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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 10 Recap

Xueqianxun brought all the flowing things back to Luofeng Pavilion. Qingqing had to chase to Luofeng Pavilion to find Xueqian. She saw the satin fragments all over the floor and couldn’t help being very angry. These things were specially made by Long Yan. Liuying prepared. Hearing that it was something flowing, Xue Qianxun relieved the jealousy in his heart. He gave Qingqing the sweet-scented osmanthus cake on the table. Qingqing pretended to pour Xueqian tea, but put a laxative in the tea. Xueqian drank the tea in one fell swoop, but felt that something was wrong.

Liu Ying saw the painting given to her by Long Yan in the past on the street. It was the love of the two of them. Looking at the painting, she remembered everything in her dream, and mistakenly thought that Long Yan had always been there for her. Dream. Although there is no such person in her memory, this person is in her dream. In this life, Liu Ying spent her whole life in peace.

After she died, she went to Qianleichuan to drink eight tears. Long Yan was waiting for Liuying on the way. He called Liuying “Little Liuying”, the familiar name Ling Liu Ying recalled everything. In this life, everything in her disappeared like a dream, but Long Yan was clear. It was Long Yan who gave her the sky flowing, and the person who accompanied her soaring in the clouds was also Long Yan. Liuying’s soul could not stay here for a long time. The messenger asked her to drink eight tears.

After drinking this cup of eight tears, Liuying would forget the past. Long Yan persuaded Liuying to drink eight tears. She must go In the world, when Liu Ying saw the fireflies in the future, he was with Liu Ying. Liu Ying drank eight tears, and Long Yan personally said I love you when she drank it. When the words were over, Liu Ying’s memory disappeared, and she no longer knew Long Yan, and only stepped on Luofeng Bridge under Long Yan’s guidance. Seeing that Liu Ying was a little bit scared, Long Yan took her by the hand and escorted her to Luofeng Bridge. He watched her reincarnation in the second life. He believed that one day, he could take Liu Ying to his Longyin Tianchi. .

Long Yan and Qingqing came to Luofeng Pavilion, Xueqian did not like the two to stand together, and only cast a spell to bring Qingqing to his side. When he came this time, Long Yan asked for important things. He wanted to know what Xue Qianxun could do to release his Three Tribulations Agreement with Xia Houxun. For this reason, Long Yan put down his body and looked for the rudeness of apologizing to Xue Qian, and he was willing to help Xue Qian find something. Xue Qianxun rejected Long Yan, but Long Yan refused to give up. The Dragon King never bowed his head to others, but only set a precedent for Liu Ying. Xue Qian found this and left Long Yan alone and told him to terminate the contract. The law.

When Long Yan learned of the way to terminate the contract, he returned to Longyin Tianchi, enduring the pain of his heart, pulling out the inverse scales under his neck and turning into an avatar, allowing the avatar to cling to Xiahou’s destined person to hide from the heaven. Pulling the scales is extremely dangerous. He ordered Master Ge Xing to shout that Long Yan was crazy. Long Yan wanted to do anything in order to flow, so he only asked Master Ge Xing to find a reliable person to attach his dragon scales and become Xia Hou Xun’s. The destined.

Mingge Xingjun rejected Long Yan, if Long Yan wanted him to do this, he must give him the golden armor. Hearing this, Long Yan did not hesitate to hand over the gold armor. He did not care about life and death to get the gold armor in order to overcome the thundering catastrophe. Now he easily gave it to Mingge Xingjun, who ordered him to let Long Yan not regret it in the future, and Long Yan tightened his lips. Petal, he has made the most correct choice and will never regret it.

Qingqing came back to see Xueqianxun with delicious food, but found that Xueqianxun was seriously injured. She learned from Bingxing that Xueqian had set a precedent for Long Yan and suffered the torture of breaking the bone alone. Seeing such a weak Xueqianxun, Qingqing’s heart is tense. She accompanies Xueqianxun and promises that Xueqianxun will never leave again, but when she hears Xueqianxun, she refuses to let Liuying go, and Qingqing thrashes her incarnation. Because the bird flew away, Xue Qian looked lonely, and Qingqing still said that she would never leave a second before, but now she left without thinking.

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