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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 13 Recap

The helicopter to Yuncheng was about to take off. Ruan Nianchu picked up the lavender flowerpot and boarded the plane. After Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu lingered, Ruan Nianchu lay in Li Teng’s arms. Ruan Nianchu suddenly asked Li Teng what he was interested in, and Li Teng asked Ruan Nianchu what he was interested in. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng half-jokingly that he liked him for his good figure and long legs, enough to play for ten years, but Li Teng had no reason to like Ruan Nianchu, just purely like him. Ruan Nianchu asked Li Teng to promise him three things, but he would tell him the specific three things when he thought about them.

Li Teng sent Ruan Nianchu home. Ruan Nianchu said thank you but made Li Teng a little unhappy. He half-demonstrated Ruan Nianchu not to say thank you to himself, otherwise he would not let Ruan Nianchu go home next time. The two were joking, and Li Teng received the news that the chip was successfully deciphered. Ruan Nianchu asked Li Teng if he could not go to Taicheng, but hand over the chip to the police for processing.

Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that he would hand the chip to the police. When he first met Ruan Nianchu five years ago, Ruan Nianchu looked like night. Yinghuo, at that time, I only wanted to protect Ruan Nianchu so that Ruan Nianchu could live in the warmth, but now Ruan Nianchu has changed him. He hopes that he can walk in the sunshine with Ruan Nianchu hand in hand with this light. In a word, Ruan Nianchu was crying again. Li Teng hoped that Ruan Nianchu could love him to death. If his life is short, he also hopes that he can continue with Ruan Nianchu in the next life.

Li Teng decided to hand over the deciphered chip directly to the police. All his subordinates ridiculed Li Teng. It seemed that with Ruan Nianchu Li Teng, he was not afraid. After handing over the chip to the police, Jiang Hao asked all the staff of the company to go to the AT club on vacation. Li Teng provided Ruan Nianchu with a bodyguard stone, and Xingxing actively invited Qiao Yufei and Jiang Hao to participate in the company’s team building activities. Ruan Nianchu was confused when he learned that Li Teng would not go to Tuanjian. When he returned home, he found his parents who were smiling and opening their eyes. The two of them cut the Chinese character again, and were so enlightened that Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng had a trial marriage.

When Ruan Nianchu heard this, he pulled Li Teng into his bedroom. Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that Dan would not give up. Let Ruan Nianchu live with him to protect her better, and he also has selfishness, hoping to be with Ruan Nianchu better. together. When Ruan Nianchu heard it, he hoped that Li Teng would think about it carefully. After all, marriage is a big deal, and the two have just reconciled. The two kissed me and me in the bedroom, and my mother came to deliver the fruit and ran into this embarrassing scene and hurried away.

In the AT club, Jiang Hao was fascinated by Qiao Yufei. After a while, a lady surnamed Qian came to Jiang Hao to speak up, Qiao Yufei couldn’t help but sit between the two, Xingxing actually helped to say that Qiao Yufei was Jiang Hao’s girlfriend. The jealousy between the women required a fight dance and PK. The two danced enchantingly on the dance floor, but soon Qiao Yufei was a little embarrassed by Ms. Qian’s run, so she left the AT club alone, and the brothers let Jiang Hao catch up with Qiao Yufei.

Qiao Yufei seemed to be a little unhappy. She drank a lot of boring wine alone. Through the wine, Qiao Yufei told Jiang Hao that she had talked a lot about love, but she didn’t know why she met Jiang Hao so she liked him, so how can she do it? Make Jiang Hao fall in love with him. Looking at such affectionate Qiao Yufei, Jiang Hao couldn’t help it anymore. He kissed Qiao Yufei’s pink lips, and in front of Qiao Yufei, told Qiao Yufei that she had been waiting for a long time, and he also I liked her very much. As soon as her voice fell, Qiao Yufei vomited on Jiang Hao again. This scene seemed so familiar.

Duan Kun told Vassar not to fight against Dan because of Li Teng. Many years ago, Duan Kun was tempted by the cool Vasha, but Vasha told Duan Kun that he didn’t like losing people. Ruan Nianchu’s parents are quite uncomfortable because Ruan Nianchu does not live at home. Li Teng wore an apron and wanted to wake Ruan Nianchu to get up.

For Ruan Nianchu, who was not able to stay in bed, Li Teng gave her a small punishment, which is to accompany her to sleep again. Ruan Nianchu immediately woke up and teased Li Teng’s head. Can be such a rogue. The morning intimacy between the two was broken by a phone call from Jiang Hao. It turned out that the teacher’s wife He Lihua was ill, and Li Teng immediately replied that Jiang Hao would be there immediately.

Li Teng rushed to the hospital and comforted He Lihua that Xiafei had returned, but He Lihua was emotional and walked to the rooftop step by step. At the same time, a white-clothed doctor silently watched all this happen.

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