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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 24 Recap

Gu Chuan’s parents returned home. Gu Chuan decided to have dinner with them. Su Manlin proposed to join him, but Gu Chuan refused Su Manlin’s request. But when he left the office, Su Manlin saw that Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning away. The administrative department of the company came to the address of Gu Chuan’s parents and deliberately paid a visit with a gift. Sure enough, Gu’s parents were very happy to see Su Manlin and offered to let Su Manlin eat together. Gu Chuan originally planned to introduce his girlfriend to his parents.

But who knows that seeing Su Manlin sitting at the other end of the dining table, Gu Chuan is full of unhappy words, Jiang Xiaoning is about to take the initiative to pour water for everyone, who knows that the teapot is too hot, the teapot falls, Su Manlin’s face is all watching Who knew that Gu Chuan rushed over to care about Jiang Xiaoning’s situation, Su Manlin was unwilling, and Gu’s father and mother Gu also noticed the relationship between Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning, and she was full of happiness for her son.

Gu Chuan wanted to find a private opportunity to introduce Jiang Xiaoning to his parents. Su Manlin’s presence today made Gu Chuan very unhappy. Gu Chuan sent Jiang Xiaoning home. As soon as Gu Chuan’s car drove away, Tang Xu came to Jiang Xiaoning’s house. Next, the sensitive Tang Xu had long been aware of Gu Chuan’s feelings for Jiang Xiaoning. He didn’t expect that the two were really together. Tang Xu was full of regrets. Why didn’t Jiang Xiaoning wait for a while…

Su Manlin mentioned to Gu Chuan today that her university has opened up a place for Jiang Xiaoning to participate. Naturally, Gu Chuan knew Su Manlin’s intentions, so she refused, thinking that Jiang Xiaoning would be able to pass the exam and get a diploma with her own help. . Su Manlin repeatedly hit the wall and felt very frustrated. She couldn’t help but sullen in a bar. Tang Xu sat next to Su Manlin. The conversation between the two frustrated people was full of spikes.

Tang Xu thought that Su Manlin had loved Gu Chuan for so long. But never had a chance to confess, it was a failure. Stimulated by Tang Xu, the drunk Su Manlin came to Gu Chuan’s door, patted Gu Chuan’s door, and hugged Gu Chuan, leaving only Gu Chuan with a puzzled face. Su Manlin, who had lost her square inch, confessed directly to Gu Chuan, but Gu Chuan only regarded Su Manlin as a friend. Things shouldn’t happen tonight, but Su Manlin still chased for an answer, and Gu Chuan directly said that she didn’t like it.

Su Manlin didn’t understand how Jiang Xiaoning surpassed herself. After a few months, she defeated her for six years. Su Manlin’s depreciation of Jiang Xiaoning caused Gu Chuan’s great dissatisfaction. Gu Chuan asked Su Manlin to drive Su Manlin out of the house and persuaded Su Manlin to take more rest. God, adjust your mentality, Gu Chuan’s indifferent attitude makes Su Manlin leave haggardly.

The next day, Su Manlin did not show up. When I asked about Gu Chuan, she only said that it was a long holiday. Gu Chuan passed the gift prepared by her mother to Jiang Xiaoning. The note inside invited Jiang Xiaoning out to chat. Regarding Jiang Xiaoning’s appearance, Gu’s mother was very positive. Agree, just hope that Jiang Xiaoning can adjust in the middle to ease the family relationship.

When Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to see Gu’s father and mother again, Gu Chuan formally apologized to his parents. After Jiang Xiaoning’s persuasion, Gu Chuan wanted to open up about his situation. It was also Jiang Xiaoning’s words that Gu Chuan renewed. Faced with their parents, the family finally talked about the wine again.

Zhao Yan didn’t go home until late at night after working overtime. As soon as she got home, she saw the table full of meals prepared by Xu Chengran. Seeing Xu Chengran’s sleepy expression, Zhao Yan couldn’t help feeling warmth. But in order to avoid emotional damage, Zhao Yan prepared a contract for Xu Chengran, and the most important item in the contract was to let Xu Chengran give up his second-generation rich status and live a happy identity in a small apartment with Zhao Yan. With the firmness of Zhao Yan’s eyes, Xu Chengran’s eyes changed from playful to serious…

Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan sent their parents to the airport. Gu Chuan, who had changed his mind, was very enthusiastic about his parents. Under Jiang Xiaoning’s suggestion, Gu Chuan embraced his father who was once acupuncture point again, and Gu’s father and mother also treated Jiang Xiaoning. More recognition.

Su Manlin returned to the company, Gu Chuan transferred her position back to the single room and let Jiang Xiaoning sit in Su Manlin’s position. Su Manlin, who has not changed positions for six years, could see Gu Chuan just because of that position. After the confession was rejected, Gu Chuan was so cruel that he didn’t leave any thoughts to herself, and Su Manlin had to go back to the single room in despair. But after thinking about it, Jiang Xiaoning still didn’t feel sitting in Su Manlin’s position.

Xu’s father handed over the recently tendered project to Tang Xu. Xu’s father asked whether Tang Xu would choose to hand over this design project to Gu Chuan. Tang Xu just felt that he should trust his partner. Xu’s father listened to Tang Xu silently. Analysis, did not say much, but patted Tang Xu on the shoulder heavily, as if implying something…

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