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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 1 Recap

In ancient times, a horse-drawn carriage was slowly traveling in the suburbs. The horse-drawn carriage was a pair of masters and servants who wanted to go to a feast of hairpins together. Only Xia Houying, a woman in Chinese clothes, was anxiously missed the hour, and the maid beside her said that she was Xiahou Xuejie Jiao, the master and the servant are the same sisters. Seeing that Liu Ying was reading Yulong’s script for a thousand years, Xia Houxue couldn’t help but shook her head. She didn’t believe in the existence of dragons in the world, but Liu Ying had a girlish fantasy.

The girl finally came together through all kinds of difficulties and dangers. She also believed that there must be a dragon in the world. At this moment, the carriage was stopped by the refugees. Xia Houxue sprained her foot in a panic. Liu Ying was witty and clever. With her little coup, she helped Xia Houxue heal her foot injury, and the two of them were ready to continue to the Zanhua Banquet. When Liu Ying looked up, she unexpectedly saw a white dragon flying in the clouds. Xia Houxue didn’t take it seriously, only that Liu Ying was dazzled.

A silver-haired man walked out of the pool in a cloud-shrouded Long Yin pool naked. He saw the handsome man. With a wave of his big hand, he evoked a robe. He is the dragon king Wei Chi Longyan who has cultivated for thousands of years. Yuchi Longyan pressed his lips lightly, the handsome and elegant young man in white ordered Ge Xingjun to walk out, and ordered Ge Xingjun to congratulate Yuchi Longyan for passing the second sky thunder, but he often forgot to dress and walk out of Longyin Pond.

Quite annoying. Although Long Yan passed through the second sky thunder safely, his heart pulse was damaged, and he was afraid that he could not cope with the sky catastrophe in a few days later. This sky catastrophe was the last sky thunder for Long Yan to ascend to an immortal, especially for Long Yan. important. Ming Ge Xingjun mentioned the ancient gold armor stolen in the heavenly court. If you have this gold armor body, you will be able to protect the dragon from the catastrophe, but this gold armor is in the hands of the two evil spirits, I am afraid it is not so easy to get .

The sky changed drastically. The sky that was originally a clear sky suddenly thundered and lightning. Liu Ying took a little blue bird, but didn’t know that the little blue bird was cultivating. It coveted the cool feeling on Liu Ying’s body and refused to leave. On the other side, Long Yan single-handedly broke into the cave of the two evil spirits. Although he hurt his heart in the second sky thunder, taking the gold armor was a trivial matter for him. Unexpectedly, there was an ambush here, and Long Yan was almost trapped in the cave.

When Xia Houxue and Liu Ying were out for fun, the two unexpectedly met Long Yan’s real body and mistakenly regarded Long Yan as a little white snake. Xia Houxue was afraid of snakes, and Liu Ying was bitten by a snake when she was a child and she didn’t dare to step forward, but Xia Houxue couldn’t bear to watch the little snake fall outside, so Liu Ying stepped forward and rescued the little snake. Liu Ying rescued Long Yan with Xia Houxue’s encouragement.

She returned to the room and locked Long Yan in a cage. When Long Yan, who had been pampered since childhood, received this kind of treatment, he shouted resistance on the spot, with a flowing heart and kindness, so he had to release Long Yan. Long Yan was wounded, Liu Ying carefully rubbed medicine for Long Yan to heal his injuries, and no longer had been afraid of Long Yan, she had only been taking good care of him.

Liu Ying feeds Long Yan to quail eggs, but Long Yan is not a real little white snake. He doesn’t like to eat cold things. Liu Ying was surprised by this and only kept feeding Long Yan to hot pastries. Xia Houxue was very surprised that Little White Snake loved to eat pastries, but she didn’t want to see Little White Snake, so she only gave Liuying a few durian pastries. Liu Ying brought the cakes to Long Yan. Long Yan was originally recovering his body, but when he heard Liu Ying’s footsteps approaching, he hurriedly changed back to his original body and ate all the cakes Liu Ying had brought.

At night, when Liu Ying fell asleep, Long Yan transformed back into his body and slept with Liu Ying for the night. Liu Ying’s sleeping face was not honest. When Long Yan woke up the next day, he saw Liu Ying holding herself. Long Yan, who didn’t know what love in the world was, couldn’t help frowning. He took out Liuying’s clothes and wanted her to stay away.

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