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He is a monster flower

He is a monster flower by Zhanzhonglu (Novel)
Other Name: 他是一朵怪物花盏中鹿

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Zhanzhonglu
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“He is a Monster Flower” is a short campus romance novel created by the author “Zhanzhonglua”. The main characters in the story are Hui Xiao and Ji Senda. The wonderful content is introduced: Hui Xiao meets Ji Senda for the first time At the time, he was indulged in his blue eyes like the sea. This boy has a handsome face that is harmless to humans and animals. He does bad things every day, breaking the windows of a whole floor, breaking the teacher’s computer, and making her Stuck on the toilet, he did all these things. Ji Senda was like a demon doing evil transactions in the dark, making Hui Xiao dare not approach.

Free Reading Highlights:

“You dirty my picture.”

In a word, dripping water turns into ice.

“It’s just a broken circle!” The senior high school student headed cursed and wanted to increase his courage, but it was obvious that the group of people had already cast a thick shadow on Ji Senda, who could bend with the knife.

This is really a monster-level character! Nima shed so much blood without frowning, so terrifying!

Hui Xiao looked stunned, and what made her stunned was that the wound on Ji Senda’s face was not bleeding anymore, and it seemed to be healing.

He stood up slowly, the sea-blue eyes were bloodthirsty, cruel, and ruthless.

“Do you know the Tunguska explosion?”


For this problem, high school students find it very inexplicable, and Hui Xiao also finds it inexplicable, Ji Senda, why do you want to give up treatment!

“My picture is dirty and I can’t answer my question. Do you know the cost?”

Ji Senda seemed to have found something interesting, and the corners of her mouth were raised little by little.


“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Hui Xiao couldn’t help covering her ears, and the sound of killing a pig resounded across the sky. Ji Senda held the wrist of the senior high school student and stretched it ninety degrees. That’s right, he was unfortunately fractured.

When a few more blind people came up and tried to fight, Ji Senda shook his hand and hit it out with one punch. With another kick, one could fly three meters away!

Hui Xiao and her little friends are scared and stupid! !

Within ten minutes, every one of that group of senior high school students who came forward to challenge was thrown out by Ji Senda with a beautiful parabola like a shot ball, and understood Ji Senda’s high school students at the cost of painful blood. It seemed that he didn’t dare to mess with him anymore.

Ji Senda is the only one left.

The surroundings were horribly quiet, as if they were in a tomb.

The wind whispered past, rolling up a corner of the boy’s dark shirt.

His hair was messed up, covering his profile with dark red blood.

After standing quietly for a while, he glanced at the picture on the ground, slowly drifting away.

After Hui Xiao made sure that he had gone far, he sneaked up to the figure. One corner of the figure was blurred by blood. Although I don’t know what the figure Ji Senda wants to study is, there are several calculus formulas beside this figure. Hui Xiao could barely recognize the N-order Taylor formula.

This Tuji Senda may not have studied well, so it should be very important to him. Hui Xiao squatted to the picture, picked up the branch and wanted to draw a restored picture next to him, so after tens of thousands of brain cells were killed and injured, he barely understood that Ji Senda’s picture was similar to the universe galaxy model. He estimated what he was studying. Constant quantum quantum.

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