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Faith Makes Great (2021) 理想照耀中国

Faith Makes Great (2021)
Other Title: 理想照耀中国, Li Xiang Zhao Yao Zhong Guo, 理想照耀中國, Ideal shines in China, 理想照耀中国

Genres: Historical, Drama, Medical, Political
Fu Dong Yu, Wang Wei
Liang Zhen Hua, Chu Zheng, Hsuan Chen, Qin Wen
Hunan TV
Release Date: 
May 4, 2021
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  • Wang Kai as Gao Fei [Xia Yi Ge 100 Nian]
  • Ning Xin as Xiao Ning [Xia Yi Ge 100 Nian]
  • Neo Hou as Cai Fu Zhen [Chun Zhi Ji]
  • Sophie Zhang as Wu Zhong Wen [Chun Zhi Ji]
  • Seven Tan as Wang Hui Wu [Qing Chun Zhi Ge]
  • Yu Xiao Guang as Wang Yan Chen

One hundred years since the founding of the Communist Party of China, Faith Makes Great tells stories from different times in history that chronicle the people’s endless struggle to realize their dream of rejuvenating the nation.

The key themes are as follows:
“Ice and Fire”: Shougang workers shift operations towards ice-surfacing for the Winter Olympics
“173 meters”: Lanyu Railway Construction
“Rock Sugar”: The story of Deng Jia, the chief commander of atomic bomb theory design
“The Next Hundred Years”: Restoration of the Forbidden City cultural relics
“Family”: Medical Aid Team
“Button”: the first small private business
“Time Train”: High-speed rail construction
“Your Eyes”: Protecting the Yunnan Golden Monkey

The play is presented in the form of a series of characters, recording the moving stories of the great rejuvenation of the entire Chinese nation by Communists in different historical periods since the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The whole play will tell a total of 40 personal stories from various historical periods of the Chinese Communist Party.

The selected representatives are all advanced members of the young people in China, participants in important historical moments of the party and the country, dream-catchers with the energy to shine on others, ideals and beliefs, and thus show that the people of the whole country are committed to the greatness of the Chinese nation in the new era. The rejuvenation of the spirit of unremitting struggle conveys the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party to the younger generation in the form of art, and makes the light of ideals a spiritual beacon that illuminates the progress of young people.

The themes of each unit of “Ideal Shines in China”: “Ice and Fire”: Shougang Workers Transform the Winter Olympics Curling Hall Ice Maker “173 Meters”: Lanyu Railway Construction “Bingtang”: Deeds of Deng Jiaxian, Chief Commander of Atomic Bomb Theory Design “Next One” “Hundred Years”: Restoration of the Forbidden City Cultural Relics “A Family”: Medical Team Aided in Hubei “Buttons”: The First Person of Self-employed “Time Train”: High-speed Rail Construction “Your Eyes”: Protecting Yunnan Golden Monkey

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