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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 28 Recap

Hu Meng received harassing calls from netizens every day. He verbally verbally abused her on the phone. Hu Meng gritted his teeth with anger and wanted to find the lawyer hired by Granny Gui’s son to help her in the lawsuit.

Lao Hou and Hu Meng pushed Granny Gui to the park to relax. The members who applied for the card at the physiotherapy shop recognized her, chased her and intercepted her. Lao Hou hurriedly covered Hu Meng to leave. That night, Hu Meng looked at the comments and messages that vilified her on the Internet. He couldn’t express his grievances. Someone downstairs accidentally broke the glass of Hu Meng’s house by playing a drone.

Hu Meng hurriedly went downstairs to find the perpetrator and reason. Misunderstood that the person used a drone to take pictures of her. The neighbors recognized Hu Meng as an internet celebrity who used false endorsements and accused her of her. Hu Meng hurried home in fright.

Wu Hui consulted with Ye Xiaomei and did not want Hu Meng to return to the nursing home, worrying about affecting the reputation of the nursing home. At this moment, Changqing hurriedly approached Ye Xiaomei for help. Hu Meng ran away from home and did not bring her mobile phone. Changqing had called the police. Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang hurriedly separated to find someone, but found nothing.

Hu Meng left home with a large box of luggage. She deliberately looked for a remote place, worried about being recognized, but she was recognized by kind fans. She repeatedly praised her for singing, and Hu Meng felt a little comforted. Evergreen opened a live broadcast and asked netizens to help find someone, and cried and begged everyone to let Hu Meng go. A kind netizen saw Changqing’s live broadcast and called to reveal that Hu Meng was staying in a small hotel.

Changqing, Ye Xiaomei, Guo Sanshuang and others rushed to the small hotel. The waiter refused to reveal Hu Meng’s room number. Thanks to the police who arrived in time, the waiter said the room number and explained that Hu Meng had left early in the morning. Evergreen and they hurried to find Hu Meng. Hu Meng desperately came to the river alone, smashing all the trophies to pieces, thinking of her death, Changqing suddenly rushed to call her, Hu Meng cried sadly, she had never been abused and abused by so many people. slander.

Ye Xiaomei tried hard to persuade that Changqing had sold the house and was going to compensate those netizens who suffered losses. The police promised to catch the liar and asked Hu Meng for an explanation. Hu Meng was relieved a little bit, and Ye Xiaomei agreed to let Hu Meng and her son move to the nursing home. Go live. Joey quickly found a house and couldn’t wait to bring Joe Xiaobao to visit, but Qiao Xiaobao didn’t buy it, and he spoke coldly to her. Joey was not angry, and tried to please her.

When Hu Meng returned to the nursing home, the old people cared for her regardless of previous complaints, and Mrs. Hou was even more happy from ear to ear. Evergreen’s first love girlfriend saw the live broadcast and suddenly returned to China to find Evergreen to reunite. Hu Meng was very pleased to see this scene and regretted the impulse to separate them.

The police from the police station came to report good news to Hu Meng. They caught the owner of the physiotherapy shop and asked Hu Meng to go to the police station to cooperate with the investigation. Hu Meng was very happy. Joey came to the nursing home to find Sanshuang, but Guo Sanshuang avoided her and shut her out of the gate. Joey forced Sanshuang to move over to live with their mother and daughter as soon as possible. Guo Sanshuang flatly refused, and Joey called. Under the banner of Qiao Xiaobao, Guo Sanshuang came to the house to keep warm.

Guo Sanshuang bought a gift and came to Joey’s rental house. He was worried about being entangled by Joey and ran away when he wanted to put the gift down. Guo Sanshuang knocked on the door and entered the house, and learned that Qiao Xiaobao hadn’t come back from his classmate’s house. Joey only invited him. He was a greenhouse in name. In fact, he wanted to celebrate their eighth anniversary. Joey dressed up and talked about his past eight years ago. After Sanshuang, he wanted to run when he saw that the momentum was wrong, and Joey desperately kept him.

Joey and Guo Sanshuang happily talked about the wine. The two drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. Joey seduce Sanshuang in every possible way through Jiu Jin, and Guo Sanshuang hurriedly hid in the toilet. Ye Xiaomei asked her girlfriend to drink and complain. She called Sanshuang’s mobile phone, but Joey answered the phone, claiming that today is the eighth anniversary of her acquaintance with Sanshuang, and that she has fallen asleep after Sanshuang. Ye Xiaomei hung up angrily phone.

Guo Sanshuang came out of the bathroom, poured a glass of cold water on Joey’s head, persuaded her to calm down, then slammed the door and left. The more Ye Xiaomei thought about it, the more angry she became. Regardless of her girlfriend’s objections, she wanted to call Sanshuang, but she never thought that Sanshuang would come here to drink. Ye Xiaomei sneered at him.

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