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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 28 Recap

Liang Chen looked at Lu Jing who was close to him, and was so nervous that he quickly slipped out of the bathroom, repeatedly thinking about Lu Jing’s sexy apple, waiting for Lu Jing to come out excitedly and anxiously, and he hurriedly pretended to sleep when he saw Lu Jing coming out. , But facing Lu Jing, he wanted to make Lu Jing take the initiative, but he didn’t expect Lu Jing just kissed her forehead, worried that Liang Chen would be too tired after a busy day, so she left with peace of mind. Liang Chen felt that To anxious and disappointed.

Lu Jing repeatedly thought about what happened to him today, for fear that someone would report something unfavorable to Liang Chen, he quickly turned on the phone to read the news, and then made another call.

Ma Shanshan was worried that the taro would be sick, so he specially came to deliver food to the taro. He stroked the forehead of the taro to see if it was feverish. The taro was so excited that his heart was about to jump out. He pretended to be sick and pulled Ma Shanshan not to leave, Ma Shan The corner of the mountain’s mouth rose willingly and stayed, which made Taro feel particularly happy.

At night, Liang Chen appeared in front of Lu Jing in sexy pajamas, and also deliberately danced a sexy dance. Lu Jing was so nervous that he swallowed, but he sat motionless, Liang Chen simply took off outside. On the first floor of the robe, Lu Jing was so nervous that he blushed and drank the beer. Just when Liang Chen thought that Lu Jing hadn’t acted and returned to the room disappointed, Lu Jing could no longer control his emotions. He came to Liang Chen’s room and kissed each other. That night, the two of them were considered to be successful.

Early the next morning, Lu Jing woke up next to Liang Chen and kept looking at her face. Liang Chen woke up with a shy and nervous head covering. Lu Jing couldn’t help but smile. He prepared breakfast for Liang Chen, and Liang Chen had to offer breakfast. A breakfast kiss. At this moment, Sister Qing called and told Liang Chen that the picture of her and Lu Jing holding hands had been taken. Sister Qing had already suppressed her, but she hoped that Liang Chen would go back as soon as possible. After all, there should be no problems at the critical moment of transformation.

Liang Chen was reluctant to leave Lu Jing and go back alone, but Lu Jing expressed his understanding that he should not affect Liang Chen’s work because of him. They still have a lot of time in the future. Liang Chen went back first, and the two of them called again at night. Lu Jing had been guarding Liang Chen, because Liang Chen felt at ease when he heard his breathing. Just like that, neither of them hung up the phone. They were in different places. Fell asleep.

Things about Liang Chen and Lu Jing were posted on the Internet. At the time when she didn’t know how to deal with it, Grandma Lu was injured and hospitalized. Liang Chen was worried about her grandma, and Jia Yun drove her there in person. Liang Chen felt very guilty, and it was precisely because of the exposure of her and Lu Jing’s affairs that the community where Lu Jing lived was surrounded by people, and that’s why Grandma Lu was injured. On the contrary, Grandma Lu and Grandpa Lu think that they are all in the same family. This is not a big deal, and Lu Jing and Liang Chen’s hearts are therefore closer.

Taro and Jia Yun went back together, worried that Jia Yun hadn’t put down Liang Chen, but Jia Yun said that he had already put down Liang Chen, and Liang Chen’s happiness was the most important thing. Lu Jing and Liang Chen disguised themselves and sent her back, also saying that he would face all problems with Liang Chen in the future.

Sister Qing decided to let Lu Jing and Liang Chen officially broadcast their relationship. Liang Chen also said that he likes Lu Jing. If he wants to cherish each other like his family, Lu Jing also said that he will do his best to protect Liang Chen and be strong. backing. Watching the live broadcast, Jia Yun also showed a smile. Zhou Zhou and other roommates also admired Lu Jing even more. Lu Jing has always been their idol, and it is even more so now.

After the live broadcast, Ke Ke and Qing sister have been watching the comments and found that everyone is blessing Liang Chen and Lu Jing. Only then did Liang Chen dare to read everyone’s comments. The two were relieved because they were still very popular with everyone. Welcome. Gu Feiming was also watching the video and asked Qi Qi to see that Lu Jing and Liang Chen were together. He did not deceive Qi Qi. Qi Qi left angrily. He thought he wanted to confess her mistake. But disappointed, Gu Feiming watched Qi Qi leave and hurried to catch up.

After watching the live broadcast of Liang Chen and Lu Jing, Taro couldn’t help but ran to Ma Shanshan, but he didn’t know how to express it. Ma Shanshan directly asked Taro why he cared about her? Taro, who was so nervous that he was incoherent, said quickly that he liked Ma Shanshan.

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