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The tip of Mr. Jiang’s heart

The tip of Mr. Jiang’s heart (Novel)
Other Name: 江先生的心尖

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Mo Yun
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The novel based on the emotional entanglement between Chi Meng, Jiang Xun and Qiao Wei is called “Mr. Jiang’s Heart”, adapted from the author “Mo Yungui”‘s original work “Tsundere Nie Shao Chase His Wife Difficult”, Xu Ran, Nie Yan, Song Yu is the original name of the protagonist. The details of the content are: Chi Meng is the woman who has been with Jiang Xun for the longest time, not only because of her outstanding appearance, but also because of her self-knowledge, she has never caused troubles with the gold master, and her quiet personality is her The main reason for being able to stand tall.

Now that the gold master is about to get married, she decided to make long-term plans for her future. No one doesn’t love money. The original intention of starting this relationship was also because of profit. After making a lot of money, she will take the initiative to leave. It is false to say that it is not emotional, who would not love such a good man? But if you move the truth, then it means you will lose…

Free Reading Highlights:

When I walked to the door, I even wondered if Jiang Xun made a joke with me deliberately. In the past, when he suddenly had a whim, he would ring my doorbell so early. He had the key, but it was very Those who are persistent must ask me to open the door.

I once asked him why, and he said faintly, saying that he was very curious about what it would be like to wake up after I slept all night.

I deliberately sorted out myself before opening the door. Standing outside, it was not Jiang Xun, or even someone I didn’t know.

He is well-dressed, his suit is cut in place, and his hair is meticulously combed. The only thing that contradicts is the too modest smile on his face. Such a smile shouldn’t come from a person who dresses well, unless he is engaged. Yes, the service industry.

Of course, the service industry I am talking about is clothing, not anything else.

Seeing the box in his hand, I couldn’t help asking: “What are you doing here, please?”

“Ms. Chi Meng, Mr. Jiang especially told me that he must deliver this dress to you in person.”

He always maintained a humble smile, neither too flattering nor so blunt. He could afford such a person, but his surname was Jiang. There was no one else except Jiang Xun.

“Did Jiang Xun send it? What else did he say?”

There was a look of expectation in my voice, and at the same time I felt a little uneasy. If it was Jiang Xunsong, what was his intention? Is it an extra breakup gift?

“It was given by Mr. Jiang Ming.”

A word from someone made me completely put my heart in my stomach. Why did I forget? Jiang Ming said that he would send me a set of dresses to participate in Saturday’s game.

I took the box and said blankly: “Okay, then I know.”

“Well, Miss Xu, if there is anything wrong with the dress, you can call me at any time. My phone is in the box.”


I closed the door and put the box aside at random. It was still unknown whether to participate or not to participate in the game on Saturday. I would like to send this dress up now, it would be too hasty.

I simply cleaned myself up. Instead, I don’t know where to go. Jinlou is reorganized and closed, and there is nothing to do there. Jiang Xun is busy with the marriage contract with Song Yu. If I rush to find it now If it won’t get any cheap, it might be counterproductive.

Over the years, I have been able to stay with Jiang Xun, but he just likes me not to disturb. Even now, he doesn’t want me. I still have to keep this advantage. If things turn for the better in the future , Or he suddenly changed his mind, I can’t let me leave any stains in his heart.

Looking in the mirror, the impeccable self with exquisite makeup.

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