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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 44 Recap

When Fu Yin heard that Lu Qi could not kill Du Ning, he said that Du Ning was a person sent by the emperor, but Lu Qi said that fighting would always kill people, and Fu Yin said that Lu Qi had promised to kill less. Lu Qi had no choice but to say that as long as Duning didn’t do anything, she wouldn’t deal with him.

Fu Rou became Shang Palace. She left He Sizan to teach her a lesson, and said that she was a stereotyped and boring person. Rewards and punishments would only be handled in accordance with the palace rules. She warned He Sizan, as long as she was safe and steady. He would not target her, He Sizan said that he would carefully review the rules of the palace. When the queen died, there was no one in the harem. The emperor deliberately let Concubine Yan manage the harem, but Fu Rou said that Concubine Yan was too poor.

She helped the queen to formulate palace rules because she was too tired and sick. She worried that the emperor would do everything. Give it to Concubine Yan, and Concubine Yan’s body will be overwhelmed. Fu Rou suggested that the respected and experienced Princess Wang return to manage the harem. The emperor thought for a while and agreed to Fu Rou’s suggestion. Concubine Yan learned that Fu Rou would disrupt the situation. Yan Fei was a little angry when she lost her identity as the manager of the harem.

A group of twenty-four court ladies were selected from the Ye Ting Bureau. After seeing that the deer had passed the selection, Fu Rou kept the deer by her side, and also took the deer to give lectures to King Qin. Fu Rou said that the deer belonged to him. Student, King Qin was very interested in the deer, and let the deer sit next to him and listen to the class together.

Du Ning went out with Lu Yunji. Lu Yunji wanted to forcefully suppress the rebels headed by Hong Ze with a large army, but Du Ning felt that Shengguo’s rebellion was caused by officials doing illegal things in Shengguo, which aroused public outrage. Du Ning suggested Lu Yunji sent envoys to negotiate with Hong Ze, explaining clearly to eliminate misunderstandings and avoid a big battle. Lu Yunji gave Du Ning face, but he actually wanted to delay the war a little longer and make Shengguo’s rebellion worse. The credit for countering the rebellion will be greater.

However, Hong Ze moved his mind to surrender and sent an envoy to inquire about the surrender. Lu Yunji saw the envoy, but killed them all. Du Ning saw this scene and asked why Lu Yunji did this. Lu Yunji said that these people were assassins sent by Hong Ze, and Duning naturally refused to believe it. Du Ning wrote a letter to send his subordinates back to Chang’an, requesting that the emperor send another coach. Du Ning’s subordinates were killed by Lu Yunji as soon as he left. Lu Yunji saw that Du Ning was about to sue himself, so he was killed.

Du Ning, as if Du Ning was killed by the rebels. Fu Yin was very heartbroken when he learned that Du Ning had been killed. He told Lu Qi about his relationship with Du Ning for a while. He also said that he had come to Lu’s house. After listening to what Fu Yin said, Lu Qi collapsed. The more Yin said, the more excited he was, and he told Lu Qi all the things he had done before, and said that he stayed with Lu Qi just to see the retribution of Cai Guogong’s mansion.

Fu Rou went to the Forbidden Garden with the people from the Shangshi Bureau to inspect the Forbidden Garden, and happened to ran into Sheng Chumu who was training in the Forbidden Garden. Sheng Chumu congratulated Fu Rou on her promotion. Fu Rou asked Sheng Chumu what he was getting angry with, and accused him of finding another love, Sheng Chu Mu Ze accused Fu Rou of clinging to King Zhou and watched Princess Han being gifted to death. Fu Rou explained that she was not standing by but powerless to return to heaven.

Sheng Chumu refused to believe that Fu Rou was afraid of offending the queen, and said Fu Rou was a villain with different appearances. Fu Rou was so angry that she slapped Sheng Chumu. Fu Rou turned around and left, but she accidentally stepped on a stone and fell down. Sheng Chumu subconsciously wanted to help. But still withdrew her hand, Zhou Wang appeared and wanted to help her, Fu Rou did not accept it, she stood up and walked away. Li Baolin gave Fu Rou medicine and persuaded Fu Rou to forget Sheng Chumu. Fu Rou also wanted to forget Sheng Chumu, but she couldn’t do it.

Last time Lu Yingying comforted the aggrieved King Liang, King Liang’s attitude towards Lu Yingying was much better. Yan Zifang came to King Liang and felt a little upset when he saw Lu Yingying changing the dressing of King Liang. Yan Zifang was here now. It was said that Yu Shi You Jianming was going to play the emperor and drove King Liang to the fief, King Liang was very angry.

Fushui gave the prince a fierce horse. The prince insisted on tame the horse himself. After the horse was frightened, he rushed towards Sun Lingshu. Fortunately, Sheng Chujun rescued Sun Lingshu from the side. Sheng Chujun is now serving as a guard in the East Palace. Sun Lingshu guessed that Sun Lingwei and Sheng Chujun were involved. Relationship, Sheng Chujun said that he and Sun Lingwei are in love, and also said that he would protect Sun Lingshu.

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