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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 7 Recap

Long Yan wanted to be married to Xia Houxue, and she was sad and weeping, but she was unwilling to accept Long Yan to wipe her tears. Long Yan and Xia Houxue were her most important people. As long as they were both well, she would be satisfied. Looking at Liu Ying’s back, Long Yan was heartbroken. Qingqing came to Long Yan’s side and felt sorry for the two in her heart. The two obviously liked each other, but they couldn’t be together.

Xia Houxue was delighted to be married to Long Yan. She was looking forward to the marriage with all her heart, but Liu Ying was sad. She buried the token of love given by Long Yan to her in Luoying Valley, determined to forget everything in the past. At this time, Long Yan appeared in front of Liu Ying. He heard that people would wear a red wedding dress when they got married, so he wore a red wedding dress in front of Liu Ying. For Long Yan, a lifetime is just a moment, and sometimes a moment represents eternity. He remembered this moment and thanked Liu Ying for giving him this moment, but the two of them could not stay together. together.

Xia Houxue and Long Yan got married, Xia Hou Mansion was full of joy, and Liu Ying tried to endure the sadness in her heart, put on Xia Houxue’s red wedding dress, and watched her get married. Long Yan’s body and mind were promised to Liu Ying. He could no longer marry with others, and only folded a leaf of the tree and turned it into his appearance to marry Xia Hou Xue Baitang.

Bing Xing and Ziyang Shangxian were playing and competing in Luofeng Pavilion. This time Ziyang came from Xuexianxun. He gave Xuexianxun a purple marrow sun flame. With this thing, Xuexianxun can do it. Strongly restrain the extremely Yin Yuanshen and use it to seal the Skynet loopholes. It’s just that it was cast with the soul of Ziyang, Ziyang only gave Xue Xian three days to search for it, and he would come to pick it up once the three days arrived.

Xia Houxue’s distant cousin Xu Zhiyuan was injured and temporarily stayed in Xiahou Mansion. Liu Ying came to Xu Zhiyuan’s personal waiter. Seeing Liu Ying carefully applying medicine to Xu Zhiyuan, Long Yan was very jealous and only secretly overturned the table. , Xu Zhiyuan fell to the ground. Returning to Longyin Tianchi, Long Yan has been using wine to dissipate his sorrows, and ordered Lord Ge Xing to come and tell Long Yan a worse thing. At the end of the Xiahou Mansion, there will be a big conspiracy case. Under the anger of the emperor, Xiahou Mansion ransacked his home. Men are slaves and women are advocates.

Master Xiahou deliberately assigned Liu Ying to Xu Zhiyuan. Xia Houxue and Liu Ying love the same sisters. She did not want to force Liu Ying, but Master Xiahou asked Xia Hou Xue to persuade Liu Ying. It was Liu Ying’s blessing to be able to marry Xu Zhiyuan. On the other side, Xue Xianxun was about to personally restrain Liuying’s primordial spirit. He encountered Qingqing in the mansion. Qingqing accidentally discovered the purple marrow sun flame on Xue Xianxun’s body, but secretly stole it and handed it to Long Yan.

With Purple Marrow Yang Yan in Long Yan’s hands, Xue Xianxun once again fought against Long Yan. Although he was not Long Yan’s opponent, he didn’t understand why Long Yan valued the life of a servant girl so much. Hearing Xue Xianxun ignoring the life of her servant girl, Qing Qing couldn’t help but quarrel with Xue Xianxun. Even Long Yan was very surprised that Xue Xianxun, who had always been cold and arrogant, could talk so much when she met Qing Qing.

Liu Ying was the person Long Yan wanted to protect. He personally destroyed the Purple Marrow Yang Yan in the presence of Xue Xianxun. He told Xue Xianxun on the spot that the reason why he married Xiahouxun was to protect Liuying. For Liuying, he could With Luo Fengge as an enemy, even if it is Heavenly Court, he has no fear. Xue Xian wanted to fill the loopholes in the Skynet, so it was better to find another way, and don’t waste time on Liuying’s side.

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