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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 4 Recap

Long Yan wanted to rest in bed with Liu Ying. Liu Ying solemnly told Long Yan that only married men and women can sleep in the same bed. . Long Yan didn’t understand Liu Ying’s words very well, so Liu Ying simply pushed Long Yan out of the room and let Long Yan return to his Long Yin Tianchi to rest. Long Yan was thinking about it alone on the eaves.

If he said that only married men and women could sleep in the same bed, he had already slept with Liu Ying, then they were married, why did Liu Ying refuse to marry him. After thinking about it, Long Yan still came to Liu Ying’s room. Liu Ying was already asleep, and Long Yan simply lay beside Liu Ying. The two of them were in the same bed again, but Liu Ying didn’t know it.

Qingqing has been working as a maid in Xueqianxun. She recklessly not only damaged Xueqianxun’s silk handkerchief, but also accidentally burned Xueqianxun’s clothes. Xueqianxun was not half angry, but the corners of her mouth rose. He didn’t even know the reason.

In order to make Liuying happy, Long Yan specially bought sweet-fried chestnuts from the capital for Liuying. He had long been tempted by Liuying before he knew it. He was ignorant of what love was, and Liuying listened to Long Yan. The heartbeat also mistakenly thought that Long Yan was sick. Long Yan left the inn because of the throbbing in his heart. He went to Baihualou and listened to the oiran singing the biography of the white snake on the stage. The Legend of the White Snake was talking about the love between men and women. Long Yan half-understood that he lacked a token of love to send Liuying. It just so happened that he had eaten the cakes of Baihualou very well, and without a word he brought Liuying. Come and eat pastries.

Liu Ying was very satisfied with the cakes. Oiran Peony came to look for Dragon Yan. Only then did Liu Ying know that this was a brothel. Later, she realized that she was very angry and misunderstood Long Yan. Long Yan didn’t know why Liu Ying was angry. He chased Liu Ying and looked at Liu Ying’s angry appearance. Long Yan felt uncomfortable in his heart. He explained to Liu Ying the reason why he appeared in Baihua Tower. Liu Ying knew himself. Misunderstood Long Yan, and only gave up his breath, preventing Long Yan from approaching Baihualou in the future.

Liu Ying returned to the room. She was pierced with her finger because of sewing clothes. Long Yan was born in front of Liu Ying and cared about her. It was getting late, and Long Yan asked why Liu Ying didn’t sleep. When he learned that Liu Ying couldn’t fall asleep because she recognized the bed, Long Yan went back to the capital without saying a word. He fetched a familiar quilt for Liu Ying. Liu Ying kicked off the quilt and hugged him and slept, Long Yan couldn’t help laughing out loud, Liu Ying, here is the recognition of the bed, clearly recognizes the person.

The next day, Liu Ying and Long Yan continued to rush back to the capital. When Liu Ying saw the scene where the civet cat changed the prince, she couldn’t help but sigh with the justice of Lord Bao. Long Yan pursed his lips lightly, saying only that there is no justice in the heavens, and how to talk about justice in the world. Back then, he was seriously injured and fell into Nüwa Terrace. The goalkeeper of Nüwa Terrace left without authorization. The brilliance released by Nüwa Stone healed his injuries, but the heavenly people slandered him for wanting to steal Nüwa Stone. ,

The Emperor of Heaven did not allow him to excuse him, let him endure the thunder tribulation for thousands of years, knocked him off the world, and re-cultivation. After listening to Long Yan’s words, Liu Ying’s heart was full of distress, especially when she knew that the last time she saved Long Yan was because Long Yan had just been robbed of thunder. The kind Liu Ying looked down at Long Yan’s previous wounds, and Long Yan looked at the woman who cared about him in front of him, and her heart was moved.

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