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Warmer by Wei Lai Yan

Warmer (Novel)
Other Name: 趋暖

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Wei Lai Yan Yan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“The Warmth” is a youth campus novel written by the author “Wei Lai Yan Yan”. Zhan Yan and Yi Zhichen are the protagonists in the novel. Story introduction: Zhan Yan lived with his parents in the UK when he was very young , She already speaks English very fluently. After growing up, she returned to the embrace of the motherland and became a classmate of Yi Zhichen. Although Yi Zhichen has studied English for many years, his English scores have always been the bottom of the class. Zhan Yan felt that the students should help each other, volunteered to help Yi Zhichen to improve his English scores, but was rejected.

Free Reading Highlights:

“Look, I’m still watching, do I want to eat anymore.” The aunt who raised the spoon looked at the person in front of her and turned her head and looked back. She was angry when she didn’t turn back to order for a long time.

“Look, the boy was so scared that his voice was shaking when ordering food. The aunt in the cafeteria was too fierce. Ask your father to notify the principal to take care of it.” Yin Jiahe stepped forward and said to Jin Chengzhi.

“It’s right to be fierce.” Jin Chengzhi’s expression was as it should be.

As soon as Zhan Yan sat down, Jin Chengzhi gave her a spoon and chopsticks. She glanced at Jin Chengzhi and Yin Jiahe who were sitting face to face, then looked forward at Yi Xiaoxiao, and finally turned to look at Qiao Chuhe who had just sat down on the left. Yi Zhichen asked strangely: “Why don’t you use chopsticks?”

“His dad is stingy, and the cafeteria doesn’t even buy chopsticks, and the spoons are our own.” Qiao Chu said vaguely with a mouthful of rice.

Jin Chengzhi: “Don’t listen to his nonsense. I don’t know why people who come to Yujia to study bring their own spoons. The chopsticks prepared in the cafeteria are basically not used. Even if you eat noodles in the morning, everyone is used to taking spoons.

Yi Xiaoxiao: “I was very strange when I first came here. I felt the spoon was very awkward to use, but now I can use it comfortably.”

“Me too. When I first started school, I went to get the chopsticks, and many people stared at me like monsters. In order not to be followed by those gazes, I am now assimilated, sad!” Yi Zhichen He scooped up a spoonful of Kung Pao chicken and delivered it to his mouth with a depressed look.

Jin Chengzhi tried hard to think about it, he didn’t have any memories of struggling with a spoon without chopsticks in his mind.

After a meal, it’s lunch break.

“Welcome to beautiful roommates!” As soon as Zhan Yan and Yi Xiaoxiao entered the door, Xu Xiaoqiu was sprayed with ribbons.

Before Zhanyan said “Thank you”, her hands were already embracing Xu Xiaoqiu. Faced with the expression of emotion of this foreign roommate, Xu Xiaoqiu was also stunned.

“Hug at every turn and kiss on the cheek when you meet. The Chinese are really not comfortable with this set.” Xu Xiaoqiu stood stiffly and said a little embarrassingly.

Yi Xiaoxiao looked at them, pursed his lips and smiled, and went straight to the bathroom.

“Xiaoxiao, can I sleep with you at noon? The top is too high, I have no time to go to bed after I make the bed at noon.” Zhanyan said earnestly at Yi Xiaoxiao who had just washed his hands and walked over.

Yi Xiaoxiao thought for a few seconds before nodding.

On the bed, Zhanyan held Yi Xiaoxiao’s arms with her hands and leaned her head on her shoulders. Except for the slight breathing, there was no big movement. The sleeping posture fits the feeling of her whole person.

During the class, Yi Zhichen introduced the teachers to Zhan Yan one by one, “Our class teacher is surnamed and everyone calls him the old class. Teacher Shang teaches Chinese, and Teacher Xia teaches geography. You can simply write it down as “Knowing astronomy and geography” …”

Zhanyan listened and wrote, remembering to be very serious.

After Yi Zhichen finished talking and looked down, what Zhanyan recorded on the paper turned out to be’mother boss, go to my text, go to the ground’.

Yi Zhichen helped his forehead, “How many words do you think you are wrong?”

“There seems to be something missing in the language of the language, and everything else is fine.” Zhan Yan replied very confidently.

“Brother, congratulations, the last chair, you finally can’t sit still.” Yi Zhichen turned his head and said to Qiao Chu.

“The chair is unstable…why? Is it broken?” Zhanyan’s eyes were quite puzzled.

“No, it was robbed.” Yi Zhichen looked at her and said.

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