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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 31 End Recap

Liang Chen was about to go to the bathroom. Mother Lu hurriedly chased it out and gave Liang Chen a necklace. She was also very satisfied with Liang Chen and hoped that Liang Chen and Lu Jing could be together, and said that she would support Liang Chen. After the meal, everyone had a happy group photo. As soon as Lu Jing guessed it, she knew that her mother secretly gave a gift, because Lu Jing took a girl home before, but her mother gave a complete set of Mathematical Olympiad. The girl never talked to Lu Jing again. Liang Chen couldn’t bear it. Lived and smiled happily.

Lu Jing was about to graduate, so he called Liang Chen to take the graduation photos together. Liang Chen asked Lu Jing to write romantic love words on the photos, but Lu Jing wrote like limericks. Liang Chen pouted his mouth and was not very satisfied. Lu Jing treasured the photos, and he was very satisfied anyway.

Ma Shanshan sent the cat to Liang Chen to help raise it, and ran away without talking to Taro. Under Taro questioning, Lu Jing lied that Ma Shanshan was about to immigrate, so he put the baby cat to Liang Chen to feed, Taro. Flew out to chase Ma Shanshan, watching Ma Shanshan’s car drive away, taro shouted Ma Shanshan’s name and squatted on the ground. Ma Shanshan did not leave, but forced to ask the reason why Taro chased it out. Taro was afraid that Ma Shanshan would leave, and finally summoned the courage to express his love. Ma Shanshan showed a sweet smile and told Taro that he would be back in a week. Yes, Taro looked at Ma Shanshan’s back and shouted “I love you”

Lu Jing went to study in London. Liang Chen looked at the photos every day and waited quietly for Lu Jing to return. The two talked through the Internet. Liang Chen was still singing star-studdedly, and Ma Shanshan also joined the band showing the long-lost brilliance. Smile. In a blink of an eye, a year has come, and snowflakes fell in the sky again, and Liang Chen thought about playing skiing with Lu Jing.

Lu Jing told Liang Chen that he would be back soon to celebrate his birthday with Liang Chen. Liang Chen was very excited. At this time, Lu Jing met Jiayun on the plane. Looking at the ring box in Lu Jing’s hand, Jia Yun understood what Lu Jing meant, and was also happy for Lu Jing and Liang Chen. Liang Chen sat at the airport in surprise and looked forward to Lu Jing’s return. He also watched the time in his hand from time to time.

The plane suddenly encountered strong air currents. Lu Jing nervously shook the ring in his hand. If he dies, I hope Jiayun can help. He conveyed a word, but Jiayun hoped that Lu Jing would say it himself. The plane was shaking so badly that the ring in Lu Jing’s hand fell to the ground, and Liang Chen, who was waiting at the airport, was crying when he learned of the situation on the plane.

Fortunately, the plane arrived safely. Lu Jing and Liang Chen hugged each other tightly at the airport. The excitement of being lost and regained, almost separated the two of them from yin and yang. Lu Jing stepped back two steps and knelt on one knee, opened the ring in his hand, hoping to propose to Liang Chen in the testimony of everyone, because of the accident and tomorrow he didn’t know which one would come, he didn’t want to wait anymore. Liang Chen accepted it happily, and everyone cheered excitedly. Jiayun passed by behind the crowd, with a smile of blessing in his eyes.

Liang Chen couldn’t fall asleep, and asked Lu Jing what he was thinking on the plane. Lu Jing behaved calmly, claiming that everything was over. He didn’t think about anything at the time, but Liang Chen found a “suicide note” while helping Lu Jing tidy up the clothes. Lu Jing hoped that her dear would be happy forever. He also loved Liang Chen forever, and Liang Chen’s tears fell again.

Ma Shanshan became the best supporting actress, but she took Taro’s hand and ran towards Liang Chen’s concert. As a drummer Ma Shanshan sitting on the stage is also dazzling. Everyone knows that Liang Chen has a good friend. It is called Ma Shanshan. Liang Chen stretched out his hand and pulled Lu Jing onto the stage. The two sang together on the stage. Taro also took Ma Shanshan’s hand. Zhou Zhou and others all walked onto the stage. They sang hand in hand and cheered. Liang Chen and Lu Jing’s hands were tightly clasped in the sound.

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