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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 6 Recap

Thousands of years ago, when the chaos first opened, the immortals and demons fought against the turbulent three realms, until the ancient Nuwa gathered the power of the immortals and woven a skynet with extremely yin spiritual power to seal the evil spirits. After going through the vicissitudes of life, Skynet gradually loosened and needed to be repaired with extremely yin spiritual power. Therefore, every time the primordial spirit is gone, Luo Fengge collects the scattered extremely yin spiritual power and stores it in the lotus treasure box for emergency needs.

Because this spiritual power contains the heaven, earth, sun and moon essence of ancient Nuwa, it contains great energy. Who knows, the unconscious super-yin spirit power did not know when to give birth to divine consciousness, but turned into a new born soul, imitating the immortal world crossing the robbery and secretly fell into the world, and if the person of this super-yin soul is dead, Luo Hengge will not be able to Its soul is sealed into Skynet. If the skynet leaks, the evil spirit will escape the seal.

For the Three Realms, Bing Xing is willing to take the heavy responsibility to detain the soul. Xue Xianxun saw the same month and the same year that Liu Ying and Xia Houxue promised. The blood alliance who died on the same day prepared this oath to be placed in the heavenly alliance oath tower. Xia Houxue was a mortal. If he started from Xia Houxue, they would be able to get Liuying, the extremely yin primordial god.

Liu Ying is Qing Qing’s lifesaver. Qing Qing is thinking about how to report to Liu Ying. Xue Xian fills Qing Qing with a bowl of bitter tea, secretly relieves Qing Qing’s mana restraint, Qing Qing is ready to go back and report to Liu Ying. On the other side, Long Yan was teaching Liuying to draw dragons in Luoying Valley, and the relationship between the two had been close unconsciously.

Now that Liu Ying has returned to the capital, Long Yan also recognizes his intentions for Liu Ying. He is unwilling to repay his favor. He just wants to be with Liu Ying for the rest of his life. He and Liu Ying are in love with each other. Keep your life. When the words fell, Xing Xuanyun appeared in front of the two of them, and Long Yan also gave a token of Liuying’s love, and the two of them would love each other for a lifetime.

Xia Houxue was attacked by a wolf demon on her way back to the mansion. She was seriously injured, even the doctor was helpless, Liuying sadly guarded Xiahouxun’s side, Long Yan couldn’t bear to shed tears, and he returned to Longyinchi to follow Master Ge Asked for medicine, ready to save Xia Houxue’s life.

The demon poison of the wolf demon had already entered the bones, and the medicine of Master Ge Xing could not detoxify, Xia Houxue’s primordial spirit was separated, and Long Yan went to chase the primordial spirit, and followed the primordial spirit all the way to Luofeng Pavilion. Qingqing was trapped in Luofeng Pavilion, and she told Long Yan what she had heard, if Xia Houxue died, Liu Ying would also die with her.

Long Yan could not watch Liu Ying in distress. He trespassed into Luofeng Pavilion and asked Luofeng Pavilion to surrender Xia Houxue’s soul. Xue Xianxun came to see Long Yan in person, and he promised to let Long Yan take away Xiahouxue Yuanshen, but Long Yan must marry Xiahouxue as his wife and protect Xiahouxue for three times. Long Yan didn’t agree, but he couldn’t bear the sorrow of flowing through the dragon. After a thousand years, Long Yan decided to give up the ascension after thinking twice, marry Xiahou and find his wife, and protect her through the three disasters.

Long Yan brought back Xia Houxue’s soul as promised. Liu Ying hugged Long Yan and thanked him, and wanted to marry him, but Long Yan was not at all happy, only making Liu Ying forget him, he couldn’t follow him. Liuying married. Liu Ying was shocked when she learned that Long Yan was going to marry Xia Houxue, but Long Yan didn’t mention a word about Luo Fengge’s covenant. Xue Xianxun had warned him not to let mortals know about it, so she only I was able to be cruel and refused Liu Ying, so that Liu Ying would no longer have to worry about him in the future.

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