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Faith Makes Great 理想照耀中国 Episode 3 Recap

In 2017, Liu Leilei returned to the Chinese Women’s Judo Training Center again as a coach. He raised his drumsticks and beat the drums around him to greet the female players to come out for training.

The story goes back to 2001, when the 16-year-old Liu Leilei was selected for the national judo team because of his outstanding judo performance, outstanding physical condition and judo skills. At that time, the women’s team had greater hopes of winning the championship and urgently needed high-level male athletes to do sparring. For the needs of the country, Liu Leilei, an iron-clad Shandong man, became the male sparring trainer of the Chinese women’s judo team.

Liu Leilei came to the women’s judo training hall for the first time, and he was very excited. The coach asked him to participate in a five-minute one-on-one battle. Liu Leilei was like a bare-handed recruit. As soon as he came on the court, he was hit hard by the female judo players. On the ground, he got up again and again, and was thrown down again and again. Liu Leilei was sore and injured in his shoulder. The other male training partners complained and wanted to retreat.

Liu Leilei went back to the dormitory, and silently rubbed himself the trauma potion. He came to the training ground with a hard support the next morning. He was still thrown like a sandbag by the female team member. Liu Leilei was shaken, and the coach was moved by his reason With love and persuaded him to put national interests first, Liu Leilei resisted tears and went on the court again. He deliberately selected the strongest female players. The coach was very pleased to see this scene.

Liu Leilei worked hard on the field and got along well with the female players in private. In his spare time, he helped them wash clothes, buy snacks and sanitary products, so that they could free up more time and energy for training. The women’s judo team is preparing to participate in the Olympics. They train harder. Liu Leilei was hit by different female players hundreds of times every day. His ankle was injured.

But in order to take care of Sister Xia who was losing weight, he could only support the cushion with his wrist, which caused a scapula injury. The doctor did not allow him to continue training, but Liu Leilei did not want the players to miss the Olympic Games once every four years. He resisted the pain and continued to play with the training. The coach learned of this and severely taught Liu Leilei.

Sister Xia thanked Liu Leilei and encouraged him to continue to work hard to join the men’s national judo team to win medals. Liu Leilei dreamed of wanting to win the gold medal by herself, but when he saw the female players win, he was full of pride. Liu Leilei watched the game over and over again. Video to find out the shortcomings of doing sparring.

My father came to the national team to see Liu Leilei and bought two return tickets in advance to persuade Liu Leilei to go home and learn how to repair the car. Liu Leilei insisted on staying as a sparring partner, so his father had to leave alone, leaving him a large pack of trauma plasters. . In the blink of an eye, the 2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing. The members of the women’s judo team did not want to miss this rare opportunity to show their strength. They trained hard, and Liu Leilei worked harder as a sparring partner. He was not afraid of hardship or tiredness. Xiuli was saddened by the stagnation of technology, and Liu Leilei desperately made her happy.

The women’s judo team lived up to expectations and won three gold medals in the Olympics. Liu Leilei cheered happily, and he immediately called his parents to announce the good news. As soon as the female gold medal players came out, they embraced Liu Leilei and hung all the medals around Liu Leilei’s neck. Liu Leilei laughed like a child.

During the 16-year sparring career from 2001 to 201, Liu Leilei accompanied more than 20 Olympic champions and world champions in training, and was thrown a total of 2.84 million times.

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