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Campus male god is a goddess

Campus male god is a goddess (Novel)
Other Name: 校园男神是女神

Genre: novel, Female, Campus, romance
Author: Liangliang
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Jiang Tong and Ji Yicheng are the protagonists in the novel “Campus Goddess is a Goddess”, which is a school romance book created by the author “Liang Liang”. The full text mainly tells: Not long ago, Jiang Tong’s family suffered an accident, and she lost her biological parents as a result. In order to survive the Jiang family’s only blood, the housekeeper took her to another city, and even became the boy in the eyes of everyone. At that time, she appeared in Ji Yicheng’s world and became roommates living under the same roof with him. But she didn’t expect that in the process of getting along, she lost her heart.

Free Reading Highlights:

The young man walked to Uncle Lin and took what he had in his hand: “Sorry, I kept you waiting.”

“No, but I trouble you.” Uncle Lin said to Ji Yicheng with a smile.

“No, it’s really time for lunch now. What do you like to eat?” Ji Yicheng put his luggage in the trunk and waited for Uncle Lin to get on the bus.

“I don’t have any special preferences, just look at classmate Ji.” Uncle Lin said.

Ji Yicheng fastened his seat belts and started the car: “Then I’ll be more respectful than my fate and decide without authorization.”

Not long after the car drove, they came to a porridge shop and walked in.

“Your body is just fine, it is better to eat lightly.” Ji Yicheng handed the menu to Uncle Lin and said respectfully.

Uncle Lin looked at the environment of the hotel, and he felt very good.

The whole restaurant is mainly based on ancient style, comfortable environment, good service, and most of the porridge contains Chinese medicinal materials, which is in line with the preferences of the elderly.

“Your vision is good, so please help me order it.” Uncle Lin looked at him with admiration in his eyes.

“Thank you for the compliment. The health porridge here is delicious and has good nutritional value. I will order this for you.” Ji Yicheng gave the waiter a good order.

After the waiter left, Ji Yicheng poured a cup of tea for Uncle Lin: “Uncle Lin, I will use tea instead of wine to celebrate your recovery and discharge.”

“Thank you.” Uncle Lin took the tea and took a sip. “Actually, I asked classmate Ji to pick me up this time because I wanted to ask you something. I hope you can answer truthfully.”

Seeing that Uncle Lin is so direct, Ji Yicheng no longer plays dumb puzzles, and goes straight forward: “I know what Uncle Lin wants to ask, is it about Jiang Tong’s identity?”

There was a gleam in Uncle Lin’s eyes: “It seems that Classmate Ji already knows.”

“Yes, but I want to know why she did this?” Ji Yicheng looked straight at Uncle Lin.

“Well, I can only tell you that it’s because someone wants to find her.” Uncle Lin showed sorrow, thinking of the suffering that he took the “young” to run every day, hiding in various places during these hours, he felt sorry for Jiang. Tong.

“Then that group did your injury?” Ji Yicheng probably had a guess in his heart.

Uncle Lin nodded: “Yes, they do whatever they can to achieve their goals, so I let the young lady pretend to be a man.”

Thinking that he went back to clear the traces of the young lady before, but heard the news that the original family continued to develop drugs, he was shocked and went to the research institute to investigate. Unexpectedly, this was a trap set by the original family. Fortunately, he realized it later. Come, otherwise he will not only be injured, probably will not be able to come back.

At this moment, the waiter brought the meal: “You can enjoy it slowly.”

After putting it away, the waiter respectfully retreated.

“You taste it, it should suit your appetite.” Ji Yicheng recommended to Uncle Lin.

Uncle Lin took a spoonful and put it in his mouth, um, it was really good.

“I will protect Jiang Tong.” Ji Yicheng solemnly assured Uncle Lin.

Uncle Lin’s movements became stiff, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, without showing any reaction.

Miss, it seems that you have a good vision, if the master sees him, he will also like him very much.

Uncle Lin continued to drink the porridge in his hand, as if he hadn’t heard it.

However, Ji Yicheng didn’t care, he just expressed his attitude to Uncle Lin, not necessarily his answer.

After that, the two of them did not speak and spent a quiet lunch.

After Ji Yicheng sent Uncle Lin back to his residence, he went to Huanxing Community to see Jiang Tong.

At this moment, Jiang Tong was watching TV boredly in the living room.

Hearing the sound of the “click” key opening the door, Jiang Tong knew that Ji Yicheng had arrived without even looking at it.

Because he would come once or twice a day, she was used to it.

“You seem to be here much later than usual.” Jiang Tong looked at the time on the wall.

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