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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 49 End Recap

Xia Zhuo inferred that only Qi Peng, Wang Xianmin and others took over the Dongfeng transshipment task. All the special situations encountered along the way were only the links designed by An Lei, which made him mistakenly think that he had arrived in a foreign country. In fact, they were far away from the standby warehouse. To the high ground a hundred kilometers away, they used prisoner abuse training just to choose more reliable people. An Lei appeared, Qi Peng and others also took off their headgear, Xia Zhuo finally breathed a sigh of relief, it was finally over!

An Lei was very pleased to see that Xia Zhuo analyzed everything. Yi Zimeng, Lin Anbang, and Ouyang Jun also came in. Several people felt like they were left behind. Ouyang Jun didn’t know what happened before, and the friendly army caught it and fell off the cliff. He just understood. Ouyang Jun congratulated Xia Zhuo, and An Lei said that he had worked hard to keep the Dongfeng missile, and he should always find a reliable person. There is no doubt that Xia Zhuo is this person.

Lu Zheng also rushed to join him, and he was also kept in the dark by An Leimeng. An Lei said he was afraid of Lu Zheng’s partiality. The launch candidates have been selected, but they have more important tasks. An Lei led everyone into the command room and announced that the designation of the 270 brigade will become history after today. Since the establishment of the Rocket Army at the end of 2015, the 270 brigade has always aimed at strong opponents.

They are the trump cards of the trump card. But the 270 brigade is about to be reorganized, only some soldiers will be retained, and others will go to the new unit. However, An Lei hopes that wherever you go, you will keep in mind the spirit of the 270 brigade. No matter where you go from the 270 brigade, you will definitely be the ace trumpeter doing your part!

An Lei turned around and told everyone that the reason for this exercise is that the units that everyone is going to are scattered around the 270 brigade. If the 270 brigade is a rocket, it should be time for it to bloom. It’s a farewell. Tomorrow they will talk about the launch of Dongfeng missiles, marking a successful end to the 270 brigade. An Lei announced that the launcher was Xia Zhuo and the backup trumpeter was Ouyang Jun. As the last brigade commander of the 270th brigade, the War Blade Company is An Lei’s pride. Facts have proved that they are eternal trump cards.

Lin Anbang, Yi Zimeng and Xia Zhuo wanted to be assigned to the same company, but the probability was extremely slim. Everyone will be separated after the last missile hit tomorrow, but no matter how far apart they are, they will always be brothers. The three of them used trumpeters in advance. The missile in the shaft was successfully launched the next day. Xia Zhuo personally pressed the launch button and fired the last missile of the 270 brigade. They saw the missile lifted into the air with pride and pride. .

Wang Xianmin is feeding his own geese. All the company is passing on the new company commander. It is a very powerful task. Wang Xianmin is still feeling the situation here a few months ago, but now only a few of them are left, and the standby warehouse has also been changed to spare. warehouse. At this time, Xia Zhuo came, he was the legendary company commander, but Wang Xianmin thought he was in trouble, otherwise he wouldn’t be the company commander here.

Xia Zhuo quietly told Wang Xianmin that they would form a new army here, and Wang Xianmin was the treasure of this company. Xia Zhuo gave Wang Xianmin several round-trip air tickets, and he arranged the hotel so that Wang Xianmin took his family to Hainan for a vacation. Xia Zhuo changed the escape compartment and sold the patent based on the knowledge that Wang Xianmin taught him, saying that he was connected to the stock.

Lu Zheng was going to the frontline unit, Ouyang Jun also became a company commander, Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng also found the unit they wanted to go, Lu Zheng and Ouyang Jun said goodbye to each other. Thinking about it now, Xia Zhuo is different from them. Everyone has left, only he stayed. Ouyang Jun is actually very grateful to Xia Zhuo, he has learned to think more comprehensively. Lu Zheng said a few heartfelt words. In fact, Ouyang Jun doesn’t need to surpass anyone, including Xia Zhuo. They are all soldiers the Rocket Army needs, but they are not the same. The two salute again, take care of each other, and go to each other.

Soon after, the Rocket Army 96630 unit groundbreaking ceremony, the 270 brigade is about to rebirth. An Lei told Xia Zhuo that this land has the soul of the 270 brigade, and hoped that he would not throw him away. After the establishment of this base, it will be the country’s top secret and an epoch-making strategic deployment of the Rocket Army. Xia Zhuo is already prepared. Lin Anbang accepted an interview for donating money and said that Xia Zhuo is his idol for life. After Xia Zhuo watched the TV interview, he received a call from Lin Anbang. Yi Zimeng grabbed the call before he finished speaking and told him not to change channels.

The following song was written by him and the lead singer is called “After graduation, we will go Serving as a soldier. The songs sung by Yi Zimeng were played on TV. Accompanied by the singing, the university history is vivid, and they have become the best selves! Xia Zhuo asked himself why he came to be a soldier countless times. The answer kept changing with the rank on his shoulders. Why did he come to be a soldier? For the smell of sweat, the smell of gunpowder smoke, it is the taste of the country’s most important weapon. There is no war in the country, the soldiers have sacrifices, and in peacetime, the soldiers will guard!

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