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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 45 Recap

You Jianming’s last memorial asked the emperor to send King Liang back to the fief, but the King of Liang was out of anger and led someone to beat You Jianming. Yan Zifang suddenly appeared to help You Jianming. It turns out that you Jianming’s memorial was forced by Yan Zifang at the beginning. Jianming’s family threatened him to continue impeaching King Liang. The emperor was very angry when he learned that King Liang had beaten Yushi.

After he drove away King Liang, the prince presented a memorial to Lu Yunji. The emperor learned that Duning was killed by the rebellion army. Heart attack, fell to the ground. The prince hurriedly asked the emperor to come for treatment. He said that the emperor was in poor health and it was best for the emperor to go to the hot spring palace to recuperate.

Lu Qi banned Fu Ruan on the grounds that Fu Yin had a mad disease, and let people seal up the doors and windows, so that no one except the dumb man who delivered the food could enter. Sheng Chumu was very sad when he learned of Du Ning’s death. Before he left, Du Ning gave the portrait of the murderer who killed Zhan Xuanzhi to Sheng Chumu, and asked Sheng Chumu to help him investigate. Sheng Chumu agreed, and Ye Qiulang found the Donggong family. Chen Zuoqiuqin bought a farm, and there was a man of unknown origin who entered the farm.

That man was the person in the portrait painted by Du Ning, Mao Shouping. Sheng Chumu found King Han and told King Han about Mao Shouping’s killing of Zhan Xuanzhi. King Han asked Sheng Chumu to take someone to arrest Mao Shouping tomorrow, and the matter must be investigated clearly. As soon as Sheng Chumu caught someone, an assassin suddenly appeared and killed Mao Shouping with one arrow. King Han was a little regretful after learning about it. King Han learned that the emperor had fallen ill, and hurried to the palace to pray.

When the emperor saw that King Han had come, he asked King Han if he knew the news of Du Ning’s death on the battlefield. King Han said that he already knew about it. He felt that Du Ning was a talent for creation, but it was a pity that he died young. This is a regret for Datang. After the emperor fell ill, he was a little depressed. He said a lot to Sheng Xiaojing, saying that there were not many people who had fought the world with him. Only Sheng Xiaojing and Lu Yunji were left. The emperor gave them knighthoods and promoted them. His son just wants these old officials to start and end well. After the emperor said these words, his emotions became much calmer.

The king of Han asked to serve the emperor’s soup in the palace. The maid said that Wudeokjeon was still empty. The emperor decided to let the king of Han live in Wudeokjeon. At this time, the prince came and suggested The emperor went to the hot spring palace to recuperate. The emperor agreed that this proposal was good. He told King Han to move into the Wude Hall when he returned from the hot spring palace. The emperor also made King Zuo Wuhou the general and let King Han assist the Crown Prince. Kingdom, the prince was very dissatisfied with King Han and prepared to punish King Han slightly.

Princess Wang hosted a banquet in the palace and invited King Liang to enter the palace. Lu Yingying also followed King Liang into the palace. She was worried that King Liang would be driven out of Chang’an by the emperor, so she asked Fu Rou if there was any way to help King Liang get through before the banquet. Fu Rou felt that Lu Yingying was really a good person in this difficult situation. The goodness of the entire Lu family belonged to Lu Yingying alone. Fu Rou said that if he wanted to help King Liang overcome the difficulties, he would find a new backer for King Liang. Teach Lu Yingying how to please the Princess Wang, Fu Rou said that King Liang would be the most troublesome. Does Lu Yingying have to clean up the mess for him every time?

The conversation between Yingying and Fu Rou was a bit complicated. After talking about Fu Rou, she left first. Liang Wang pulled Lu Yingying and went to see Princess Wang, and then asked Lu Yingying if she could forget other men if she treated her sincerely. Lu Yingying said she didn’t know, but Liang Wang did. I think it’s pretty good that Lu Yingying didn’t reject herself directly. King Liang used Fu Rou’s method to please the Princess Wang. The Princess Wang really helped King Liang to intercede with the emperor. The emperor was really soft-hearted and finally gave King Liang a chance.

King Qin thought that the emperor went to the hot spring palace and wanted to take the deer to the Forbidden Garden to play, but Fu Rou asked them to finish reading the book before letting them play. Fu Rou was watching the two play, Li Baolin wanted to talk to Fu Rou, Fu Rou But he was called away by his subordinates.

Sheng Chujun never went home. Mrs. Sheng was worried and forced Sheng Chumu to find Sheng Chujun back. In fact, Sheng Chujun and Sheng Chumu didn’t really fall out. The two started to find the murderer of Sun Lingwei. With a bitter trick, Sheng Chujun told Sheng Chumu all the clues he had investigated in the East Palace, and also told the news that the prince was about to start with King Han. Sheng Chumu told Sheng Chujun not to go back to the East Palace after hearing it, but Sheng Chujun found that Sun Lingwei’s peacock hairpin had fallen in the East Palace and went back. At this time, Sun Lingshu overheard Fushui and Concubine Yan’s people saying that they would kill King Han. She ran back in shock and fear. She wanted to tell the prince about it, but Fushui asked if Sun Lingshu personally poisoned Sun Lingwei.

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