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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 21 Recap

Grandpa asked Wen Jinchen to hold a formal and solemn proposal ceremony for Yuan Siya. When choosing a wedding ring, he also generously chose a very expensive ring for his grandson and daughter-in-law. Wen Jun chose a music box for Long Xiaorong by the way, and when he gave a gift, he warmly invited him to drink coffee at home.

Grandpa said that when “Siya” gave birth to the child smoothly and safely, he would give her part of the company’s shares. Wen Jinchen wanted to tell all the facts, but seeing his grandpa looking very expectant, it was difficult to speak.

Ye Zhiyu informed Pei Xiuzhe about the true relationship between Yuan Siya and Wen Liangye, and wanted to dismantle Wen Jinchen and Yuan Yueyue from him. After Pei Xiuzhe knew the truth, he met Wen Liangye at the bar and punched him fiercely. After being beaten, Wen Liangye said that he was really purposeful when approaching him at first, but later discovered that Pei was a good person and a good friend during the contact. The reason why he didn’t tell the matter was that he essentially didn’t want to hurt him. He also said that he had been taken too much, only Yuan Siya, no one would let it.

Siya took the initiative to contact Pei Xiuzhe and told him that she loved Wen Liangye so much that he could give up everything. At the same time, she realized that she was very sorry to Pei Xiuzhe. This time she came to apologize, but Pei Xiuzhe refused.

Wen Jinchen arranged the marriage proposal and Wen Jun told the troubles that he said he looked a lot like Long Xiaorong’s ex-boyfriend. When he doubted the smile, he liked him because of this incident. The proposal began immediately. As soon as Yueyue arrived at the hotel door, she received a letter from her sister. Siya asked Yueyue to return to her hometown immediately and could not tell anyone. Yueyue had no choice but to think about it for a moment and could only go home.

Wen Jun and others waited downstairs for a long time, and finally waited until Yueyue, but at first glance Wen Jinchen realized that this person was her sister Yuan Siya instead of her beloved Yueyue. Yuan Siya informed that Pei Xiuzhe might have already All the truth of the matter was told to Grandpa Wen. Before he could finish speaking, Grandpa brought the lawyer’s money to Xingshi to inquire about the crime.

Grandpa discovered the red envelope that Wen Jinchen gave to the private doctor. Although the doctor repeatedly assured that Jan Yueyue was indeed pregnant, neither Wen Jinchen nor Grandpa Wen believed it. Grandpa recognized Yuan Siya as Yueyue and threatened either Either see you in court if you leave Wen Jinchen. Siya knew that she owed her sister too much, so she chose to leave instead of Yueyue and was sent away by Elder Wen.

The two brothers of the Wen family came to the bar to ask Pei Xiuzhe Xingshi about their crimes. Not only did Pei Xiuzhe not think he was wrong, but instead shifted all the responsibility to Wen Liangye. Wen Jinchen sat down to reason with him, and Pei Xiuzhe realized that he was out of jealousy. It was indeed wrong, but Wen Liangye, who had lost her beloved, did not want to listen to his apology.

Ye Zhiyu pretended to be well-behaved and approached Grandpa Wen to discuss matters. Wen Jinchen returned to her hometown to find Yueyue, but did not tell Yuan Siya about her. Yueyue was very happy to take him to the Game City and happily played a few games with her old friends.

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