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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 40 Recap

Mrs. Lang loves Lang Yongcheng very much, so she begged Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai not to let Lang Yongcheng extend his service. For this reason, she bowed to Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai hurriedly helped her up and said they had a good discussion, but Mrs. Lang wanted them. Give yourself a word.

Yan Yibing was preparing to take charge of the work. Wang Tian felt that there were some problems and demonstrated by herself, and Shao Shuai saw it. Shao Shuai called Yan Yibing away. Wang Tian was startled and thought that he had done something wrong. He didn’t expect that Shao Shuai said that Wang Tian would do better. This time, let Wang Tian do it.

Yi Zimeng encountered difficulties in preparing for the show. Xia Zhuo tried hard to persuade him, but Yi Zimeng told Xia Zhuo that he was going to retire to participate in the draft, and then he took out a leaflet for this year’s draft. Although he has no talent and resources, he always wants to try. Right. Yang Wanjin came to Lu Zheng, hoping that he could approve his application for retirement. Lu Zheng was very sad, Lang Yongcheng?

Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong had to go, and Yang Wanjin had to go too, and even the bones and muscles of the swords were taken away. However, Lu Zheng still decided to respect Yang Wanjin’s ideas. Since he has already decided, he might as well leave. Yang Wanjin was actually very reluctant, but after another four years, he really didn’t know what else he could do when he went back. Yang Wanjin asked Lu Zheng to sign a name on his hat. Lu Zheng held back his tears and signed it. Yang Wanjin said he wanted to leave a thought.

Ouyang Jun and Lin Anbang were setting up the venue when they were suddenly told that the performance team could not come, but the performance had to go on and they would do it themselves. Lin Anbang was a little depressed, so he called Lang Yongcheng and complained that he watched them training every day and that he had been suspended from training for a week.

Lang Yongcheng asked him to perform well and strive to resume training as soon as possible, but Lin Anbang confessed that he was also going to leave this year. Lang Yongcheng on the other end of the phone was stunned and hung up the phone, thinking that Lang Yongcheng would let Lin Anbang learn to drive with him, and tried his best Lang Yongcheng felt a bit bitter in his heart for the mentorship that Lin Anbang brought into the Zhanbian Company, and Lin Anbang was also very entangled in his heart.

Lang Yongcheng recently had an operation. Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong came to see Mrs. Lang. Mrs. Lang prepared a hot pot and was not in a good mood. Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong decided to have a drink with her. Speaking of the square dance, Mrs. Lang said that it was her best friend’s husband, and it was a fake. It was because Lang Yongcheng was not at home that she wanted to piss him off. Hou Jidong and Chen Haofeng were relieved after hearing this. Mrs. Lang was still not very happy. She wanted to talk to Lang Yongcheng.

Every time she called him for more than 20 years, she was hung up without a few words. Husband is by their side, no matter how noisy they are, people are always there. Mrs. Lang’s son was still able to talk when he was there. Now that his son is admitted to college, she has no one to talk. She is like an empty nester in her forties. Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong quickly toasted her a glass of wine, it was indeed not easy for her.

After leaving, Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong were still very uncomfortable, saying that Wang Xianmin’s daughter had given him a nickname called pangolin. Chen Haofeng said that he had forgotten her daughter’s birthday and ignored him. Hou Jidong is still thinking about his sweetheart, who hasn’t been married for so many years. Chen Haofeng persuaded him to leave after a few words. Hou Jidong went on a stroll outside and met Yi Zimeng playing the piano. Yi Zimeng was very depressed. He began to wonder if he was suitable for making music. He even had a complete song.

Can’t write it. Hou Jidong said that not everyone in his life can do what he wants to do. He understands what Yi Zimeng is thinking. Yi Zimeng feels that he is talking drunk. He didn’t expect that Hou Jidong got up and gave him a dance. Dreams look silly. Hou Jidong said that there are many people in the Rocket Army, hiding dragons and crouching tigers. When it is a dragon, it is a dragon, and when it is a tiger, it is a tiger. Hou Jidong asked Yi Zimeng to help him keep secrets and encouraged him. He was fine.

Ouyang Jun came to the training ground, Zuo Li finally decided to admit him, Ouyang Jun quickly expressed his thanks. Wang Tian has been distressed because of the host’s affairs, but Yan Yibing didn’t care about it at all. Speaking of why he became a soldier, Wang Tian said it was because he was a soldier, but the reason why Yan Yibing became a soldier is a secret. Qian Lei felt that this was unfair, and she even took out her own host of honor certificates, but she didn’t come to snatch the host, but to report the show.

Yi Zimeng came to Lu Zheng because the show was not ready, but Lu Zheng insisted on them. Yi Zimeng had to find Ouyang Jun to rehearse. Ouyang Jun was preparing for the exam and said that he had no time, so Yi Zimeng had to go to Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng called to Ouyang Jun to ask why. Ouyang Jun said that no one can become a perfect person that everyone likes. He doesn’t want to compromise.

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