Shuangjiao blushed and had a heartbeat. Gu Renqi deliberately asked why Shuangjiao blushed, and because Shuangjiao lowered his head shyly. Lu Xian ran over and grabbed Gu Renqi’s hands. He also said that he could better help Gu Renqi desensitize. Gu Renqi wanted to break free but was caught by Lu Xian more tightly. It was Shuangjiao who left quickly.

Gu Renqi sent a message to Li Dongxian to buy a hand cream, but Li Dongxian didn’t know what it would look like for the girl, so he could only call Wang Qianqian to consult. Wang Qianqian thought it was for her, and happily told Li Dongxian. Hearing that it was to be given to other women, Wang Qianqian was so angry that she seriously warned Li Dongxian not to consult her about buying things for other women in the future.

Gu Renqi put the hand cream on the bed of Shuangjiao, and attached a post-it note. He gave an order to remind Shuangjiao to use it up within the specified period, otherwise his salary would be deducted. The next day, Gu Renqi was about to go to work, but he heard that Shuangjiao and Lu Xian had agreed to eat Bannian at noon. Gu Renqi simply couldn’t go out to work at home. The two of them also rushed to provide Shuangjiao with a whisk, but Shuangjiao didn’t need anyone else to stir it with chopsticks.

At this time, Zhu Yan called. It was Shuangjiao who directly asked the two big men to beat eggs. Zhu Yan told Shuangjiao that there was a girl who liked a boy, but she did not dare to confess. It was Shuangjiao that if she liked one. People will speak boldly so that no regrets will be left. The two men behind them are both attentively listening to this important call.

Li Dongxian bought Wang Qianqian’s hand cream and facial mask to apologize, and invited Wang Qianqian to have dinner with him to express his apologies. Wang Qianqian showed a smile. On the other side, Shuangjiao went shopping with Gu Renqi and Lu Xian. Gu Renqi helped Shuangjiao push the shopping cart together. Lu Xian insisted on pushing it with Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi wanted to buy and is Shuangjiao. Lu Xian wanted to buy the toothpaste used together, but Shuangjiao simply proposed to buy it separately, letting Gu Renqi and Lu Xian use a set.

When Li Dongxian was having dinner with Wang Qianqian, he received a call and left in a hurry. Wang Qianqian insisted to escort him there with him. Li Dongxian went to the nursing home to visit the seriously ill grandmother. The grandmother vomited uncomfortably. The room was also messy, with rubbish and vomit everywhere. Li Dongxian helped grandma wipe her lips.

Wang Qianqian handed it a wet wipe, but subconsciously avoided touching Li Dongxian’s hand. Li Dongxian felt this sensitively and Wang Qianqian waited in the corridor. Wang Qianqian asked to go in and see if his grandmother was rejected by Li Dongxian. It happened that someone discarded the dirt and Li Dongxian quickly took Wang Qianqian in his arms and urged her to leave.

Gu Renqi’s mother came to Gu Renqi and suggested that if Gu Renqi recovered physically, she would send Shuangjiao to leave. Gu Renqi hurriedly explained that she was undergoing a desensitization experiment and could not let Shuangjiao leave. Gu’s mother reminded Gu Renqi to leave. After thinking about it carefully, in case the treatment is cured, what reason is there for Shuangjiao to stay by his side, Gu Renqi froze there.

It was Shuangjiao who looked sad at the chestnut cake in a brochure. The family liked to eat it before, but since his mother passed away, he has never eaten it again. Lu Xian looked sad for Shuangjiao, so he hurriedly went to the cake shop to buy cake. The clerk reminded Lu Xian that he could write a card on the cake.

This reminded Lu Xian that what Shuangjiao had said, she would confess if she liked someone alone, or the opportunity would be lost. So Lu Xian wrote what he wanted to say on the card, and Gu Renqi on the other side was also on his way home, thinking about his mother’s words over and over again, and there was no reason to stay in the future as double pride.

When Lu Xian gave the cake to Shuangjiao, Shuangjiao was very happy. Lu Xian took a call and left. When Shuangjiao took the cake, he dropped the card on the ground. Eating the cake reminded Shuangjiao of the chestnut cake made by her mother, because her mother knew that she would look inside every time she passed the cake shop. She was also worried that she had never asked for any money, so she made chestnut cake by herself and gave it to Shuangjiao. arrogant. She also said that she would make Shuangjiao what she likes to eat in the future.

It was Shuangjiao who missed her mother hiding in the corner and crying. It happened that Gu Renqi came back and heard the crying and hurried upstairs. In the dark room sitting alone and crying was Shuangjiao, and Gu Renqi rushed over and hugged Shuangjiao to comfort her. She was Shuangjiao crying loudly into Gu Renqi’s arms. It was Shuangjiao who told Gu Renqi’s mother that he had died. Gu Renqi hugged her tightly again. It was Shuangjiao who helped her wipe her tears. The distress was Shuangjiao’s sorrow.

Zhu Yan played the tune thinking that it was Junjie’s affairs. She was upset and played the wrong tune. It was the news from Junjie that made Zhu Yan shut down very annoyingly. It was Junjie who was at the door, knocking on the door, and pulling Zhu Yan to play the piano together. Zhu Yan was angry and blamed Junjie for stepping on two boats, but the kid who only knew the jokes, and the angry Zhu Yan drove away. It’s Junjie.

Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao talked about her mother. It was Shuangjiao who missed her mother very much. He praised her as a kind person, just like the sun warmed the people around him. Gu Renqi praised Shuangjiao as the sun too. Before I knew it was Shuangjiao, I felt that everything around him was deserted. Only when I knew it was Shuangjiao changed him. Gu Renqi held Shuangjiao’s hand and checked whether the hand cream was used well. Shuangjiao thought it was because the desensitization experiment did not break free. Gu Renqi asked if Shuangjiao really felt that the relationship between the two was the relationship between the leader and the employee?

It was Shuangjiao who did not answer. Gu Renqi confessed to Shuangjiao. He felt that he knew Shuangjiao is a different girl. He always wanted to create opportunities to talk to her. As for the teasing, he did not know how to fall in love . He also told Shuangjiao that the cup had been taken away. He believed that his love was coming, because experts said that love was coming. He would like every small thing, because those things belonged to the other party, he was. I really like to be Shuangjiao.

These words make Shuangjiao a little nervous. Suddenly hearing Gu Renqi say that is Shuangjiao hard to believe. Gu Renqi suddenly kissed it is Shuangjiao, expressing his sincere affection. Shuangjiao also plunged into the kiss, remembering the various encounters between him and Gu Renqi. Lu Xian, who had seen the two talk a long time ago, seemed to know that he had no chance and left quietly.

The two of them pulled out of this deep kiss. Gu Renqi once again confessed that he liked Shuangjiao again, and asked whether Shuangjiao liked him. It was Shuangjiao who showed a smile and said that he did not hate him. Gu Renqi also showed the most brilliant Laughter, there is love in this not annoying. The two again plunged into the next wave of deep kisses.

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