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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 23 Recap

Mr. Hou heard that his idol Hu Meng was visiting the nursing home, and he was very happy. He came to Ye Xiaomei to inquire about the situation. She couldn’t wait to let Hu Meng live in. Ye Xiaomei had lingering fears about the picky Hu Meng. Wu Hui promised to discuss it carefully. Let’s talk about it later.

Hu Meng made up her mind to go to the “Sunshine Home” nursing home. She started packing up her luggage early in the morning. Her son refused to agree and was worried that he would be accused of unfilial piety. But Hu Meng was determined and urged him to get married and have a grandson as soon as possible. A fierce dispute broke out. Hu Meng knew that his son was still thinking about his ex-girlfriend who went abroad for further studies. At the beginning, his son gave the place to his girlfriend, but she never returned.

Hu Meng hugged the puppy and shouted to his son. The son was angry to let the puppy pass on from generation to generation, and then shut himself into the room. Hu Meng knew that the nursing home would not allow pets, but worried that the puppy would not be taken care of. Early in the morning, Hu Meng brought her credentials to the nursing home to go through the formalities. Wu Hui offered to help her carry the luggage. Hu Meng didn’t like other people to move her things, so Wu Hui had to take her to the room.

Hu Meng was dissatisfied with the room’s facilities and sanitation, so Wu Hui hurried to find someone to clean it. Hou Lao came to help after hearing the news. He claimed to be a fan of Hu Meng and obeyed Hu Mengyan. Hu Meng wore sunglasses and went out for a walk. The old naughty boy and old Li sneered at her. Hu Meng gritted their teeth with anger. Ye Xiaomei hurried over to relieve the siege. Granny Gui grabbed the old naughty boy and old Li to apologize to Hu Meng. They both had to do.

Hu Meng secretly packed the puppy in a box and brought it into the nursing home. He tiptoedly hugged him into his room. Hou Lao came to deliver fruit to Hu Meng. Hu Meng hurriedly hid the puppy because he was so scared. Keeping the matter a secret, the puppy suddenly barked twice, and Old Hou coughed loudly to cover it up. Not happy to hear the dog barking, he hurried out to search, but found nothing.

Ye Xiaomei invited Guo Sanshuang to work in a nursing home and promised to pay him five social insurances and one housing fund. Guo Sanshuang was not interested. At night, Lao Hou watched the wind and cleared his way. Hu Meng hugged the puppy and followed behind, letting the puppy poop and pee in the yard. He was not happy to hear the dog barking. Lao Hou and Hu Meng cooperated with each other as an excuse to practice vocalization. Going through the blunder, unhappy and not believing it at all, reminded them to be careful of being discovered by Ye Xiaomei.

Lao Hou was worried that the matter of raising a puppy would be revealed sooner or later, but Hu Meng didn’t want to be separated from the puppy. She offered to teach Lao Hou to learn opera. As long as he continued to conceal this matter, Lao Hou could not ask for it. From that day on, Mr. Hou was covering Hu Meng every day. The two of them took the puppies to the park to let the wind go. Hu Meng taught him to sing. Mr. Hou always went out of tune and never got to the point.

Ye Xiaomei and her best friend were strolling outside and learned that the community leader came to the nursing home to make a surprise check. She took a taxi and hurried back without saying a word. The leader learned about Ye Xiaomei’s service concept for the nursing home. The leader was very satisfied with Ye Xiaomei’s work and suddenly stepped on a dog. Shit, the leader was speechless with anger.

Ye Xiaomei hurriedly called the cleaning staff to find out the situation. Wu Hui checked the surveillance and made a visit to investigate. She learned that many people heard the barking of dogs in Hu Meng’s room and suspected that she was secretly raising a dog. Hu Meng and Hou Lao came back from walking the dog, but they were blocked by Ye Xiaomei. Hu Meng and Hou Lao tried to defend themselves. Ye Xiaomei opened her bag and found the puppy and forcibly took the puppy away.

Hu Meng threatened with a hunger strike in anger. Wu Hui’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Ye Xiaomei explained to Hu Meng her interests and advised her to eat obediently, otherwise the consequences would be at her own risk. Hu Meng was furious and threw out the food in anger. Ye Xiaomei asked Guo Sanshuang to put Hu Meng’s puppy in the pet shop. After Guo Sanshuang finished the formalities and just wanted to leave, she suddenly received a call from Ye Xiaomei for help, only to realize that Hu Meng was on hunger strike.

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