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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 24 End Recap

The Wen family brothers finally marry the Yuan family sisters. –

Grandpa entered the operating room critically. Wen Liangye stayed outside. Facing his brother who came in a hurry, he blamed himself very much. He told him about the dispute with his grandpa. Wen Jinchen accused him of not telling the matter earlier, and said It would be great if the father was there. As the words were being said, the old dad who had traveled far away came. It turned out that when Yueyue first heard Wen Jinchen tell the story of her father’s generation, she had been posting news of missing people on the Lvyou website. Father Wen saw the news and just returned Wenda City received the news that the old man was critically ill, so he hurried over.

The old man succeeded in the operation and passed the dangerous period. However, at this time, the Wen Group ushered in a crisis and a large number of employees resigned. Yueyue learned that her sister was sent away, and blamed the Wen family for all the prince’s disease, and then went to the hospital to take care of Mr. Wen angrily, hoping that he would wake up and tell her where she was sent away.

Under Yueyue’s careful care, Mr. Wen woke up. After this serious illness, facing the children and grandchildren who came back, he let go of his stubborn pride. There is nothing better than a family reunion. After being discharged from the hospital, the two families of Wen and Yuan had dinner together in the restaurant. Grandpa was ill and was hospitalized. Although he was in a coma, he was also aware of Yueyue taking care of herself. He was very moved and said that he was willing to meet all her requirements. Yueyue said with a smile. I haven’t seen Grandpa laughing. I hope to see him. Grandpa reluctantly agreed. The family will also laugh when they see Old Man Wen, who has always been stern-faced. He looks funny and cute.

Grandpa hopes that Wen Liangye will come home to live and will deliver Wen to him. He apologizes that he owes Wen Liangye and her son the most. Now he wants to make up for it. Wen Liangye believes that if his mother is still alive, he will forgive his grandfather.

The two Wen brothers talked about each other, and Wen Liangye said that tomorrow he would have a gift for his brother in the company. On the second day, Wen Jinchen, who came to the company, did not see his brother. He only saw that there were not a few employees in the empty office. After inquiring, he learned that Tianyi Group had hired high-tech employees and needed to sign a lot. Wen Jinchen felt that after all, people couldn’t withstand the temptation.

Facing the situation of his own company’s employees leaving one after another, Wen Liangye finally chose to confess his unfair competition with Ye Zhiyu in the Chengguan Commercial District case and then surrendered. Tianyi Group was frustrated and Wen employees also retained. This is him. Gift for younger brother.

Yuan Siya and Wen Jinchen came to the prison to visit Wen Liangye and Ye Zhiyu. Siya said that he would never forgive Wen Liangye for his actions, so he would spend his whole life to make up for the debt to himself and his children. Facing Ye Zhiyu who was serving the sentence, Wen Jinchen blamed herself a bit, because everything she did was to prove that she had the same conditions as her. If the two had never met, then perhaps Ye Zhiyu would not be where she is today, Ye Zhiyu. He said that he was finally relieved and hoped that Wen Yuan and his wife could be happy.

Yuan father and Yuan mother are ready to remarry, facing the tigress, Yuan father is also very happy, and the two are willing to fight and suffer. Wen Jun proposed to Smile, and Smile agreed without hesitation.

Three years later, Wen Liangye’s sentence ended. The two Wen brothers married two sisters from the Yuan family. After a scene of escaped marriage and identifying twins, Wen Jinchen and Wen Liangye joined hands with their lovers and embarked on the wedding hall. The two lovers have gone through hardships and finally stumbled towards completion. In the face of the happy children and grandchildren, the parents of both parties are also very happy. In the end, a family portrait announced the beginning of a more beautiful and happy life for this four-generation family of grandparents.

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