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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 3 Recap

Liu Ying met an injured kitten in the forest. She was kind-hearted to find herbs for the kitten to heal her injuries, but accidentally fell down in the forest. Long Yan saw Liu Ying’s kindness, he didn’t understand why Liu Ying kept making herself so embarrassed, but if Liu Ying wanted to save the cat, he could help Liu Ying. Liu Ying refused Long Yan and only prepared to save the cat by herself. Long Yan had already seen the cat’s abnormality, but Liu Ying’s refusal still kept him out of the matter.

Liu Ying encountered a gust of wind when she was gathering herbs, and several men in black came towards Liu Ying, trying to kill Liu Ying. Long Yan, who was worried about Liu Ying, arrived in time and saved Liu Ying. Liu Ying was rescued, and Luo Fengge Bing Xing also thanked Long Yan, and the favor they owed to Long Yan would be repaid in the future. Although Long Yan rescued Liu Ying easily, he also had a skin injury. Liu Ying was worried about Long Yan and was anxiously preparing to heal Long Yan.

Qingqing came to the library, but was stopped by Ming Ge Xingjun. Seeing such a young and handsome Mingge Xingjun, Qingqing was very surprised. She begged Mingge Xingjun to let her enter the library. Mingge Xingjun wanted to drive away Qingqing, but saw the meteor mark on Qingqing’s forehead, so she made an exception. Qingqing stayed to find out the meteor marks on her forehead for Qingqing. Meteor marks are the symbol of the primordial spirit. If you want to remove the meteor marks, you can only find them in Luoheng Pavilion. When he got the answer he wanted, Qing Qing was very happy, thanked Mingge Xingjun and left.

Liu Ying applied medicine to Long Yan. When they returned, Long Yan saw the Legend of the White Snake dropped by Liu Ying. The Legend of White Snake was also a plot of repaying favor. According to what Long Yan did in the book, she also supported Liu Ying in the rain. Umbrella, the two hold an umbrella and return home together. After the rain stopped, Long Yan took the umbrella. Liu Ying saw that Long Yan’s wound was getting wet. She was worried about Long Yan and she was going to dress Long Yan again. Long Yan’s heart warmed, and she only felt that the way to repay her kindness was right. Up.

Long Yan had an extraordinary appearance. He was walking with Liu Ying on the street. Many women showed their hearts to Long Yan, and some even pretended to fall to help him. Long Yan glanced at the women with cold eyes, and Liu Ying had to step forward and lightly hold Long Yan’s arm, so as to dissipate the people’s admiring gaze for Long Yan. Liu Ying knew that Long Yan was here to repay his favor. She made Long Yan no longer need to repay his favor.

Long Yan took out the monarch he had bought to repay his favor, saying that everything he had done before was taught in the book. Only then did Liu Ying know that Long Yan saw it. After the bad book, she stopped Long Yan from reading the book. Long Yan threw the book into the air and wiped it out. From the bottom of her heart, she confirmed that the method of repaying favor between Xu Xian and the white lady is certain, and she has been studying it in private. This book of White Snake.

Qingqing spent a lot of effort to find the location of Luofeng Pavilion. She saw a pipa called a floating pipa. As long as the strings were pulled out, the surface of the pipa could be wiped out. Qing Qing was very happy when she saw Pipa. She wanted to go forward to extract the strings, but was discovered by Bing Xing. Bing Xing took Qing Qing and brought them to the pavilion master Xue Xianxun. Xue Qian looked cold and frosty.

After he learned of this, he uttered the word “killed” without lifting his head. Qingqing begged Xue Xianxun to spare her. She just wanted to borrow the floating pipa. The floating pipa is Xue Xianxun’s beloved thing. No one had thought of this pipa for hundreds of years. Xue Xianxun couldn’t help but raised his head and glanced at Qingqing. When he saw the green shooting star marks, Xue Xianxun only felt a headache. He didn’t know what kind of monster Qing Qing was, so he only took Qing Qing’s mana and asked Qing Qing to stay by his side as a maidservant for a hundred years, so that he could find out Qing Qing’s origin.

In the biography of the White Snake, Bai Suzhen married Xu Xian to repay her favor. Long Yan didn’t know what she meant by marrying, and wanted to marry Liu Ying. After listening to Long Yan’s words, Liu Ying shook her head and refused. She couldn’t marry Long Yan. Long Yan resolved Liu Ying’s worries, and was willing to transform Liu Ying into what she loved.

Liu Ying did not dislike Long Yan’s appearance. She frankly said that Xia Houxue saved Long Yan, and Long Yan stepped forward to sniff Liuying lightly. Liu Ying’s breath must be Liu Ying’s rescue. Seeing that Long Yan had decided, Liu Ying had no choice but to say that she was tired and she wanted to rest. Long Yan agreed, but did not intend to leave.

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